• Published 18th Mar 2012
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My Little Pon-3 - ThatRandomDepressedPony

A spin off of "My Little Dashie" but with vinyl scratch (AKA DJ Pon-3)

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Chapter 2

As I woke up I remember a weird day yesterday, I found a filly Vinyl Scratch just like "My Little Dashie" except well... it was a filly Vinyl Scratch instead of a filly Rainbow Dash. but then i felt something walking on my chest, i opened my eyes and i almost died. I really did find a filly Vinyl Scratch! The filly jumped down from the recliner and onto the floor. I decided i'd better feed it something because it looked hungry, even though i fed it last night, but that must not have been enough. As i looked closer at her the more i realized that my heart would be broken one day, just like in "My Little Dashie" except it might be different because Vinyl isn't exactly all that loyal, or at least from what i hear. but enough about the future i have to focus on the present right now.

After a week of calling in sick i'm going to have to actually go to work today, I just hope that Vinyl will be okay and won't hurt herself.

Luckily she didn't hurt herself, she got into some pretty big messes but mostly she was just sitting there attempting to reach the button on the TV to turn it on and I had to make a special way for her to press something easier for her to reach to turn the TV on.

One day I found her with my broken turntable and some old records trying to get the stupid thing to work. I just laughed and went over to her and said "Vinyl, did you know that I love you very much?!" and to my surprise she said "Yah, I wuv you too da-da!"

After I got some money and a new, better paying job I found us a nice home out in the country where no one will bother us but still close enough to some small towns that we could get what we needed and I fixed my broken turntable which to my surprise when Vinyl used it she didn't need anything else except the turntable.

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