• Published 18th Mar 2012
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My Little Pon-3 - ThatRandomDepressedPony

A spin off of "My Little Dashie" but with vinyl scratch (AKA DJ Pon-3)

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Chapter 1

I am a normal person, I wake up, go to work, work, go home, watch tv then go to bed and repeat. Whenever I get the chance I watch "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and my favorite pony in the entire show even though she's just a background character is Vinyl Scratch. I always wanted a real life Vinyl Scratch but i knew that would never happen!

I loved Vinyl so much that i even read all the fan fictions, looked at and drew tons fan art and even listened to some fan music if you want to call it that. One day i decided to take a walk, just a walk around the city in depression.

I was on about the third lap around the city when i saw something that was very out of the ordinary. It was a box that said "give to good, caring, loving home." and for some reason even though in my opinion my home wasn't very good i decided to see what was in the almost but not quite shoe box. When i looked in there was nothing there! I was very surprised I was expecting something like a dog or cat, even a pony like the fan fiction "My Little Dashie" but there was just nothing there! Being a very depressed man i decided to go home, and right as i started to walk away I saw a Bright light coming from what seemed to be the box. As soon as the bright light subsided i looked back and sure enough there was something that seemed to look like a pony! I walked closer and I almost fainted right then and there because there was a filly Vinyl Scratch in the box. I was debating weather i should take that small filly home or give it to a shelter but as i thought to myself the filly woke up and looked at the box it was in and was just fine but as she looked up the filly Vinyl Scratch started to panic, she wasn't in her normal home, equestria but instead an unfamiliar world with nothing that even looked like it's self. I walked over to her quietly and slowly, softly saying that it was okay and that nothing was going to hurt her. after awhile of panicking and running around the box she got tired and decided to just let me pick her up and take her home. I would've done what the guy in "My Little Dashie" did but it wasn't cold, in fact it was quite hot, so i just slowly picked her up and brought her to my house and set her down on my coffee table. I went to go get some food for the filly and something to make a bed for her out of.

When i got back the filly Vinyl Scratch was gone. I looked all over and finally found her sitting on a cold air vent trying to find a comfortable spot on it but wasn't very successful. I picked her up and brought her to the makeshift bed i made for her right next to my recliner where i normally sleep anyway. After i shut the lights off and fed her some broken up carrots and mashed apples I said "Good night!" lied down and went to sleep, but before i could even shut my eyes for a minute, i could feel the filly walking over to me and sleeping right on my chest and I finally felt joy in life for the first time since all my family died!

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