• Published 18th Mar 2012
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My Little Pon-3 - ThatRandomDepressedPony

A spin off of "My Little Dashie" but with vinyl scratch (AKA DJ Pon-3)

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Chapter 4

It's now been 7 years since the day she came into my home and she is now somewhere around 11 years old. It's getting hard to keep up with how fast time goes, I mean sometimes I still treat her like a filly and not the mare she now is. But even though it's hard to take care of her I still will no matter what, just like no matter what I will always lover and be proud of her for all the good things. I've learned as my time as a parent if you want to call it that has taught me to not even care about the bad things but instead focus on all that is good about her.

After a long time she has saved up to go to a concert of one of her favorite composers, Deadmau5. She loves to listen to his music so much that even I have come to like him! We are going to go see him in about a week! I'm so happy for her because she's learning to save her money, respect, and most importantly more about herself!

After the show she was so excited to see Deadmau5 himself even though she had to sit alone in a special balcony of the stadium so she wouldn't be seen.

"Daddy? I have a question, why can't I be seen by other people? is it because of who I am, what?" This question took a lot of thinking because I wasn't sure of how I could tell her without just destroying her emotionly. "Well Vinyl. Have you ever seen the show My Little Pony: friendship is Magic? and she replied "No! that show is for little girls, I'm a mare now i'm not a filly anymore dad!" "I know that but the truth is" *deep breath* "You came from that show, you're only a background character that showed up once, but you have a ton of fans!" I said hoping not to force my daughter to tears. "Oh... SO I'M JUST A BACKGROUND CHARACTER IN A SHOW FOR LITTLE GIRLS!? *starts to cry* "But if i'm a character from a show, then how did I end up in this world with you?" She asked while having to stop from crying so much every once in awhile. "I don't know, but it was a miracle for me. Vinyl? you know how happy I am now always cheerful and optimistic? Well i wasn't always that way you see I used to be a very depressed man, but that fateful night when you appeared my life was changed forever for the better! And I could never give you up never you're my daughter and I love you very much, no matter what I will love you, even if you hate me I will still love you! *starts to cry very hard and loud* "Daddy, It's okay!" *proceeds to hug her father* "I still love you...."

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Comments ( 15 )

339161 You can't kill something because it's a wall of text! :pinkiecrazy: Oh...Maybe Pinkie wants to. :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::facehoof::pinkiesad2:

365323 I'm not very good at writing long chapters, I mean i can but not very good at it. Also I kinda like the fact that I can write without having to use so many words!

Well, missed the chance but still a 50/50 shot, not bad, but not great.
I'll wait till next chapter to cast down my rating

PLZ have a happy ending :fluttercry:


Even for a first try, This was very poor. Many grammatical errors.

Decent enough, and I've only read the first chapter, just copy-pasted it to a word doc to read at my leasure, don't worry, I'll be bypassing any mention of grammar or spelling, as I believe a story should be rated on the merits of the story, not the particular language, per se. It should be a very minor roadblock to those reading, but if you like, I can offer my services as an editor. I've yet to have anyone accept, but if anything, I can get the spelling right for you on any future products. Just for the opportunity to see a piece before it's sent to the masses and a little credit for the corrections, naturally, are more than enough of a reward. :twilightsmile: consider it :)

You know what? This wasn't half bad. Sure, a little bit rushed, and more than a little corny, but I liked it, I think I'll even mention it in my up coming mailbag review. Keep an eye out for it. It was short and kinda sweet, and I like that you didn't try to keep up with robcakeran53's original work, but instead took it and made it all your own. I don't know if you plan on continuing this, but if you are, I wish you all the luck in the world on it. Oh, and those that complain about the grammar, shut up, you're making yourself look like idiots. Did you understand the ideas presented? Yes? Then stop bitching. Good day to you.


MOAR!!!:flutterrage: And With the quickness too...

Sorry everyone, no need to explain, just the need to get back to work... so... you should see some new content from me now!... again, I'm sorry, but all that matters it dat I'm back and ready to work some more!

Not bad actually. Figured it would be more of a rip off but I loved it!:pinkiesmile:

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