• Published 24th Dec 2013
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Snowstorms Can Be Bliss - The Notebook

Mac has a quiet life. A few tussles, a few turns and bumps, nothing majorly crippling. So when he gets asked to go on a date... Well things pick up pace quickly.

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When Snowstorms attack on Date Night! (not)

"Come on Big Mac, you got chores to do today. The animals ain't feedin' themselves ya know." My sister rang clankin' some sort of metal in my room against the wall. Luckily, you get used to the rude awakens after growing up on a farm.

Didn't make the waking up part any easier. I still got to my hooves knowin' what AJ would do if I didn't.

"Nope!" I muttered to myself as I nodded in agreement with my sis.

AJ started moving away at that point and I took a try at tryin' to wake up. Slowly makin' my bed and all wasn't helping much though. So I went downstairs. The winter chill waking me as a certain yellow filly jumped over onto my back and poured cold water on me.

I jumped from this.

"Applebloom I told ya not to dump it on him unless he wasn't awake." AJ scolded.

"Sorry Big Mac. In mah defense he didn't seem to be wake a moment ago. He should be now though, right Mac."

"Eeyup!" I said shivering for a moment. Settin' 'Bloom on the ground I went over into the kitchen rag to dry up a bit.

I was starting to shiver again when a different type of shiver ran down my spine. Something warm was on my back and wasn't my coat, or my sisters. Choosing to ignore it though might have been the wrong choice.

"Dash what in tarnation are you doin' on mah brothers back?" AJ questioned.

Now I was ready to go. No correction, I wanted to go right then.

"Warming him up AJ something I'm allowed to do. You were about to send him out while he still feels the cold water on his back weren't you? Even I'm not that feather brained AJ."

"I don my even get how you made it into mah home the storm outside is mighty nasty if ya ask me," AJ stated irritated, "Big Mac didn't have to go out just then he still has to get bundled up first. Now why are ya here Rainbow."

I felt the warmth move off my back... Damn it.

"Well you see hehe... My house sort of... The weather team needed a cloud and made mine into a huge hail cloud. Staying in a hail cold is like you trying to stay alive outside right now... Not likely."

Oh boy a guest, just what we needed... Actually a pair of wings and a extra set of hooves would help us about now. If I knew my sister then...

"Your workin' if you plan on stayin' here." AJ said bluntly. That was the rule here anyways.

Eeyup there it was. You sleep, you eat, you work. Only major rule round here. How she got in I still couldn't figure out either. Putting two and two together enough to know when to leave was easy enough though. Going to the living room I quietly lifted my coat up and on. I could here the Rainbow Dash and AJ fightin' still in the kitchen. Turning I found 'Bloom looking up at me.

"Hey Mac can I come help? I don't wanna listen to those two fight." She said, her face was the killer though who could say no to that. Big, wide pleading eyes a tiny pouting smile.

"Eeyup!" I said nodding. Grabbing her little coat off the coat rack I handed it down to her. Not like we really ever wore these coats, but for farm work that could last hours while snow is falling still.

And I didn't need none of that 'She got sick 'cause your irresponsible.' lecture from A Jacks. Besides I was only feedin' the hogs and chickens. Nothing that would take to long.

"Winona! Here girl!" I called out as I stepped into the cold, trailed by my baby sis.

The dog was instantly on 'Bloom.

"Applebloom feed Winona. I'm gonna start feedin' the other animals and you can join me when your done, okay?" I said trying not to push her about, without being to overly assertive. Quickly after I said that I added the statement, "And you don't go out of the path for ANYTHING not even them little filly friends of yours. Celestia knows what chaos you could pull off in snow and ice."

Applebloom nodded. I knew it was a long shot that her friends would even be outside in this weather, but that didn't mean that one of them other two hoodlums wouldn't leave their homes to find my trouble brewin' sister. Then again that wasn't really a specific term for which one was which. AJ had some crazy friends and had caused some odd situations in the past, 'Bloom had... Well her and her little buddies had caused a lot of destruction in the past. Sure they meant well and all and normally they would help clean their messes, other times like their attempt at cooking, I shuddered at that thought, were down right impossible to scold them for. Those proud expressions, the appearance of effort being given, the mess... All I really had done that day was sigh and help Jackie clean. Miss Rarity had seen the worst of it when her sister had somehow liquified toast, but as of the details I didn't know.

Working my hoof along the barn side I kept the tapping and pressing at a gentle level, the wood was newer and would stand strong, but if the blizzard kept up it would cave in. I was checking for cracks or creaking and I would find it if there was anything that much was of sure. I had done this with Pa before he moved with Ma to help out in Applousa, I knew how to do a decent job alone though. That was, when distractions and noise don't bother me from other sources besides the wood. I honestly wished I hadn't thought that at the time though. Only moments after giving the hogs there slops, a very brightly colored pegasi decided to stand behind me. I had jumped at the sight of her.

"Hey Mac. Need any help?" She asked.

I was about the nod when 'Bloom walked in.

"Hey Mac I finished feedin' Winona need anymore help."

"Ee- Nope!" I said quickly saving myself from telling her I need help.

In truth I did but I didn't want 'Bloom in the barn. I would find away to kill myself if something happened to her when I'm supposed to watch her.

"Hey, Applebloom you should go on and see Sweetie Belle and Scoots. They're at the front entrance." Dash said, she didn't seem to be lying either.


No, you have someone to talk to not the time for that mess.

"So... How you been Big Mac?" Dash asked, Applebloom had already left was Rainbow was obviously trying to break the awkward silence.

It was a good enough attempt for me, "Great... You?" I asked back.

"Good. So I was thinking," didn't even know that was possible for her, "I've been helping you guys with the farm for almost a year now. You know how cider seasons been going, the apple bucking season went by a lot faster with my help, too," it was all to true, "and I realized I had gotten to really know you as well as AJ... So I was wondering if we could hang out sometime. There's a really cool café in town that I always go to and I was wondering if you would like to join me there tomorrow?" She asked, she was pretty bold to have looked me in the eye that entire time, to bad for her her body hadn't been so easy to stop from squirming.

I wasn't one to turn down a mare because she went straight to asking me on a date.

"Eeyup." I replied with a stiff nod and a smile.

"AWESO- I mean cool, I'll be going then." She said following her name as she dashed out of that place.

She probably could have out run Pinkie at that second.

Heck, that was probably the first time I've seen a sonic rainboom.


The next morning started out in monotone with the day before hand, the only difference being the time. I had awoken a bit early to feed the animals. Take Winona for a bit of a wake up run and was home in time to see A Jack walking out of the bathroom.

"Mornin'." I said, cheerfulness filling my normally calm voice.

"Mornin' Mac. Yer up early." She said, after jumping like she had seen a ghost or somethin'.

"You got plans or somethin'?" She asked.

"Eeyup." I said, nodding.

The adrenaline rush and giddiness gone after all that time spent running. Was it a bad thing I went running when I was giddy? I don't know, that hot shower sounded nice right 'bout now though.

"What are you goin' to be doing? Where actually?" AJ asked.

"Some café."

"Friends?" She asked.

"Nope." I answered.

"Date?" She asked.

"Eeyup." I replied.

"Who with."

"Your friend, Dash."

Watching A Jacks eyes grow to the size of watermelons, her jaw dropping, and her body go so rigid, she stood like a sprawled out soldier... I think I might have broke her... Oh well, the shower was calling.


"Hey Mac! Over here!" Dash called out.

I had had to sneak out the window in the kitchen to avoid the verbal beat down that had been coming my way when AJ regained her thought train. I wasn't about to miss this just 'cause my sister wanted to yell at me. The café name was on a simple chalk board when I got close, Req Café... sounded messy. I wasn't gonna judge it to much 'til I tried the place's wares first though.

"Howdy Dash." I greeted her. Dipping my head a bit.

Her body squirmed.

"H- hey so... wanna go in?" She asked, flapping her wings she started to hover a bit above the ground. Apparently the squirming wasn't something she wanted me to watch. Or I thought that.

"Eeyup." I responded slowly. My teeth mashed and scraped against each other out of habit from chewing on wheat grass as I began to get nervous about this whole escapade.

"The black coffee any good here Dash?" I asked trying to keep her from getting to uncomfortable.

"I don't really like black coffee but... I guess it would be, their expressos are really good. That much I can tell you." She said.

"Black coffee is always good if you make it the way I do." I stated.

"Oh, then how about we test this. Anyone up for observation?" Dash joked.

Good, her better side was out rather than that squirming mess from earlier.

"Deal! I always wanted to try black coffee." Came the voice of...

Celestia help us Pinkie wanted coffee.

"Um... Pinkie how you even allowed near caffeine?" Dash asked.


"Silly Dashie! I not banned from cafés! Now when can we try this coffee from m- Maccy!?" The pink mare asked.


"Maccy? When did you start calling him that?" Dash asked, shooting a question back at the bubbly pink mare.


"Since I decided something private!" Pinkie said still bouncing.


"Eenope!" I said aloud as I went over to the counter. Reaching up onto the counter I put down enough bits to buy a entire pot.

I was going to need it.


After the café banned Pinkie, I saw the horror of Pinkie with caffeine, and Dash wait... Eeyup. Dash was clinging to me for dear life.

That last wasn't so bad actually...

"Hey Mac thanks for coming. And sorry about Pinkie. If it helps any the black coffee was amazing!" Dash said.

... She was squirming again.

"Eeyup!" I agreed.

Pinkie swallowing almost an entire pot...

I shuttered.

Looking about the snow was getting thicker... Strange it had been thin this morning.

"So I was thinking... Maybe you would want to maybe come over to me house for a bit?" She asked.

Was it just me, or was seeing the hot head squirming like she didn't have any control over her body irritatingly cute.

"Eeyup." I responded to her. It couldn't hurt to go to her house for a bit.

Only I ended up staying there all night.

Being stuck inside sucks.


The next morning started off a bit awkward. First I had to adjust to my surroundings. Dash's home wasn't hard to get used to, just being in a different place and waking up was awkward. Her walls were covered in different bits and pieces of souvenirs from Cloudsdale and Wonderbolt shows.

Hey look! Dash has a degree in meteorology!

Well that would make sense considering she was a weather team captain. Then again it wasn't something you normally see.

It wasn't until I tried sitting up that I noticed that I felt heavy. Moving my groggy eyes upwards so I could see what was so heavy.

Let's just put it simply.

I was stuck in a house.

One really good lookin' mare laying on top of me.

I was comfortable and mentally awake enough to tell that she wasn't waking up anytime soon.

Besides what was I to do. She more than likely snuck down to where I was while I was a sleepin'.

Well, I'm not the brightest crayon, but even I know when to show the host a thanks. I mean it was way to cold in here. I wonder how she dealt with it.

Slowly, I got out from under the cyan mare and into open space. Draping the blanket over her, didn't need her getting sick when we couldn't get to a doctor..My drowsy gaze barely paying any mind to the flying turtle that was bumping into my side. Moving out of it's way and moving my hooves as quietly as I could I finally found her kitchen. Looking around I did my best to focus for a coffee pot or somethin', this weather made me want something warm in my system. Why not make coffee?

I mean she would probably wake up to the smell of coffee.

To my suprise she didn't wake up, but rather stayed there. In a sleeping position. Ice water maybe?

Well pressing a ice cube would probably wake her.

Attempt failed. I knew she was up though. That entire time I had felt her twitch every few seconds. Still refused to wake up.

For the next hour I tried it all, putting caffeine right next to her nose, my smelling salts that I kept I case of a smelling salt needing situation, Pinkie sure had given me a few weird gifts over the years. Why did she give me gifts anyways. That completely eluded me.

Well, now wh-

"Ow!" I yelped feeling a solid object make contact with the back of my head.

"Really a book?" I asked angrily.

Looking down I read the it said, 'Sleeping Beauty'. Why the heck did Dash have this kind of bo- oh hey it was a library book.

It took a moment to connect two and two though...

"Nope! Nope nope nope! Nope nope!" I said in disbelief. She was, in a painful and off brand way trying to get me to kiss her.

I wasn't able to break my morale code for long though. Gulping, I turned around and strode over to Dash with the subtlety of a drunk Dragon having too many drinks after getting drunk.

Leaning down. I prepared to kiss her.

Author's Note:

Thanks to the MacDash group for getting me to make this. It is BY FAR my longest One-Shot. I hope you guys all enjoy a Merry Christmas and a Amazing Hearths Warming.

I'm sort if it seems a bit short on detail or the such, I wrote almost twice as much as I ever have in one chapter though! That says somethin'!

Enjoy your present from me.