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Snowstorms Can Be Bliss - The Notebook

Mac has a quiet life. A few tussles, a few turns and bumps, nothing majorly crippling. So when he gets asked to go on a date... Well things pick up pace quickly.

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What Snowstorms and sugar can('t) produce!

What Snowstorms and Sugar Can Produce

It was quiet that day. Not that I minded it, I liked this silence. It always helped when I wanted to think or do such otherwise. The loud banging of bark and wood being slammed on, the quiet melody of the breeze, and the accompaniment of the earth's other elements were my only music on these days. I didn't want anything else from this life. It was relaxing, bone-breaking hard work, but relaxing as I was not normally pressured to finish things in all of twenty minutes or so.

I had helped 'Bloom earlier with her homework, then went to work after she left for school on that Deathtrap Scootaloo calls a scooter, right now though my first wants from the year were not there, my music was replaced by the howling of the wind, but we still had to make a delivery today so I hooked up the cart and headed to town, despite the screaming rain and snow hailing down on by body as if it were a million tiny stones. It was worth it though, I wasn't the biggest fan of when she got overly loud, but pinkie knew how to make even the silent ones like me smile and laugh every now and then when we saw her.

I never really went to town outside of deliveries, AJ refused to let me run the vendor, Granny kept me busy with work, and Little 'Bloom. Well, she kept my big hooves full. So this was a good time for one of my talks.

Feeling my hooves getting colder as I trudged through the snow I knew I would have to stay when I got there. No way was I making my way out of this strong of a storm. Plowing harder through the snow I began to go as fast as knee high snow would let me with a wagon of barrels for the Cakes.

"Damn it!" I heard resound from off in the distance. Looking out I tried to find the voice. Where? Where was that voice? I knew it was female I could tell.

Finally I gave up the search, hoping only that whoever it had been had made it inside. Ponyville had always been full of mostly mares and not even a quarter had there head up to the top of my shoulder if they stood beside me. This sheet of snow would trap then by now. Seeing the outline of the bakery, Sugar Cube Corner, I pulled again but while I had stood looking for the voice, the wagon had gotten caught and I couldn't budge it. Deciding to save my self I unhitched busting the latches that connected my harness to the wagon when I moved it.

Practically jumping for the door of the bakery I burst inside, making whoever it was that was here in the main room jump again.

"Damn it."

My eyes widened. I knew that voice, it was darker and a bit grumbled, but it was the voice from earlier, I was sure of it. Looking around for a moment I saw a dark shade of pink on top of a slightly dark shade of pink. Whoever it was, it wasn't Pinkie.

Pinkie didn't curse like that even when she was alone, she was way too hyper and bubbly for it. Even when she hit her head.

"Get out! Get out of my head. I was here first! Your just a wanna be inside my head. I don't enjoy your goody-goody spirits either! I said it! I liked my quiet, reserved life on the farm with Ma and Pa! I want a quiet life with my own family." The voice screamed.
"M- miss?" I called, stuttering a bit, afraid of the pony who might appear.

The dark pink-on dark pink pony jumped and crashed into the ceiling, "Damn it that hurts." She said before regaining pose.

The mare, I had figured that much out by now, was pretty traditional now that I could see her. Long flat hair, modest, a very modest way of walking, a plain face, dull sky blue eyes. The one thing that was strange to me was, she looked like Pinkie. I moved back and dipped my head in apology. Holding myself in a just as dull facial expression.

"Hello. I'm Pinkamena Diane Pie. If memory serves me right your that big apple farmer... Right?" Pinkamena asked as if what I had seen earlier hadn't happened.

"Yes ma'am. I don't believe I've seen you before though." I answered calmly. Standing back to full height I offered a small, kind smile and a relaxed stare that I always wore. It was a full stare, but I figured that much couldn't be held against me. Right?

"I see. When I was a filly that weird rainbow thing ruined my life, split my mind into two personalities. Pinkie kept dominate for so long. But it's my body again now. I poisoned her half of the mind to subdue her, she won't be coming back. So I can finally do all the things I wanted in life. Starting with you," she said it like she was about to finish off some vermin pest.

"W- what do you mean m- miss?" I asked trying to keep a steady and calm voice, I only kept neither.

"Oh, well I have been, while Pinkie slept, looking for suiters for when I got my body back. You are at the top of that list."

I really hate snowstorms when they leave you unable to run away, and while I'm unable to run because of the storm, my size was probably my biggest regret, hiding was impossible. Wait, I was getting frightened by a mare... Father would ask me when I got gilded.

"So let's see, we are trapped, in a bakery, alone. What ever shall we do? Oh, I know. We can have a date! I'm not against having it at such a strange time, but I have a feeling you would run otherwise." She said looking down a bit guiltily.

There was something Pa told me when he was still around, what was it again.... "Don't make 'em guilty..." No... What were those damn advice words when you needed them. Something about what you do... Something you do... Ah that was it! "If a mare asked ya on a date you never say no even if ya don't like them the same way, unless they are one them hussies." That was it!

"Um, miss Pinkamena it would be my pleasure to go on this date with ya."

Her head lifted, which over all made me feel better myself, "Really!" She paused for a moment the huge smile and happiness being crumbled back to calmer shade of happy, "That's quite kind of you, and sorry my emotions are kinda out of control right now, I haven't been in a conversation for 14 years at the least." She said brushing it off was probably easy for her, but I could tell she was somewhat disturbed by it.

Pa taught me a lot about mannerisms and how to be a proper gentlecolt and a good farm stallion. But the one thing that wasn't about either of those that Pa taught me was how to watch a mare, how to tell when their nervous, if their angry, that one was fairly obvious, when they were feeling sad, when you should show your affection to them. All nine yards of observation. I caught on pretty easy considering I had two little sisters, Ma, and Granny around. It also helped I never did talk much back then either... I wish I had though.

Blinking out of my thoughts, I shook my head for a moment regain my own train of thought for what had been spoken to me.

"Pardon me, I was lost in thought for a moment there. I have no trouble with your little bit a crazy at the moment.

"It's okay. Reminiscing is all I could do for all of this time." She said as she went behind the counter and opened the oven turning it on.

"There we go not so could now, huh?" She said before opening the pantry. Pulling out a few canned vegetables I got the memo of what she was doing. I went for the table to set it up. I felt a sudden breeze from behind my head then the thud of wood being hit. Turning I saw a cleaver in the wall.

"I'll take care of it all. Just sit again or the next one is aiming lower." She threatened.

Damn this mare was hard to understand. I just don't get it. You try being nice and what happens she throws A CLEAVER at you. I was starting to get very nervous about this. Guess I was going to have to find new boundaries on certain subjects. This was going to get dangerous other wise. I sat rigid, if I lifted a hoof, her hoof and knives went up to if I turned my head I felt here stare. Oh, was this creepy.

Almost an hour and a half later she had finally finished whatever she had been backing in one of the back ovens. The table was set within moments and in the honest opinion of my mind I thought the meal would make up for all the thing to happen later in. Boy was I wrong.

"So Big Mac tell me are you a virgin?"

I choked on the vegetable stew.

"Sorry! That was way to blunt... I didn't.... You don't."

"Yes." I said quickly before swallowing another bite, her head came up almost all too quickly.

"So am I! That's great! This next one is up to you, would you, in a relationship look at other mares when talking to them."

"Out of habit yes. My Pa told me to always watch a mare's entire body for different signs to figure out reactions better as to not get... In stickier situations."

"Ah... I guess there's nothing wrong with you making sure you don't screw up as long as they don't catch you."

I took another bite... damn this vegetable stew was good. At thinking this Pinkamena began to grin maniacally.

"So Maccy, I wonder, would you kiss me in public?"

This trivia was getting more focused in my mind. She trying to figure out how she should react to things I may do... Smart.

"Eeyup. Affection isn't something to be ashamed of." I replied with every ounce of honesty my sister had.

Was she blushing? I couldn't tell, her fur was stopping it if she was. Time to test my own boundaries. After all she wasn't exactly... happy looking at that moment. Nothing wrong with a good hug. I got up. And rounded the table, pushing up on back legs I gave her a wide hug. All I remember from that day past that is she smelled like my orchard gentle, sturdy, and powerful. She at the time, had knocked me out.

Of course nowadays was pretty calm, although the band around my hoof right now, it feels like a single hoof-cuff hooked to the other from it's pair, by thin air.

I was okay with that.... I hope

Author's Note:

Firstly, For every 50 followers I've decided to write another chapter on here. I'm sorry I took near a week to write this I'm not very fast at typing I can however get several hundreds of words down over a short period of time. I feel rather proud of this one, but it's time to move onto my other projects. For those of you who read this but don't follow me, I have to series stories coming out which I'm rather excited to write. Oh, and I had never said which Pinkie.

Thank you for following me all of you.

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This is good. Creepy, but amusing. My wife is crazy from time to time, but I think that's because she's Italian... >.>
Anyways, this is my favorite of the two chapters. This pairing is fun. Nicely done.

No, no Macindash :raritycry: I must leave


Hey I was told to write a sequel. And while MacDash is my OTP it's fun putting him in different situations. Sorry if I offend.


Oh no don't worry, I wasn't offended in any way, a lot of authors do this to mix things up a little


That's good. I planned on doing this every fifty followers.

3914466 macindash is great but its probably hard you know everyone wants a piece of big mac

4252516 True, but none can handle him as well as Rainbow :raritywink:

4253168 yeah but you know he gets some attention from some other type of "ponies" too you know

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