• Published 18th May 2014
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Apples, Tanks, N' Badflanks - ultra1437

Celestia and Luna go on an unexpected adventure after a drinking contest gone awry. Let’s follow them, and see what kind of trouble and adventure our drunken princesses can manage to find!

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Equestrian Intermissions 2 - Magical Boogaloo

“What do you mean you don’t know where the princesses are?” A shrill voice cut through the town square. Several ponies looked up toward the town’s library, but none dared approach.

Despite their town’s reputation about crises, Ponyville’s residents had gotten to work despite the sun never having raised when it should’ve, and their initial panic had died away. When Discord and Applejack walked into town toward the library, any townsfolk in the way looked to them pleadingly. One passerby only said one word: “Twilight.” With her friend’s name mentioned, Applejack took off, galloping hard. Discord followed more leisurely, still trying to wake up.

“Twi, you need to calm down. With Celestia not able to raise the sun, you have to. Surely, you’ve seen her raise the sun enough that you’ve memorized the spell.” Twilight was panicking, the sun hadn’t raised as it should’ve that morning, and she feared the worst.

“I have, but—” Applejack stomped a hoof, interrupting her.

“No ‘buts’ missy. You can do this. ‘Sides, we need the sun in the sky. Now. Equestria needs to know that there’s a leader in charge, even if for a short time until they return.” She shot a glare at Discord. “They will return… right Discord?”

The Draconnequus had only just walked in the door, but Applejack’s tone of voice let him guess at what their conversation was about. “Yes, Applejack. I will do everything in my power to help get them back. Scout’s honor.” A halo appeared above his head, but it flickered and went out after a few seconds. He flicked it and it relit itself.

“So, Twi, what do you say. Can you raise the sun for us?” Applejack looked pleadingly to her friend, and slowly Twilight’s will gave in.

A nearby door crashed open, drawing everyone’s attention. Spike blearily walked into the room, ignoring everything as he made his way to the bathroom. He groaned before whining, “Man they’re loud. Can’t a dragon get some sleep around here? It’s still night time. The door slammed shut behind him.

After a moment of silence Twilight spoke up, “Alright, but only until they return. I didn’t see Princess Celestia raise the moon as often as the sun, but I do know both spells.” She chewed her lip for a moment before admitting, “I’m not sure I have the magical power to raise and set them, though. If I can’t, then what do we do?”

“Then I lend you some of my power, Princess.” Discord smiled confidently, stepping up next to Applejack. Twilight nodded and they made their way to Twilight’s balcony. Stepping forward, she lit her horn. The moon shakily drifted in place before setting slowly. Twilight then turned to the opposite horizon and her horn took on a second sheen as she powered up, trying to raise the sun. Nothing happened for a minute, before a third coating of overglow sprang from her horn.

“Discord… help,” she called out, nearly grinding her teeth in exertion. He walked forward and placed a claw on her head, feeding his power straight into her font. A fourth overglow appeared as Twilight collapsed to her knees, Discord remaining still except for his claw, which popped off his body and stayed on Twilight’s head. The sun slowly peeked over the horizon, rising steadily to its approximately correct position.

Twilight panted, laying down in the sunshine. “There, it’s up. Now that the sun’s up, we’ve got to gather the rest of our friends and get to Canterlot. Discord? Do you–” She turned to ask the Draconnequus a question.

“Get Fluttershy? Oh yes, for Equestria!” He snapped a talon and was gone.

Applejack chuckled. “Well, he’s certainly excited, despite everything. Ah’ll go get Rarity. Celestia only knows how long she’ll take gettin’ ready.”

“Then I’ll go get Rainbow and Pinkie.” Both ponies walked out the library’s front door, a sharp slam sounded, before another door opened.

Spike meandered out of the bathroom. “Huh, it’s quiet, and the sun’s up. Wonder how long I was asleep in there…” He looked around before realizing he was alone and sighed. “Ah well, if they need me, they’ll come back for me. I’m going back to bed.” Spike made his way back to his basket and was quickly sawing logs.

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