• Published 5th Nov 2013
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Ponies Playing Doom - obake

Whoo boy, Scootaloo sure gets in trouble when she and her friends are caught playing Doom. Turns out, though, that Rarity becomes addicted to the game herself!

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Attention! Convention Dimension Distortion

The Doom Convention in Ponyville was going excellent throughout the whole night. John RoMareO was beating the socks out of most those who challenged him in deathmatch. He won another round, declaring "Hoo-rah! Nopony can challenge the MareO!"

This was Scootaloo's chance. Shaking, she stepped up to the pulpet, ready to speak face to face with her hero, John RoMareO, when a group of bigger pony boys pushed her out of the way and snarled "Move, small fry. This game is for the big leagues."

RoMareO looked scornfully at his three new challengers. "Are you ready to prove yourselves?" he said, "Because I guarantee, you're going to prove you're not as awesome as you think!"

"Bring it on!" said one of the boys.

Scootaloo nearly shed a tear, but kept it in just in case RoMareO might catch a glance at her. Scoots did not want her hero to think she was soft. He was too invested in the ongoing deathmatch with the three boys, however, to even notice the little filly.

Each player sat in a booth with a small television in front of them. They could not see each other's screen. However, for the surrounding crowds, there was a gigantic monitor with each individual players view of the game, meaning those not playing could follow along.

"Are you kidding me!?" RoMareO shouted, as one of the boys picked up the rocket launcher he was going to get, then blasted a rocket into his face.

The boy laughed heartily, only to be shot in the back and killed with a super shotgun by one of friends.

RoMareO respawned next to a nukage pool with an invisibility sphere and a chaingun in it. One of the boys, nearby, anticipated John picking up the chaingun and then dodging out of the pool. But RoMareO surprised him by strafe running up a set of stairs first, then opening a wall and snatching a Plasma Rifle. "Oh," the boy said, in fear. Obviously RoMareO knew this map well.

He charged at the hapless boy, who had little to no room to dodge the barrage plasma orbs chasing after him, and indeed fell dead. "Kill one for RoMareO!" said John.

One of the opponents attempted to get back at John by shooting a rocket. But RoMareO sidestepped out of the rockets way, and instead of using plasma, ran backwards into the nukage pit and picked up the chaingun and invisibility sphere. The opponent scrambled to get in position to shoot, but before he could fire, RoMareO perforated his body with chaingun bullets pointblank.

That was kill two for RoMareO. Scootaloo watched the giant television. Even if she was feeling hurt, she was glad to see her hero winning against his opponents.

She still had the chance to play RoMareO in the next deathmatch, and planned to do so. She just needed to gather up courage to speak up for herself if other ponies tried to kick her out again.

At this point, Scootaloo was sure her lack of skills would show, but she did not care so much, as long as she got to play Doom deathmatch with one of its creators. RoMareO certainly showed passion for the game. He shouted "Another one falls to the ground!" as he garnered a third kill, and then a fourth. His opponents did their darnedest to beat him, but struggled to keep up.

Finally, one of the boys shot a rocket in a narrow hallway, killing both RoMareO and himself from the close quarters explosion. "Darn." RoMareO mumbled. He was sure the boy was jumping with joy. In reality, though, the boy was face palming for having shot a rocket at pointblank range.

DING DING DING! The familiar bells signifying the end of the match rang loud. The stats for each contestant glowed bright on the big screen for everypony to see:

Player: Frags: Kills: Deaths: Rank:
Harley 1 3 3 2nd
Ricardo 0 1 6 4th
Perry 3 2 4 3rd
RoMareO 4 4 2 1st

The surrounding crowds gave a stomping applause. RoMareO had won 1st place yet again. However, this time his opponents were closer to beating him. "One more round of deathmatch for the night!" shouted RoMareO, "Who will dare go against me one on one?"

He said this with a sinister grin, expecting a big, gruff stallion to be the one stepping up. Instead, he saw a determined, but noticeably shaking, filly standing next to him. "I will." said Scootaloo. She wondered if the crowd would burst out in silly laughter at her requests, and if RoMareO would demand somepony else to challenge.

Her and RoMareO stared into each others eyes briefly. Without a word to anypony else, he said to Scootaloo "Alright, then. Step into a booth and we'll begin."

Scootaloo was now shivering immensely. She could not handle the situation now that she was in it. "I'm going to make such a foal of myself!" she thought, as she sat in front of one of the monitors.

Deathmatch loading in 5...4...3...

Even the relatively short loading time for the match to start felt like forever for the little filly.


The match started. The map they were in was a Hell-themed arena of environmental hazards; lava covering the bottom floor, crushers placed randomly above steps of the various staircases leading to the topmost rooms, and explosive barrels littering the ground in ridiculous numbers. This was a map you would have to take slowly, or else die for certain.

Of course, when you are in a competitive battle with a pony you idolize, it's hard being cautious and focusing on your strategies, too. Scootaloo did her best, but her start was not inspirational.

She glided through lava to pick up the Plasma Rifle. In doing so, she lost over half her health, and as she attempted to snipe RoMareO from a distance, one of the plasma bolts caught the edge of barrel. It exploded, causing the one next to it to explode, and then the one next to that one to explode, and so on, until the comical domino effect reached the barrel next to Scootaloo. Her player burst into gibs. Scootaloo frowned, nervous and impatient as she waited to respawn.

As soon as she did, RoMareO was next to her, peppering her with chaingun bullets. Scootaloo ran and hid behind a wall. She ascended the steps of a stair case when one of the random crushers smashed her into mush. "Darn!" thought Scootaloo.

Her character respawned again. This time, she had to defeat RoMareO, at least once. It was her only way of rectifying the dire straits she put herself in.

She picked up a regular shotgun. RoMareO was who knows where inside this arena of torture. Scootaloo did the only thing she could think of doing: wait.

Suddenly a fast moving, dark figure descended from an elevator. This was Scootaloo's chance! Shotgun bullets spread wildly from her gun. She had held down the fire button and let chance and sheer wildness determine the outcome.

The figure in front of her stooped down, choking from the hail of bullets. "Yes!" thought Scootaloo, "Wait..."

It was not RoMareO she had shot at. It was an imp. But how did an imp get in a player only deathmatch?

Scootaloo's character was blasted in the back with a rocket. RoMareO hooped and hollered for having attained his first kill of the match, Scootaloo having killed herself both times before.

But Scoot's was not so focused on statistics as she was the oncoming wave of Hell Spawn. Unlike in the game, these monsters were not attacking, no fireballs, or rockets, or green plasma bolts went towards either of the marines. Instead, the monsters formed a line. RoMareO stopped playing and stared at the spectacle as well.

"We greet you, with utmost respect and ridicule." said one of the monsters, from the middle of the line. It emerged into view as the impaled head of John Romero, the second in command to the Icon of Sin. "We respect you for your diligence in keeping up the fight against our forces of darkness. We ridicule you in your beliefs that we can be defeated."

The surrounding crowds watching had varied reactions. Some booed, thinking the game had been hacked. Others thought it was something the developers had put in the last death match to create surprise. The wisest knew it was no joke.

Among them was Rarity, who attended the convention in disguise. Putting on sunglasses, a sun hat, and the ugliest dress she had in her closet (which she would never wear otherwise) made for an easy costume, so to speak, and it worked. No pony at the event had yet recognized her, not even Scootaloo.

But her appearance was the last thing on her mind as the impaled head of Romero spoke to the audience of ponies. "You will fear us, Equestria. None of you can stop us! Bow down now, and we make your suffering a bit less!"

More boos came from the crowd. By now, most everypony thought it was something RoMareO and CarMackintosh had planned. But the two developers watched the monitors knowing they had nothing to do with it.

The army of monsters began marching towards Scootaloo and RoMareO's characters in game. What were the ponies to do once they reached the edge of that screen?