• Published 5th Nov 2013
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Ponies Playing Doom - obake

Whoo boy, Scootaloo sure gets in trouble when she and her friends are caught playing Doom. Turns out, though, that Rarity becomes addicted to the game herself!

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Chapter 7: Their World's Collide

Scootaloo was in so much trouble. Her dream of traversing the caverns of Hell had not been a dream after all, but an out of body experience. Where Scoots got the shotgun was unexplainable, but she knew she ticked off Romero's impaled head. She had shot him directly in the face. No wonder he was so mad.

RoMareO and CarMackintosh shouted to the crowd. "This is not part of the show. Everypony, RUN!!!"

Murmuring and panic spread throughout the crowd. Ponies everywhere began to flee in every direction, stampeding to and fro like rats lost in a maze. The monsters from the game ripped through the television screens, entering Equestria's reality. Asides from gaining a more colorful, celshaded appearance, they kept their same, sinister goal.

Imps hurtled fireballs at unlucky ponies. Arachnotrons shot wildly into the confused crowd. Demons and Specters bit and chomped at whoever came near. A Cyberdemon shot rockets at nearby concession stands. Ponies there scrambled to get away. But there was a problem.

The ponies hit by projectiles merely yelped in comical pain, running off unharmed. The demons struggled battling the equines, who retaliated and fought back with kicks and punches. Even the ponies caught by the blast of the Cyberdemon rockets, while covered in ash and some even injured, all got away to safety.

This was a problem the evil army had seen before. Going into a different reality, their attacks played by different rules. Whereas an Arachnotron's plasma bolts were powerful enough to kill in their own universe, there in Equestria, it was not as easy. Attacks were going to be far more silly and less harmful. But Romero anticipated this, and had a plan already in action.

He was going to "transfer" elements of the Doom universe into Equestria, mixing the two realities together. Thus, his army could retain their destructive powers, spreading annihilation and murder all over Equestria. Romero grinned evilly, ironically looking like the Doomguy when he picks up a new weapon.

For those wondering, the Doom games in the My Little Pony universe were simply a window the two worlds could see each other from. However, Rarity unintentionally crossed this boundary, by what means or physics is still unknown. But it was she who first aided the real Doomguy on his quest to defeat evil. The whole time, she thought she was simply playing a game. But she was actually taking part in the fight against Hell. This is what prompted Romero to declare war against the world of MLP.

What follows is an account of their raid on Equestria. Neither Romero and the Icon of Sin, nor Rarity and Scootaloo, knew which side was going to win. It all centered on if Romero's plan to stir the two realities together would work. Rarity and Scootaloo both gulped. Dozens by dozens of monsters were entering their world each minute, tearing and clawing at all surrounding scenery with pure hate in their eyes.

It was going to take more than a few apple pies as projectiles to solve this problem.