• Published 5th Nov 2013
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Ponies Playing Doom - obake

Whoo boy, Scootaloo sure gets in trouble when she and her friends are caught playing Doom. Turns out, though, that Rarity becomes addicted to the game herself!

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Chapter 10 : Ponyville Ago-ago

Back in Ponyville, things were not going as well.

The Princesses sat at the royal table, across from them John RoMare-O and John Carmacintosh. Twilight and her friends, sans Rarity, were on the left, Discord on the right, and in the middle of the table a ton of defeated monsters, groaning in pain and in no shape to get back up for at least a few hours. "RoMare-O, Carmacintosh," Princess Celestia said, disappointed. "How could you let this happen?"

The two game designers bowed their heads in shame. "Aw, shucks, Princess," said Carmacintosh, "We honestly have no idea what happened, but we still feel bad about it."

"You should," snapped Celestia, "What if we hadn't defeated these monsters?"

"Yes, what if." said Discord.

"Stay out of this!" Celestia yelled back. Her usual calm boiled over. Luna was about the only unfrazzled one in the room. Everypony else had bloodshot eyes, sighing breath, and were nervous. Luna figured since she had been in space for a thousand years, she had an advantage in fighting. After all, during her tenure on the moon, multiple alien invasions occurred and it was up to her to put a stop to them. She became a legend among nations across the galaxy. An axiom was made about her that stated "Don't mess with the Horse goddess of Moon 5."
Then, ironically, Luna got taken back to earth, where she was defeated by an eager Twilight Sparkle. Luna was still happier than ever, if not a little embarrassed.

Tales of the Horse goddess of Moon 5 still continue to this day despite her disappearance.

As for the two game designers, they were in a tough spot. RoMare-O did his best to woo concerns away from Princess Celestia, but her breaking point for the last few hours had been reached. Carmacintosh tapped his hooves nervously, pondering what could have caused this situation in the first place. His eyes fell upon Twilight and her friends, all of them frazzled or frittering in a corner (Fluttershy); none of them seemed to bear any responsibility for the invasion.

When Carmacintosh's eyes fell upon Discord, though, he felt different. Discord hid a most devilish, smug grin. Camacintosh suspected Discord had been the curator of all of this trouble, simply for the sake of revenge against him and RoMare-O.

Just two years before, Carmacintosh, RoMare-O, and Discord worked to design the (pony version of) the game Doom, which was a success among the rebellious crowd, yet maligned by many older folks.

The game's popularity was to bring a sequel, also designed by the two Johns and Discord. However, during the production of the game, Discord was showing signs of bad behavior. He was supposed to have been reformed by a Pegasus and her friends from Ponyville, after all, but subtle hints began indicating that Discord was going back to his old, wicked ways.

Carmacintosh confronted him about it. Discord denied having any such thoughts towards being evil again. But day by day, his bizarre behaviors grew more alarming. He chanted strange incantations under his breath, painted demonic symbols over his desk and workspace, and stayed in the office all day and night. RoMare-O and Carmacintosh were becoming concerned.

What eventually transpired they held secret, if only to not be criticized as telling lies. The two reentered the office long after closing hours, waiting to see if Discord would show up. Sure enough, he was already there. RoMare-O and Carmacintosh watched silently as Discord gathered around the demonic symbols. With one quick hand motion, the symbols slowly animated with circling fire, their shapes bending and morphing into three dimensions. Voices yelled with thunder; if it had been day, the townsfolk would have seen the accumulation of dark clouds gathering above their office building.

Discord sensed their presence and spoke in a warped, echoing voice. "Foals," he cackled, "you'll never understand the fate that will befall this world."

Carmacintosh spoke up. "Discord," he said, "we don't mean you any harm. But seriously, what-"

"Oh, put a can in it." said Discord, "I know you're just pandering to me, trying to convince me to stop what I'm doing and go home."

"Yes, but-"

"Silence!" Discord's voice was getting lower in pitch. Animal-like silhouettes faded in and out around him. They seemed to be emanating from the demonic symbols.

RoMare-O had had enough of the nonsense. He charged at Discord, knocking him off of his feet. Discord gave a pained "oof!" as he fell backward, hitting his head against his desk. The dancing lights and evil aura left the room, save from Discord himself. His voice was reverted back to normal, but the way he spoke was otherworldly. "You failed keeping the ritual from reaching its completion. In time, Ponyville will be the epicenter of a hideous siege."

With that, the evil spirit left the room. A dazed and befuddled Discord woke up, holding his head. "My what a headache...why are you looking at me like that? And where...are...we?" His words trailed off as he saw the odd symbols drawn over the floor and desk.

Obviously that event wore heavily on the minds of the two John's. They were going to warn Princess Celestia, but feared ridicule. Discord said they had nothing to worry about, and that he would take care of the situation, but his promise was empty.

In the tired angst around the table full of monsters, Rainbow Dash surprised everypony by yelling. "Oh, enough of this!" She flew towards Discord, glaring at him with daggers in her eyes. "You caused this whole mess, and it's time you pay-"

"Hold on," interrupted Luna, "We know Discord has had some part in this, but we must not rush judgement-"

"I say let him have it!" shouted Applejack. The rationality in her had all drained as well.

The ponies rushed towards Discord in fury. Suddenly Fluttershy flew in front of their charge. "Stop!" she yelled, "I mean, stop." She blushed, her legs slightly shaking.

"Fluttershy..." said Discord, but Fluttershy put her hoof on his mouth.

"Please," she begged, "let us know exactly what is going on. I ask you, as a friend."

The room went silent, save for the crackling of the torches keeping it lit. Discord sighed. "Alright," he said, "I have to admit, this will not be an easy tale to tell, so you better listen."

He began. "It started when I learned the secret to opening other dimensions..."

Next Chapter (titled "Discord's Story") coming soon!