• Published 5th Nov 2013
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Ponies Playing Doom - obake

Whoo boy, Scootaloo sure gets in trouble when she and her friends are caught playing Doom. Turns out, though, that Rarity becomes addicted to the game herself!

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E1C8 (Episode 1 Chapter 8)

The first horde of hell spawn to invade Ponyville were imps, former humans (including those of high rank), and pinky demons. The towns ponies were frightened by the alien invaders, who grunted and growled in sharp wails. Ponies who were still roaming the shops at night (looking for the best sales, or eager for the night-owl special at the local delis) ran behind any cover they could find. Imps again shot fireballs at their targets, some hitting ponies directly in the face. Of course, the normally deadly projectiles were causing about as much damage as Boston cream pies.

Zombified humans stormed through the doors of each building and home, expecting their prey to simply cower in their beds. However, the citizens of Ponyville were not as easily dissuaded as Hell's army thought they would be.

Ponies of all kinds, earth, unicorn, pegasi, and even a few alicorns, donned makeshift armor of things from their homes. Metal pots and pans were now helmets, fire-pokers and dinner forks were now swords, plates as shields. They charged from their hiding places and surprised the Hell spawn who had invaded their properties.

"Take this!" one small pony said, as she slapped a bowl of salad upside down on a zombieman's head.

"Playtime is over, scum!" said a pegasi stallion, kicking an imp in the face. The imp reared back for a moment, only to give back a worse expression fury than before. As the monsters eyes glowed in uncontrollable malice, the stallion laughed nervously. "Heh-heh, this is all just for fun, right?"

The Ponyville citizens realized they were in the midst of enemies who were more ruthless than anything they had encountered.

The pony armies started running, running, running, far faster then they ever thought possible. Pegasi and alicorn ponies retreated to aerial cities like Clousdale or even Canterlot, in order to seemingly avoid the threats roaming the earth. Little did these ponies realize the upcoming swarms of flying ghouls about to take siege of the air.

All while Ponyville and surrounding areas were going into panic, the city of Canterlot was getting ready to defend their country. How did they know of the menace so early on?

One name answers that question: Discord.

He is the one who aided Rarity in helping Doomguy defeat evil Hell spawn. Discord knew much more than even Rarity or Scootaloo, though he was not sure whether he wanted to tell them anything about it. He did not even know Scootaloo was part of the situation, so he of course would not confide with her.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, however, he did talk to.

They could not believe their ears: Dreams and premonitions of alien invasions? Hellish armies taking over Equestria? Why would Discord say such things? It was not like him to be this helpful during difficult situations.

But Princess Celestia's only choice was to heed his word.

Therefore, the entire Canterlot armies prepared with armor, shields, spears, bucklers... belts, scarfs, fedoras, etc. Even the Wonderbolts were getting ready for battle.

What exactly they were going to do to defend themselves, was something they did not know, but hoped improvisation in the middle of battle would quell.

"Oh, princesses, my dears," said Discord, as the three watched the armies being prepped, "it's such a shame they don't have the elements of harmony. That would make things so much easier for them."

Luna was about to snap back, but Celestia spoke first. "It's not even started yet, Discord. I guarantee, our armies will slay whatever forces are invading."

"You said it, sister," replied Luna. She glared up at Discord, who grinned despite the serious situation they were in.

"I'm thrilled to be taking part in this, really, I am." said Discord, "Helping Rarity defeat Romero in game was what caused this."

Celestia's eyes widened. "W-what?" she stuttered, mouth agape. From what he said, Discord had been part of this invasion all along.

This time, Luna interrupted. She charged towards Discord and shouted "Traitorous fool!"

An expression of 'who, me?' came over Discord's face. "You think I caused this?" he said, innocently. With him, it was next to impossible to tell whether or not he was being sincere. "Trust me, I didn't create this problem-"

Celestia yelled back. "Cut the bull, Discord, and tell us now what you've caused!"

Discord used his magic to teleport to a different spot in the room. He was now sitting calmly in a chair against the wall, his arms crossed. "I'm telling the truth. I'm not responsible for this invasion or anything to do with it. But," he said, emphasizing his words with a wily smile, "I do have crucial information as to what needs be done to get rid of this threat. Whether you risk losing all of Equestria is your choice."

Celestia sighed. Luna was near to using her magic to immobilize Discord and grill him for more information, but she knew her sister would not approve.

In the most reluctant manner possible, Celestia bowed her head to Discord and said "We'll agree to whatever it takes for your help. Please..." The Princess looked directly into Discord's eyes. "Please," she begged, "help our fight against this great evil."

Discord saw the sincerity in Celestia's expression, but not wanting to visibly show compassion, he played it cool and feigned a grin. "Alright," he said, "we will need just one thing at this moment, and that is Rarity."

"As you command." replied Celestia. She and Luna combined powers to instantly teleport Rarity into the room.

That was quicker than expected thought Discord.

"Luna, Celestia!" said Rarity, running up to the two sisters. "You must help, there's demons in the base-"

"What?" said Luna.

"I mean there's demons in Ponyville!"

"We know," replied Luna, "that is why we summoned you."

"The invading armies must be defeated," said Princess Celestia, "and I'm afraid the solution lies within you and Discord."

Rarity's mouth fell slack-jawed. "D-Discord!?"

"The one and only," Discord replied, causing the already shaken Rarity to almost jump out of her skin. He tilted the mares chin up with his hand. "Are you prepared to play one more round of Doom, this time for real?"

Rarity gulped.

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