• Published 5th Nov 2013
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Ponies Playing Doom - obake

Whoo boy, Scootaloo sure gets in trouble when she and her friends are caught playing Doom. Turns out, though, that Rarity becomes addicted to the game herself!

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Chapter 5: Meanwhile, in Hell

Meanwhile, in Hell.

"Our preparations are almost complete." said Romero's impaled head, "Soon this so called 'Equestria' will be ours. Screw Earth. Screw Mars. Equestria is the true heaven for Hell!"

The Cyberdemon looked back at his leader. Romero sensed what it was going to ask, so he spoke in reassurance, "Do not worry. The purple maned one may have gotten far, but once the inter-dimensional teleports are ready, we'll invade her world. No frilly fashionista stands in the way of John Romero!"

The army of imps, seargants, zombies, mancubi, and all of the other Hell Spawn began cheering and reveling in anticipation. Not since their attack on Care-a-lot had forces of darkness been so excited to launch an assault. It was overall good for their spirits, and Hell needed it, badly. Doomguy had ruined most of their attempts to take over worlds, and once news reached that a marshamllow colored horse was assisting him, many hell spawn wondered if there was use keeping a job as evil abominations after all.

This made Hell's leaders very angry. The Icon of Sin spoke the most harshly. (It is, by the way, a separate entity from that of John Romero's impaled head, who acts as second in command.)

It stated boldly, "How dare our servants think of abandoning us! After multiple millenia of letting them torture, maim, and ruin the lives of the innocent, after countless years letting them feed on the flesh of panicked victims, after all the reputation we have helped them build, THEY THINK OF LEAVING?"

Its booming voice echoed through the thousands of corridors and chambers carved into the deepest portion of Hell, which resides far below the current room with Romero's impaled head and the army of chanting, shouting demons.

Strangely enough, Hell wasn't the only one wanting to take over Equestria. A certain John RoMareO and John CarMackintosh were planning to take the land by storm. They would do this with their next event: the Pony Doom Convention Extravaganza! This time, thought RoMareO, it's going to be truly extraordinary. How he was able to convince Princess Twilight to let the event be held in the Princesses old, derelict castle in the Everfree Forest is a mystery.

It certainly was going to be a bigger festival this year than in previous years. Over 1000 ponies, griffons, bison, and other intelligent, anthropomorphic animals were invited by staff to attend. Over 3000 more bought tickets independently, among them: Scootaloo.

Little did she realize that the hellish places she explored in games were about to become much more dynamic. It was only one more day until the event, and Scootaloo was not able to keep patience. School that day felt twice as long, and triple as boring. When Scootaloo went home and had to do chores, it was even worse. At least at school she got to be surrounded by her friends.

By bedtime, Scootaloo was a total wreck. "What a day!" she said, plopping onto her bed. The only thought that comforted her to sleep was that tomorrow, she would get to be at the convention. Coincidentally, the denizens of Hell planned their attack on Equestria for the very same place and time as the Pony Doom Convention Extravaganza.

That night, Scootaloo had the oddest dream. She dreamt of being in Doomguy's place, exploring creepy tech sites and weird labs, all while holding a shotgun. The weird thing was, there were no monsters. For what seemed like hours, Scootaloo toed around the dark, eerily lit labyrinths, just waiting for something to pop out and give her the scare of her life.

She finally reached a bluish-green door with metal framing. Unlike regular doors in Doom, which go up and down, this door slid sideways, revealing a glowing, red room. Gushes of rock and ash spewed from the lava floor. Rotten corpses, some old enough that they only had bones left, dangled from hooks connected to the ceiling. In the middle of the room was a decapitated head on a pike. Scootaloo had never seen a creature with such an oddly shaped skull before.

Suddenly, the head opened its eyes and stared directly at Scootaloo. She was completely frozen in fear. The thing's face scowled menacingly.

Scootaloo did the only thing she thought would help her: she raised the shotgun and gave one solid blast.

She woke up with a start. Sweat rolled down the poor filly's frame as she hopped out of bed. It was morning, alright, the day of the Convention. It took a moment for Scootaloo to catch her breath. She thought she had had a strange dream.

In reality, she had actually had an out of body experience, her spirit wandering Hell's caverns until she came across the strange room where John Romero's decapitated skull chose to sleep. It sensed something watched him, and it awoke immediately to dispose of the intruder. Instead, what he got was a fake shotgun blast, which sounded real enough that it shook napping demons nearby angrily out of their sleep. No damage was done to Romero, though he was seething with rage.

Romero had seen Scootaloo, and now he had two known Equestrian enemies: the purple maned one with the diamond designs, and the small, orange filly.

Little did he realize another pony would be joining their ranks, making them a trio destined to battle the forces of Hell. This was going to be the toughest of the group to deal with. Who it is, we'll get to later.

For now, the convention must be detailed.

The crowd during the event was at full capacity. It was the most ponies gathered at one place in the Everfree Forest for centuries. Even John RoMareO and John CarMackintosh were surprised by the sheer number of attendants. They thought Manehattan's "Pony Doom Convention Extravaganza!" was packed in full, but this one at Princess Celestia's and Princess Luna's derelict old castle was at least one and a half times that.

The reason for mentioning all this is that it pertains to why Scootaloo became instantly lost the moment she made it to the Convention. Among hundreds of stands for t-shirts, food, novelty toys and gaming stuff, among all of the death matches (the virtual types played on television screens, not actual battles to the death), and other Doom related scenery, Scootaloo was in an entirely different world. It was so much like the dream, except not scary, because so many fellow ponies of all ages were around. She did not have to fear as long as she was in such a busy place.

Suddenly, a voice echoed from a boom speaker. "H e l l o!" he shouted, "Welcome to this years "Pony Doom Convention Extravaganza!"

Stampedes of applause rustled the ground, as nearly everyone stomped their hooves in excitement. The voice continued "I, John RoMareO, ensure you that this is going to to the wildest, most rebellious Pony Doom Convention yet! Let me hear you!"

Another thunderous applause swept across the land. Scootaloo could not hold in her wicked smile at hearing John RoMareO's voice in person. CarMackintosh took his own microphone. "As you all know, I'm John CarMackintosh, Doom's lead programmer. RoMareO and I are here to make this the most extraordinary event you'll ever witness!"

More stamping applause, this time followed by whistles of appreciation. The two programmers bowed on the stage set up in the throne room of the derelict castle. Scootaloo could not see them because she was not inside the castle, but due to plenteous speakers set up all over the place, she could hear them just fine.

Most of all, she knew in her heart that this was the night she was going to prove her skills to the world, and make a fool out of Diamond Tiara in the process, or else she was doomed.