• Published 20th Nov 2013
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FoE: Snippet Story - Windrunner

Set at various points in the Fallout: Equestria universe. Each chapter is intended to be a unique story unto itself. So many references, both ludicrously obscure and blatantly obvious. Even the title. No, not that. You will never figure them all out.

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Pegasus Piano Sonata In The Key of Die


Nearing war end aboard the H.P.C. Cygnus: Pegasi Airship Fleet Flagship.

"Lieutenant, report! Whats happening!?" An officer was trying to stand as the combat airship platform was taking heavy fire and tilting at a dangerously steep angle. Several explosions were going off as the lieutenant checked the controls.

"It looks like we've sustained heavy damage from an undetected enemy airship and lost three starboard cannons. Gun crews are returning fire but they're keeping to the damaged side. Armor cladding looks to be holding, for now. They came out of nowhere, sir! We didn't see them at all." He was bleeding from a deep gash across his left side and groaned.

"You should get to the medical bay promptly." The officer had regained his composure and stated calmly.

"With all due respect, I think we might be in serious trouble here. I will remain until the fight's won." He frantically jammed at several controls trying to stabilize the listing vessel despite his injuries. It was barely staying aloft currently and beginning to dip further, too much and they would start losing altitude rapidly in reverse.

"Why in the world would they attack us now? Are they trying to make things worse on themselves?" The officer could only try to hang on as the ship was rocked by an explosion on another deck. Others were scrambling about the bridge trying to contain small fires before they became a major issue.

"All flight teams status?" He asked of the comms officer at an adjacent station.

"Pegasi fliers cannot approach hostile craft. They're reporting it seems to be outfitted with some kind of concussive air flak system never before encountered. They..lost half of squads one and four already, sir." He continued to grimace in pain and kind of grunted what he was saying as the entire airship shuddered under another barrage which almost seemed to twist the deck they were standing on.

"Somepony tell me where the touring flag officer is, now!" The officer announced over the internal speakers.

A reply was short in coming, the response wasn't good. The roar of the cannons firing continually could be felt more than heard on the bridge. A very loud explosion came from deep below and the ship lurched to tilt heavily and turn slowly out of control.

"Oh that didn't sound or feel good." The officer held onto a side rail around the terminals.

"Munitions deck aft has been struck directly. Compartment casings held but the ship has been severely damaged under this pummeling, sir. Where is our support?" The lieutenant queried.

"I don't know. Every pegasus in a hundred miles should be responding to this, not to mention the entire fleet! Good thing we don't have any ground observers touring today." The officer said, trying to sound confident still despite the chaos surrounding. The comm activated and a very distraught voice came over.

"The Admiral and the Captain are down! They were on the observation deck when we were attacked." Whatever pegasus said that sounded totally shaken.

"Calm down, flyer. Wherever you are, it is time to get out. Go, now. That is an order." The officer said.

He would never know if his order was received as there was no reply. He stretched his wings and looked about the bridge one final time.

"Lieutenant, it would seem I am in command for what it's worth. The Cygnus is going down, sound general evac." The lieutenant did as ordered and the officer went on the comm.

"All hooves, abandon ship. Abandon ship. You know what to do." They were all battle tested by now, being forced to simply abandon this particular vessel was a deep wound and tarnish on their honor.

Most began vacating the bridge, but the lieutenant remained at the controls.

"What are you doing, lieutenant? Get out of here." The lieutenant looked over and smiled, his wound was nearly gushing now.

"Like you are, sir?" He questioned.

"I see. You know what this means, then?" The officer looked him straight in the eyes.

"Let's be honest. The bridge is smashed, and so am I. I'm dying and we both know it. You should go." He suggested.

"There is just enough control over her to do what you want, sir. Let me do it." The grievously wounded lieutenant was looking pretty drained. He was surprised by the officers reply.

"I understand a Captain should go down with their ship. I will be staying. Ramming speed, Lieutenant. While we still can." The lieutenant was stunned, and gave a salute which was quickly returned and he smiled.

"Aye..Captain. Engines two and five are down. All remaining guns have been set to auto, but they won't last long. Crew are out by now, if they could." He heaved at the controls.

"Understood, they knew the risks of serving. We all learned that the hard way, didn't we?" The officer almost sounded like he was having a casual conversation.

"Come on, just one hard turn. It's all I ask of ya you lumbering behemoth." The lieutenant gasped raggedly, but was managing the turn, albeit it was causing even more damage to the airship frame as it swung round. Just one last thing, just in case.

"Any remaining crew, brace for impact!" The officer announced. A few seconds later the massive vessels collided side-on.

The impact scraped along the outer hulls, both of which were so damaged in the battle neither could stand up to the others great bulk. The great ships careened against each other as enormous parts of the workings and decks were torn free to fall wherever they may. Fire and flames shot from the flagships grand Prank & Whinny engines as they turned for the last times, the fuel tanks rupturing and exploding, engulfing both completely in fire from stem to stern. The resulting wreckage scattering as the great ships were torn apart, sounding as if screaming in agony themselves. None that saw the sight of the great ships falling to their doom ablaze would forget it for however long they lived.


Provided they lived long at all, that is.

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