• Published 20th Nov 2013
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FoE: Snippet Story - Windrunner

Set at various points in the Fallout: Equestria universe. Each chapter is intended to be a unique story unto itself. So many references, both ludicrously obscure and blatantly obvious. Even the title. No, not that. You will never figure them all out.

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Let's Bake a Cake


"Use any resources required to locate and bring me the following. Two eggs. Cornstarch. Wheat germ. Baking powder and baking soda. Butter. Milk, and flour. Not flowers, flour. Salt, and sugar." One of Boss subordinates was relaying to some other followers of his.

"What, did Boss really ask for all of this stuff? Why would he even want any of this, and how are we supposed to find any of it?" A very tough looking raider responded, clad in thick leathers with metal spikes adorning it here and there. The other stallion shrugged.

"How should I know, said something about a celebration? Whatever it is, his son is gone now and you don't want to make him or me angry now do you?" The new de-facto second in command muttered.

"N-no! I'll get a team right on it." The raider ran off at a full gallop. That was more like it. Boss was definitely not one you desired to anger. The new second gulped now that he was gone. The last pony in their group that did that immediately wound up being thrown straight through a second-story wall to land in a broken heap below never to move again. One thing he demanded was absolute obedience. Failure was generally met with fairly serious injury or even immediate death.

If they did not return with the requested items somepony would pay dearly and it was not going to be him. What in the world could Boss possibly want with this kind of stuff anyway? He never asked for anything even remotely like it before. This was weird even by his standards and that was saying something. It was always hard to tell what he was up to, but his strength was undeniable. Many were simply forced to follow him under pain of death. There were others close to him that were terribly concerning. Strange ponies that all looked oddly alike and acted unlike anyone else. Always saying creepy things and never very far away from Boss at any time. They were fanatically loyal to the point of utter insanity.

Quite possibly among the most insane in the entirety of the wastes. Nearly coming close to being dangerous as Boss himself. Everyone near him felt spooked and endangered by his mere presence alone. Few were brave or stupid enough to try leaving. If any did manage to slip away, they would never be seen again. If they ever returned the punishment would surely be sheer agony followed by a brutal dismemberment. Boss had made this quite clear when he abruptly showed up years ago and took over their raiding group. Those that tried to stand up to him and his son were quickly dispatched without the slightest care. It was extremely rare for anyone to try running away or disobeying after that show of force.

The feeling whenever Boss was near made one shiver, as though something unreal trod the wastes among normalcy. The world itself may not feel right, but he somehow embodied cold and death. He brought with him an unshakeable feeling that an unstoppable juggernaut was barely contained within. Along with that was the strange anger he induced just by speaking. Raiders are not known for subtlety, but he brought an undeniable rage forth from inside those near to him. A psychotic frenzy which in a fight could easily overwhelm any standing in the way. It was useful, but it was also dangerous. Boss was like a tightly coiled snake ready to instantly strike down any who displeased him. His second shuddered.

The merest thought of displeasing Boss was motivation enough to succeed in whatever task was presented. This one was strange, but really no more so than anything else he ever asked.

"They better not screw this up." He said to himself, eyeing his own spiked barding idly.

"Yes, they better." Somepony said over in a darkened corner of the building they were currently operating out of.

"B-boss! I..didn't see you there." The second barely managed to control himself and say. Boss was so shrouded in shadow he was difficult to even see sitting there. That sudden feeling of cold and danger was terrible and intense.

"Do you need something, Boss?" Was quickly added, never anger him. Never.

"No." Was all Boss said, continuing to sit there draped in darkness. Was he just going to stay there and stare? This was very odd.

"I should go make sure those idiots get what you asked for." The second said and went to leave, but boss held up a hoof.

"Stop." It was more than enough to make the raider freeze in his tracks. Did he do something to displease Boss?

If he did something wrong, he was about to be flattened by an unstoppable force. Much to his relief Boss merely spoke, but it brought that angered feeling welling up from deep within. It was hard to control.

"When you give orders, they are to be obeyed. Trust those you have given them to will follow without question. If they fail to do so, you will punish them appropriately. Understood?" Boss questioned.

"Yes, Boss. Whatever you say goes." He replied as calmly as possible. Boss always seemed to appreciate anyone that kept calm around him.

"Excellent. Perhaps I should have tossed that moronic foal of mine aside sooner. Worthless trash. Now go, do not disappoint me as he has done." Boss lowered his hoof.

"Yes, Boss. Right away." The second hurried off after that. Every time Boss spoke it was dangerous. Once out in the clear he gasped for air a few times.

"What is he? Some kind of monster. A monster. Just go. Go do what he says and everything is fine." He spoke to himself to calm his nerves, panting heavily for several moments, holding a hoof to his chest.

Thoughts of being throttled or otherwise tossed about like nothing ran through his mind as he ran off to ensure he would not be the subject of Boss wrath. Better anypony else than himself. Anyone at all.


My, whatever could this be?

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