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Set at various points in the Fallout: Equestria universe. Each chapter is intended to be a unique story unto itself. So many references, both ludicrously obscure and blatantly obvious. Even the title. No, not THAT. You will never figure them all out. All chapters tie into one another. Note: Should still be read in order. Comments are always welcomed

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3833249 Yes, whiskey can indeed be quite nice.

Comment posted by Windrunner deleted May 24th, 2014

You have a repeating issue with your/you're.
Other than that this is a really great underappreciated work.

4915107 Actually, I am aware of that issue. I have tried to get out of that, but I seem to get into a pattern or think it should be used where it should not. However, if you think that is bad, you should have seen how horrible my first attempt was with using the word 'had' which I overused to such an extent it was pointed out to me about forty times a day by someone I bounce ideas off of. hehehe.

You also have trouble with capitalization, dialogue attribution, and plural versus possessive.
Always remember to at least start a new paragraph for each separate line of dialogue.

You just seem to mix up possessives and plurals sometimes. Minor grammatical tweaks and such would polish this up brightly. All in all it was a surprising find, I quite enjoy it and am waiting patiently for more.
When I get a computer again, I'd be all too happy to give you a hand with editing.

4918699 My storytelling can induce near tears? good to know! Also as I am now curious, what about it got to you that much?

This is really seriously underrated and needs to be in every group ever.

5046992 Wow, really think so? Thanks for the vote of confidence, makes my day

It's interesting. We're being lead on a journey that apparently has no end, rhyme, or reason, but everything comes together somehow.
Especially powerful and lovely for me was the vignette of ye elde basic bitch wastelander and her son.

5047686 Colorful description hehe. I believe the eventual conclusion will be a nice payoff to it all, and hopefully surprising.

Hey man, I'm just along from the ride. It's rare that I so thoroughly enjoy it. Maybe I'm getting soft.

Comment posted by Windrunner deleted Nov 12th, 2014

I love this. I refer everyone I meet to it. It's so fucking awesome.

Note to anyone paying attention: Writing delays were compounded by a bedbug infestation. I am now an expert on eradicating them.
Are you entertained, not entertained, amused, confused, befuddled, mystified, terrified, horrified or otherwise amenable, joyful, approving, disapproving, concerned, mortified, mollified, liking, disliking or otherwise enjoying this crazed romp across time and spa...er, the length and breadth of the wastes?

Just a little warning....

"FoE" doesn't stand for "Fallout Equestria". It stands for..... well.... something we don't speak of in polite society.

6902214 In response I can only suggest you look up the official meaning of the word 'Foe' This title is a play on words, has been since it was created and has no other meaning. Any other connotation certainly is not applicable. Also please note this story was given the okay almost 2 1/2 years ago. In addition I feel the need to point out you seem to be referencing a short form based on initials. As various actual people, places, and things share these same initials I do not see a problem. It took me a whole week to find anyone that had any idea what you are talking about.

Rest In Peace soldier. Even without getting to 'hear' the jokes or dialog between the characters here, I really enjoyed this and was sad to see Mattias go.

Oh really? I was kind of aiming for that actually. Coming up with a direct joke/jokes would probably have felt more stilted or difficult to make appropriate was my reasoning

This lil tale makes me think of blackjack with her crown of wild pegasus bottles.

That's a cool bit of info. I often wondered about the size of equestria :twilightsmile:

Took me and a math whiz I know quite a while to come up with those numbers via estimation and calculation based on numerous factors

"But I'm supposed to attend a book signing tonight for my new book, 'The Incredibly Extremely Superawsomazing Adventures of Magnificent'! It's even being made into a comic strip," he pouted, putting on a face as closely imitating a crying puppy that he could muster while laying back his ears. He looked truly pathetic.

Has he been taking naming lessons from Rainbow Dash?

Hahahahaha. All will be revealed, or will it?

So, Flim Flam Productions with help from Wallflower Blush (sorry if I got the name wrong, never saw that one)?

Note: Should still be read in order.

The synopsis just said "All chapters tie into one another." So... Doesn't that go without saying?

They are mostly self-contained stories with an overarching plotline linking them all together. Some needed that clarification

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