• Published 20th Nov 2013
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FoE: Snippet Story - Windrunner

Set at various points in the Fallout: Equestria universe. Each chapter is intended to be a unique story unto itself. So many references, both ludicrously obscure and blatantly obvious. Even the title. No, not that. You will never figure them all out.

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The Little Things


"I'm so sorry little guy. I think this is as far as I can get us." The teal-coated earth pony looked back to the rather small passenger on his back. The dusty looking breezie's eyes appeared half-glazed as he barely registered what was said, almost crying.

"Come on." The pony hammered on the ancient door controls, but the door would not budge in this grime-covered room. Having temporarily escaped their captors through nothing but chance, this unlikely pair were nearly resigned to being recaptured after having eluded their pursuers in this strange old place. The breezie seemed to snap out of it.

That little voice and its unusual inflection surprised him with the conviction behind it.

"No, we..have...to, don't..give in!" He waved at the comparatively enormous door. The pony grit his teeth and grunted.

"Oh..fine, listen. They are right behind and will find us any minute, if you really want out of here then you need to slow them down." He said quite factually. The breezie had some, but not perfect grasp of common equestrian tongue.

"What, me? I..I'm tiny!" Was the squeaky sounding reply.

"You're the one with the smart ideas, have another one while I get this door open!" The pony glanced at the breezie as he hovered out the door, then dropped on his back and worked at the wiring in the old door access panel.

"Me? What am I supposed to do?" The breezie looked around and mumbled to himself. There was a storage rack to the side of the dirty old hallway in whatever this place was. Neither had any idea where they actually were. This breezie just happened to get loose by mere accident and through much effort managed to prize open the door lock which was holding the pony prisoner. Finding he was finally able to fly for some reason helped a lot. Like the others, the pony he freed seemed gigantic to him. Luckily he'd been grateful enough to try and get them both out of here. Atop the storage rack was an old mechanical oil can. It was all he could think of. The four horrible ponies chasing after would be upon them in no time.

There was no clue why they were being held prisoner to begin with. All that could be told was this might be some kind of old war shelter of some variety. When first found this breezie' hopes of finding real help were immediately destroyed as he was taken prisoner and kept confined in a ridiculously small jar that felt like it nearly crushed his wings. Were they just being cruel for the fun of it? They were coming.

"Boss will have us killed if he finds out two prisoners got loose in here!" One of the oddly awful looking ponies was saying. They were heavily armed, would this even do anything? It was only a one in a million chance it could help.

The poor little breezie struggled to shove back against the comparatively hefty oil can, it slowly budged towards the edge of the shelf. He only intended it to be a distraction. With a final heave the most ludicrous chain of events was set off as the can, still with some old oily leftovers within it, fell by luck of timing directly on the lead ponies head causing him to swing his weapon wide and knock the one beside him onto the floor unconscious. The same moment the sludgy residue within the ancient can proved so slippery the third fell slamming his head into the floor, causing him to fire a wild shot that ricocheted directly down into the slushy mess to spark and ignite a puff of flames which made the fourth pony jump forward only to smash into the doors frame.

At this instant the mostly off-green breezie flew over and onto the remaining conscious ponies face causing him to swat at and miss only to slip in the oil himself and crack his skull off the wall quite heavily. All four were rendered unconscious. The former prisoner slowly peeked out the door and his eyes widened in disbelief at seeing the four spreadeagled on the floor, completely out of it as the huffing breezie looked up at him. Utterly amazed by this accomplishment he could only stare in wonderment for a moment. He took a deep breath.

"Little guy..you did all this?" He said almost warily, it was quite silly truly. The breezie waved both forelegs around.

"Breezies strong!" He said, not really explaining the situation and looking quite proud of himself. The pony was practically dumbfounded by all of this. This little one managed to take out four fully grown and heavily armed ponies all by himself? Anyone would take pause. This was shocking. Almost unbelievable.

"No kidding little guy..remind me not to get on your bad side!" He said, and actually meaning it. Removing their weapons to take with him he set about finding a means of binding them so they could not go get help. Some old frayed cables and wires laying about proved useful to this end. There were others searching still though. They had to get out of here.

Those four would live. As much as he would like to just end their lives for holding him prisoner there was no time to bother. Besides, as he understood it their leader whoever he was would likely punish them severely anyway for their failure to capture them. Setting about working on this ancient doors wiring once more it finally and shudderingly gave way, leaving them an avenue of escape at last. This place whatever it was proved to be surprisingly large, it proved to be their only real advantage as they dodged and hid from the patrols seeking to recapture them. They'd got lucky. Hurriedly exiting he spoke.

"Little guy, I don't know where we are. All we can do is run and hope. It's the best I can do." He said gravely.

The breezie clinging to his mane gave a couple of tiny pats on the neck as they scurried away from this place.


Well now, maybe you shouldn't go underestimating the small things.

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