• Published 20th Nov 2013
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FoE: Snippet Story - Windrunner

Set at various points in the Fallout: Equestria universe. Each chapter is intended to be a unique story unto itself. So many references, both ludicrously obscure and blatantly obvious. Even the title. No, not that. You will never figure them all out.

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Sanity's Gate


Where does it come from, that feeling which fleets?, when one has suffered far too many defeats. When all your strength is not enough, and your road is much too rough, when you have finally had enough. You pick yourself up one last time, with no real reason or rhyme. Now running out of time, grasping onto one final line. Will you make it, do you dare, to pull yourself out of your despair? Calling on that which just is not there.

What adds up to no passing hour? What tears asunder once beauteous wildwood flower?
What is it that saps ones power? Be it in rain or thundershower.
What is it that towers so tall?
What is it that makes good things fall?
What is it that spurns ones soul? What is needed to fill that hole?
What is it that makes the cold winds blow? When they shriek and howl ever so low?

What is it hiding in the dark? Be it monster or be it lark?
What is it that takes your treasures away? Who is to say?
What is it that makes such a horrible sound? Echoing across all the ground.
What is it that makes your eyes tear? What is it that fills all with fear?
What is it that makes you feel like you've drowned? Brow knitted into a permanent frown.
What is it that brings us grief? What is it that denies relief?

What is it that makes one pray? In doing so, what is it that makes one pay?
What is it that screams and cries? What is it that dims your eyes?
What is it that makes life's song? What is it that pushes you when you can't go on?
What is it that locks you in? What is it that has stolen away your grin?
What is it that strains your smile? What is it that makes you walk so many a mile?
Finally, perhaps, the end of your trial.

Stars at night, once so bright for me. They have lost their luster, they do not shine. What is it, what crime? Have I portrayed to deserve such unbridled hatred and undying glare of eyes from behind the walls? Voices now echo throughout the halls, within my head, filling me with dread. Despair unneeded, pain no longer heeded. Cursed longing in my heart, I should have listened from the very start. I lost my chance to have spirits needs and find myself begging, cut down just to see. Soon further down now shall I fall, my strength has finally faltered and failed all.

By flickering firelight shadows meet, with their sinewy twining figures treat. All eyes fall upon the ground, at the terrible cracking sound, terror now raining all around. Quiet now, do your ears deceive? They are lying, but you must believe. Wishing now, but it's too short a reprieve. Hope now fleeting and safety torn asunder. Was it your fault, a miserable blunder? You realize what is your task, now you have only but to ask. Reason left far behind, moving forward as though you're blind. A storm arising to meet your stance, now it is your final chance. Will you call life's heroes to your aid? Will your mission be over, your duties paid?

Your heart notwithstanding heavens drums, pain along with pleasure comes. Doth one dare to speak the truth, though ridiculed by those uncouth? Stairways will not take you there, only to dim lighting and despair, pulling forth just one mere ray of hope. Whilst others take bounty, stare and gloat.

Oh magnificent wanderings, once standing in front of placid stream. Seeing things that should only come forth from a pleasant dream, or is it a nightmare hidden inside? To force one to ponder upon their pride. Into horror now taking a slide, all failing strength now set aside. Is it that ones spirit has died? Facing a deal for which another has lied, now time to choose on which side. Will you stand and fight once more, or simply let events occur, without gentle coercion or forceful tact? Only one chance and it is now to act, but a secret pact holding one back, few others can take up the slack. In this void and needing new track, only one is left to react.

Taking up call from shadowed hill, shuddering and it gives no thrill, and from the air now a pounding trill. A horrible shrieking shrill, a thunderous noise unlike any other, turning friend to foe and brother against brother. What hope against this awesome force, is there even any final recourse? The one who all thought vanquished, as if from darkness now recalled. Out from the darkened walls it calls, causing stir in the shattered halls. I watch over something deadly in state, where others would only dare to stare and debate. Oblivious and blinded by hate. What is it, what terrible state? What sets me on this saddening path, bad memories from the past? Events are unfolding much too fast.

Making one feel as though outcast, by some throng of stranded crowd, screaming oh so terribly loud? Their futile screams echoing down through time, they were so proud, their voices echo loud. Pounded on by thundercloud, the mysteries hidden in veiled shroud. Now I fall to bended knee, strength fleeting and leaving me, my eyes so dim I can barely see. Why did I throw myself to such a fate? Had I felt myself to be so great? To be unmoved as mountain stones in my resolve? Some questions left unsolved. I felt the universe around me revolved, but then shattered came my immortal soul. I know not what caused this crippling hole.

Driven to reverse my role, and try to destroy that which I swore could never be stole. I know not what is growing in my heart, something deep inside now tearing me apart. I do not know even where to start. To try and regain that which I’ve lost, that purity of spirit which was the cost. My station and duty here, hidden by silent yearnings for so many an unbending and unrelenting year. Ever driving me onward, I gave into fear. I do not know how long I can last, it is finally time to reclaim my past. Onward I am beckoned, I must go. Comfort away to the wind, I must know. I shall resume my stewardship by Sanity's Gate, for the hour I have let grow far too late.

- - -

Curiouser and curiouser.

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