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Deadpool meets Equestria - Novablast15

That's right, The Merc with the mouth. The tower of power. TOO sweet to be sour. DEADPOOL and ponie

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5. The Game is getting started

Chapter 5

The Game is getting started

"Discord IS BACK BABY AND I’M BIGGER AND BADDER THAN EVER MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!” Discord said to Twilight while laughing hysterically.

"But first, I want to show you something ."Discord smiled as an odd yellow ball had Twilight´s friends trapped floated above her "You are all alone Twilight.. No other pony can or will help you... admit It sweetheart.. you lost this time."

Twilight tried to use her magic to release her friends but nothing happened. She couldn't do anything without her dear friends, who were now trapped in that strange, yellow ball. She looked up at Discord. “ I will not give up, Not now.. not ever”

She looked up at him, Discord just smiled “Oh really?” Discord snapped his fingers and the yellow ball started to shrink, another snap of his fingers and a portal appeared under the yellow ball.

“I can easily banish your friends to a place full of chaos and evil, try anything and your friends will experience something worse than their most horrible nightmare”

Twilight backed up,Thinking, looking at he faces of her friends and sighed

"…Okay Discord…you won…"

Twilight started to turn gray as Discord laughed again, then yelled so hard that all of Ponyville could hear his devilish but enchanting voice .

" Dear Ponyville! I, Discord, have won against your pony protectors!! Prepare for some good ol´ fashioned Chaos!! AHHAHAHAHHA" The Draconequus magically teleported the now defeated Twilight inside the yellow ball

"Too bad my little ponies ." Discord smiled at the Welders of the Elements of Harmony as they struggled to get out of the sphere of energy. He then placed the ball down and made a throne , sat upon it and with a big smile he exclaimed his victory

" Looks like Discord Won. HAHAHHA"

"Agh.. Dammit.. why did I have to leave my Teleport belt at the top of this damn cliff?!?" Wade had only the bottom part of his suit around his waist and his mask on. He was climbing the same rock mountain he jumped off of yesterday. A song popped on his head as he climbed, reaching to grab another rock to pull him self up, He started to sing.

"This game is getting started, I won't back out.
This time you really won't escape
Lets stack a little higher
My inner fire,
I won't back out
I'm on my way

This game is getting started
and I can see your team
sneaking our way, Initiate, as you hook on our bait
and you're dying for it."

For some reason this League of Legends song really started to pump wade up as he reached the top..

"wave, shield, bond, till you drop dead
Killing and killing and killing and killing and kill"

He stopped singing as he pulled himself up and smiled, Putting his suit back on

"Awwwww yeah, i just did that… " He looked down

" Right where I left it.. My dumb phone and YAY my teleport belt... Wait" He saw that the phone was fixed and his belt was fixed as well. .


{we are from marvel, wade.. }

“Oh yeah, But still.. How in the name of .. OH WELL I DON’T CARE. NOW I CAN GO BACK TO MY HOME NOW.... YAY" As he put his phone in his pocket and his teleport belt on , he remembered that those Cute little ponies were scared over this Discord fella. Wade looked up in the sky and thought about it for a second, then looked down the cliff. He smiled at the reader and said.

"This game is getting started " Wade started to run and jumped over the cliff once again, this time in slow-mo just to make it look more epic.

Discord stopped laughing when he sensed something over at Canterlot. "So…My insane friend.. You didn’t take my gift and leave… you stayed.. " Discord smiled while his eyes showed excitment. "Well. If you want to play a game…"He snapped his fingers and made his army of chaos appear. Discord´s army was made of The Diamond Dogs wearing different kinds of weapon and armors , Two red dragons , An Evil version of Gilda andThe Flim Flam brothers, a bigger version of the Hydra, A double tailed Manticore and a pack of Timberwolves.
"I have a guest coming over to play, but im too busy making this a fun and chaotic world, so I want you to play with him, you can kill him for all I care" His army had been “infected” with Discord´s chaos, making them gray colored. But some of them like Gilda and the Flim Flam brothers were “enhanced” with Discord´s chaos, retaining their personalities but having their hidden abilities unlocked . He snapped his fingers and his army ran off in the direction of Canterlot. Twilight looked at Discord and said " Who are you afraid of, Discord?" Discord laughed. "Afraid? You must be mistaken, my dear Twilight. This is excitement...because I know that he will give me the entertainment that I have longed since that lovely day when I met your teacher…"

Wade was running though the forest on his way to Ponyvile, jumping over branches and rocks. He stopped and looked around him when he heard something that sounded like growls, then 7 timber wolves out of nowhere attacked our hero "OHHHH wood puppys!!" Wade said as he looked at the wooden wolves . One of the wolves lugged for him as wade sidestepped , making the wolf fall and hit it's wooden nose , " Ohhh.. Bad puppys.. That's a No No" Wade took out his katanas and readied himself for an awesome battle " You want some? THEN COME GET SOME, PUPPYS" One of the wolf behind him jumped at him, as Wade ducked and let him jump over his body , he spin around and cut the wolf across it's belly with his right katana , Chucks of wood rained over the other wolves as wade teleported and stabbed it in the neck, the sword went clean though as it got stuck in the dirt, Deadpool kicked another wolf that tried to attack him from behind hard enough to snap it's wooden neck, He jumped back while grabbing his sword as two more wolves tried to finish him while he was distracted . He teleported up in the air and threw out the grenades that were on his pockets" AND boom goes your face!!." Wooden pieces went everywhere as wade fell to the ground full of sawdust.
Deadpool put his swords back as he was almost hit by something big and red. Above him were two huge red dragons. Wade smiled as he sang

"This game is getting started, I won't back out.
wave, shield, bond, till you drop dead
Killing and killing and killing and killing and kill"

He started running up to one of the dragons that landed to incinerate him with its flames. Deadpool jumped when the dragon leveled his head. "Fus Ro Dah!!!!!!"

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