• Published 4th Mar 2012
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Deadpool meets Equestria - Novablast15

That's right, The Merc with the mouth. The tower of power. TOO sweet to be sour. DEADPOOL and ponie

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2. Helmets of what?

Chapter 2

Helmets of WHAT?

Wade looked though his pockets "AGH.. Where is my damn phone? " At this moment [conveniently], Wade’s official Deadpool ringtone started going off:



betttter hurry up, Beefore I-

"Ahhh, There you are you sexy phone you"

He smiled as he pulled it out from one of his gear pockets. This celebration was cut short unfortunately, as he saw that the battery was running out.

{Then how come the ringtone was going off? PLOT HOLE!!!}

"Really... REALLY? Agh" He moaned, Not in a sexy way you creeps.

(Wade.. we don't even know where we are.. why are you caring about your phone?)

" WELLL if you HAVE to ask; If it's a long walk back to the motel, I WANTED TO PLAY ANGRY BIRDS!! Can I? NO!!...dumb phone."

He threw the dumb phone to the ground, It shattered as he hit, he smiled a bit as he saw this and looked around.

"Huh.. World of Warcraft looks... peaceful....... WAIT.. WHAT IF IT'S NOT WOW? What if I am in some sort of black hole, made by evil BEINGS THAT WILL SLOWLY EAT AWAY AT MY BRAIN JUICES. What if I can never go back?? NEVERRRR!!”

(Calm down hunny bunny... It's much worse!)


This panic slash argument was suddenly cut short. He heard something behind him, Wade turned and saw a herd of the royal pony guards galloping toward him. Shame he didn’t actually know that they were royal pony guards.


"...Yes caption box?"

(Are.. those.. ponies.. in armor running at us?)

"I do believe so "

Without thinking...well he never really thinks, he turned on his heels and ran away blindly, reaching a cliff, which was registered by Wade with a:"Really? Oh crap I got to jump huh"

Just then, one of the ponies in armor yelled "HALT In the nam-"

(THEY TALK!!??!!) {jump man JUMP}

Wade looked down into the river and gulped "Well.. looks like a good time for a cliff hanger." This hint was completely ignored by the writer, leaving Wade to jump off the side of the cliff into the river below, just as the pony guards got there to see the huge splash as Deadpool sank into the water.


Spike looked up in the sky "Huh.. that was... uh.. odd" But his mind went off the weird sound and the red glow as he got to Rarity's home. He stood outside the door with all the bags in his hands "UH.. RARITY. My hands are full.. COULD YOU OPEN THE DOOR?"

"Oneeeee moment dear!!" Spike heard coming though the door as It opened with a purple glow. The fashion pony stood as Spike mouth dropped. She was wearing a new dress. He dropped the bags as he looked up at her with hearts for eyes again. "Wow rarity...just WOW"

"Oh Spikey.. you like?" She smiled and did a little spin. "Its part of my new line" This image unfortunately was cut short with the gallops rapidly approaching. Pinkie and Fluttershy ran up looking flustered and excitable.

"RARITY" Pinkie yelled "Twilight needs to see us now. IT'S SUPER DUPER important!!!"
"Well.. there is no time to lose then, Come one spike dear" Spike, not being able to believe his luck, threw the bags aside eagerly and jumped up on Rarity's back and grinned.

"Yes Rarity" He said with a HUGE smile.

The three ponies ran to twilight's tree house with Spike in tow. Rainbow Dash and Applejack were already there.

"Glad you can make it girls." Twilight said with a small smile

"ARE you going to tell us NOW why you called us?" The multicolored pony said.

Applejack gave her a look and said. "Calm down Sugarcube. Now twilight, why did you call us?"

"Well. You all saw the red glow and heard that noise right?" Twilight replied. All her friends nodded. "Well.. it came from can-“ Just at that moment, Spike coughed up a letter
"It’s a letter from the Princess !!” Twilight gasped, grabbing it with her magic, opened it and started to read.

To My faithful student Twilight sparkle.
Be careful.. Something has entered this world, and I believe is on the way to Ponyvile. Regretfully, I have...other duties I need to attend to. You and your friends are the wielders Of the Elements of harmony, so I trust that If something does happen, you will be able to take care of it.
Be safe.
Princess Celestia.

"Something has entered this world?" Fluttershy said. " Wh-wh- what does that mean?"

"OHHH I wonder if it likes PARTY'S!~!!" Pinkie Pie jumped up and down with a smile

"Party's Pinkie? Please.. I wanna see that.. thing whatever it is, I want it to try and do something to Ponyvile.. I'LL TAKE IT ON!!" Rainbow Dash yelled as she flew up in the air.

Twilight didn't like this. On it's way here...and how come the Princess didn't stop it? And more importantly, what was it?

A very cross eyed pony was flying upside down by the river when she saw something with one of her eyes on the bank. It was red and...odd looking. She landed [well.. kinda]and poked it with her hoof.

"HELLLLLO thing. are you dead?" She kept poking the red dead thing.

Wade was healing.. He had just jumped off a high ass cliff AND MISSED the river

(Dumb rocks not breaking OUR FALL) {And what the hell is poking us? WADE.. time to wake up bro-ham!!}.

"Mhmm mommy" Wade muttered sleepily. As he started to get up, Derpy freaked out at the idea of the dead returning and flew away.

"AGH" Wade rubbed his head and looked up. Far far FAR FAR FAR FAR above him. It was really far lik-

"Okay I get it it was far up there!!" Far up was the same cliff that he jumped off of. "Kids.. Don't try that at home.." Wade stood and looked over and saw his Handguns lying next to him. He grabbed them and put them back into their homes on his gear belts.

(Hey Wade)

"Yes dear?"

(We kinda need to advance the plot a bit sooooo uh.. just.. go do something)

"WELLL like I was going to say. I really need to find out wher.... Oh no.. "Right then something caught his eyes"

Wade fell to his knees and looked upon a smashed taco.

"I WAS SAVING THAT!!" Wade curled up in a ball and started to fake cry.

"We are going to HAVE so much FUN.. I wonder if it likes cake OH OH or pin the tail on the pony. maybe we can get a GROUP PIC WITH IT!!" Pinkie kept talking on how much fun the thing would be as Twilight looked though her book, Spike was helping.

"What do you think It is Twilight??" The young dragon said.

"Whatever it is, it's not a pony." Twilight remembers what the letter said "Something" has entered this world. What could it be? Something that even The Princess didn't know of and what was the "other" duties? "But. I really don't know Spike.” She sighed heavily

“I really don't know"

A hidden voice said with a smile yet the ponies could not hear him. "Oh Twilight; Soon, It won't matter.. Now that Discord is back in town...HAHAHHAHAHAHA"