• Published 9th Oct 2013
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Diamond Tiara The Not So Friendly Ghost - SuperPinkBrony12

Diamond Tiara is a ghost and it's up to the CMC to make her go away.

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Seeking Answers

The CMC would've headed right over to the library to do some research on ghosts. But it was late, and they knew their families would be worried about them if they stayed out after dark. So, reluctantly they headed straight home, but they promised to meet up again first thing tomorrow.

And they did.

"Okay we all know what we came here for right?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Yup." Scootaloo said "We need to find something that can tell us how ghosts work and when that deadline Diamond Tiara mentioned is."

"Well what if we can't find anything?" Sweetie Belle asked "What do we do then?"

"We'll just have to do what we were planning to do before we ran into Diamond Tiara." Apple Bloom said "We confrot Mr. Filthy Rich with the truth and get some answers."

"I hope it doesn't have to come to that." Sweetie Belle said "You saw how he looked yesterday. He's probably still distracted by grief."

"Well like it or not we'll do what we have to do." Apple Bloom said "Now we're wasting time. So if there aren't anymore objections I say we get started." And with that she knocked on the door of the Ponyville Golden Oak Library.

A few seconds later Twilight opened the door. "Oh hello girls." she said with a smile "What brings you here?"

"We were hoping to do some research." Scootaloo said.

"Research huh?" Twilight asked "Well come on inside and let me see if I can help you." The CMC didn't need to be told twice. As was usually the case the books were all neatly sorted on the shelves. There was not a single book out of place. That would hopefully make things easier. "So what are you intrested in researching?" Twilight asked.

"Well actually this is gonna sound strange but do you have any books about ghosts?" Apple Bloom asked.

Twilight seemed to be a tad bit puzzled by the question, but she maintained her composure. "Well I think I might have some." she said and promptly searched the shelves using her magic. She stopped every once in a while to pull out a book from one of the shelves. Eventually she brought a stack of books down to the floor. "These were all the books I could find." she said.

"That's quite a lot of books." Scootaloo said.

"I know." Apple Bloom said "Say Twilight do you think you could help us narrow em down?"

"That depends." Twilight said "What area of ghosts are you intending to research?" she asked.

"This is probably a long shot but we have to try." Sweetie Belle thought to herself, then she spoke up. "Any sort of books about ghost rules and ghost customs would be nice. If you have any."

"I think there might be one." Twilight said, picking up the books with her magic. "Let's take a look." She quickly read the titles and a few of the pages of each book. But at first each book she looked through was given a resounding "No." and placed back onto the shelf where it had been found.

For a moment the CMC were afraid that the library didn't have what they were looking for, and that they would be back to square one.

But at last Twilight found one. She carefully placed it on the ground. "This book is called So You Wanna Be a Ghost?. It's not exactly science fact, but it does contain on information about some of the most common beliefs about ghosts." she explained "I'm not sure if this will help, but at least it's better then nothing right?"

"Right." Apple Bloom said "Thanks Twilight."

"You're welcome girls." Twilight said "Now if you don't need anything else I have to be available to help any other ponies that might drop by. If you need help talk to Spike."

"Will do Twilight." Apple Bloom said.

"Good." Twilight said "And if it isn't too much trouble please put the book back on the shelf when you're done."

The CMC promptly opened the book and began to speed read through it, looking for any sort of useful information. But for a long time the only information they found was what Diamond Tiara had already told them.

"There's gotta be something in here that can help us." Apple Bloom said.

"I know but we've been through over half of the book already." Scootaloo said "I'm starting to think this might be a bust."

"We just have to keep looking." Sweetie Belle said "I have a feeling the answers we're looking for are right under our noses."

And she would turn out to be right. A moment later the CMC turned yet another page in the book. As they read through it they realized that they had found something they had not known before. "I think this is it girls." Apple Bloom said "It says here that the deadline for someone to find out why a ghost is around is midnight, exactly 2 weeks from the date of their death. And tonight it will be excatly two weeks since Diamond Tiara died."

"Well that's good and all but we still don't know why Diamond Tiara is still around." Scootaloo said.

"You're right." Apple Bloom said "But it also says here that usually a ghost haunts someone because that someone was very close to them. And usually that someone must be willing to accept that the pony they loved is dead in order for the ghost to go away. That must be it!"

"What must be it?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"The reason why Diamond Tiara is haunting Mr. Filthy Rich. He hasn't yet accepted that Diamond Tiara is dead." Apple Bloom explained.

"So what are we suppose to do?" Scootaloo asked.

"It's simple." Apple Bloom said "We confront Filthy Rich, just like we were going to do yesterday. We tell him we know the truth about Diamond Tiara. And then we help him to accept the fact that Diamond Tiara is dead. And we've solved the problem."

"Great." Scootaloo said "But before we go looking for Filthy Rich we're going to have to stop by my house."

"Why?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Because I didn't bring that copy of The Ponyville Express that lists her death with me." Scootaloo said.

"I see." Apple Bloom said "Well then we've got no time to waste! Let's get out there and make things right. Heck who knows? Maybe we'll even get our cutie marks for this."

"I'm just glad that this whole ghost thing is finally going to be over with." Sweetie Belle said "Ghosts give me the creeps."

The CMC promptly left the library after asking Twilight if it was okay for them to borrow the book for a little bit. Twilight was happy to obliege.

"Okay girls here's the game plan." Scootaloo said "First we'll stop by my house. Then we're gonna track down Filthy Rich."

"Well what are we waiting for?" Apple Bloom said "Let's go already!"

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Scootaloo said "Hang on tight girls, I'm gonna go crazy fast!"

Author's Note:

Only one more chapter is left in this story.

Tune in next time to see how it plays out.