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Diamond Tiara The Not So Friendly Ghost - SuperPinkBrony12

Diamond Tiara is a ghost and it's up to the CMC to make her go away.

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Who You Gonna Call?

After leaving the library the CMC wasted no time in asking for directions to the Tiara family house. The time had come for them to confront Filthy Rich with the truth and get some answers. Not to mention allow Diamond Tiara to finally move on.

Filthy Rich had not been expecting vistors, and he certainly was not expecting the CMC. But even in his current state Filthy Rich would never turn away guests. So with a bit of reluctance he invited them inside.

"What brings you three here?" he asked reluctantly "It had better be good, I've got something that really needs tending to."

"We know the truth about Diamond Tiara." Apple Bloom said.

If Filthy Rich was shocked he showed no signs of it. "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"We know that Diamond Tiara is dead." Scootaloo said "We've even got evidence." And she showed him the copy of the Ponyville Express with Diamond Tiara's death listed.

"So, you figured it out huh." Filthy Rich said "Well I don't suppose any of you know why she's still hanging around."

"We do know that she's a ghost." Sweetie Belle explained "And we know that tonight is the last night before she remains here forever."

"And why is that important?" Filthy Rich asked "Maybe I don't want her to leave."

"Well Diamond Tiara does at least." Apple Bloom said "She told us so yesterday."

"Really?" Filthy Rich asked.

"Yup." Apple Bloom said "And we think we know why she hasn't left this world. We think it has something to do with you."

"And what's that?" Filthy Rich asked.

"You obviously miss her." Apple Bloom said "You didn't want her to die."

"And because of that Diamond Tiara came back." Scootaloo said "But now we can finally be rid of her, and life can go back to normal."

"But we won't do it if you'd rather have her stay in this world." Sweetie Belle said "It's up to you to decide."

Filthy Rich was silent for a very long time. The CMC began to grow worried, what if he said no? What would happen then?

"Uh Mr. Rich?" Apple Bloom said.

"Yes?" Filthy Rich replied.

"Oh good." Apple Bloom said "Almost thought you'd zoned out there."

"Sorry about that." Filthy Rich said "This isn't an easy decision for me to make."

"Well do you have an answer?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Not yet." Filthy Rich said "I think I'm going to need more time to decide. So why don't you girls come back here tonight?"

"I don't know." Scootaloo said "If we wait that long we might miss our deadline."

"Please!" Filthy Rich pleaded "I just need time to make up my mind. I promise I'm not trying to stall for time."

"But Mr. Rich" Apple Bloom said.

"We'll give you til tonight." Sweetie Belle interrupted "But no later."

"That's all I can ask for." Filthy Rich said "Now go!"

Reluctantly the CMC did so. Their plans currently on hold.

Filthy Rich sighed. "Those kids. Why do they have to be so damn persistent? Out of all the ponies that could've found out it had to be them." he thought to himself. All the same he knew he had to make good on his promise. "It's what 'She' would want." he thought.

Filthy Rich trotted over to a secret cabinet in his office. He had never shown anyone what was inside it. After quicly checking to make sure that no one was around he opened the cabinet. He pulled out a photo and looked at it, a tear forming in his eye as he did.

The photo showed a much younger looking Filthy Rich standing in front of his home. It had been taken back when Diamond Tiara was just a foal, still in diapers. The Filthy Rich in the photo was smiling as he craddled his infant daughter in his hooves. And from the looks of things she seemed to like it, because she was smiling too. Next to Filthy Rich stood a mare with a dark pink coat, an alternating gold and silver mane and tail, pure blue eyes, and a glimmering jewel cutie mark. But the most noticeable feature of all was the small silver tiara she wore atop her head. It was his wife, Diamond Sparkle Tiara.

That had been only a few years ago, yet it seemed like much longer to Filthy Rich. He remembered how not long after this photo his wife had suddenly and mysteriously died. Just like with Diamond Tiara the cause of death had been an unusually strong and sudden bout of the flu. The depression that followed hit Filthy Rich hard, and he aged rapidly as a result. On top of that for a long time he couldn't even bare to be near his daughter because of how much she reminded him of his wife.

This meant he missed out on a lot of key moments in Diamond Tiara's life. These events included her first words, her first steps, her potty training, and even a few of her birthdays. Heck everyone was surprised when he was around to see Diamond Tiara get her cutie mark. But things were never the same, he never once mentioned to Diamond Tiara that she had a mother. And he never felt comfortable being addressed as "dad" or "daddy".

He realized now how foolish he had been, so one would think that he would "accidentally" miss the deadline so Diamond Tiara wouldn't have to leave. But he couldn't bring himself to do such a thing. Deep down he knew what he had to do. "I just hope she'll forgive me for this." he thought to himself.

The CMC found it a little hard to come up with a believable excuse for slipping out after dark. Scootaloo especially wasn't sure her parents believed her when she told them they were "Spending the night at Filthy Rich's place." But when night fell the three of them were able to go out and meet up without much trouble.

"So this is it huh?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Yup." Apple Bloom said "We're either going to free Diamond Tiara, or fail miserably."

"I doubt that's going to happen." Scootaloo said as the CMC approached Filthy Rich's house. "It'll just be a simple matter of finding Diamond Tiara and telling her the truth."

"Then what the hay are we waiting for?" Apple Bloom said "It's time to send Diamond Tiara packing." She promptly rang the door bell.

"Ah you're here." Filthy Rich said nervously.

"So have you made up your mind?" Scootaloo asked.

"Yes." Filthy Rich said "I know this isn't easy, but I'm doing what I think is right."

"I take it that means you're going to help us?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Yes." Filthy Rich said "And don't worry, I made sure to check on Diamond Tiara earlier. She's still here."

"Lead the way!" Apple Bloom said "And be quick about it! We've only got until the clock strikes midnight!"

Filthy Rich lead the CMC up to Diamond Tiara's room. This was it, the moment of truth! Despite a voice in his head telling him to stop he knocked on the door.

"Go away!" Diamond Tiara said.

"There are some ponies here to see you Diamond Tiara." Filthy Rich replied.

"Is it those blank flanks?" Diamond Tiara asked.

"Yes." Filthy Rich said "And they know the truth."

"We're here to help you Diamond Tiara." Apple Bloom said "Now let us in, or come out yourself."

"I can't." Diamond Tiara said.

"What do you mean you can't?!" Scootaloo asked.

"I just can't." Diamond Tiara said "I'm not suppose to explain it."

"You're transforming aren't you?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Yes." Diamond Tiara said "Just give me a few minutes and you should be able to see me. Be warned though, you might not like it."

"Whatever it is we can handle it." Apple Bloom said.

"We'll just see about that." Diamond Tiara said. A few minutes later she said "You can come in now." But her voice sounded different, it sounded more ominous and creepy. But that didn't discourage the CMC, or Filthy Rich.

The CMC were ill prepared for the sight that met their eyes. Diamond Tiara now had a rather pale white glow, her body seemed to be void of most color, and she seemed rather worse for the wear. In fact she almost looked like something straight out of a horror film.

"Well I did warn you." Diamond Tiara said in her new voice "Now make it quick. I assume you three know the deadline."

"Yes." Apple Bloom said "And we know why you're still around."

"So what's the reason?" Diamond Tiara asked "I'm all ears."

"The reason why you came back is because Mr. Filthy Rich hasn't accepted the fact that you're gone." Sweetie Belle explained "He's still in a state of denial."

"So you know the problem." Diamond Tiara said "But what's the solution?"

"The solution?" Scootaloo asked.

"Yes." Diamond Tiara said "I can't move on unless the problem is solved. So how are you suppose to solve the problem of my dad not accepting that I'm dead?"

"We didn't really think about that." Apple Bloom said.

"I knew you blank flanks would mess this up somehow." Diamond Tiara said "You'd better come up with a solution fast. I'm running out of time."

"Don't you think we know that?" Scootaloo asked.

"Doesn't hurt to remind you." Diamond Tiara said.

The CMC huddled together. "Now what are we suppose to do?" Scootaloo asked.

"I don't know." Sweetie Belle said "Got any bright ideas Apple Bloom?"

"There's one, though it's pretty obvious." Apple Bloom said "We get Mr. Filthy Rich to accept that Diamond Tiara is dead."

"But how are we going to do that?" Scootaloo asked.

Before Apple Bloom could reply Filthy Rich stepped forward. He knew what he had to do. "I'm sorry I couldn't accept the fact that you were dead earlier sweetie." he said.

Diamond Tiara was shocked "You never called me that." she said.

"Oh but I did." Filthy Rich said "Your mother and I use to call you that all the time when you were younger."

"I had a mother?" Diamond Tiara asked.

"Yes. And a sibling you never got to meet. It was stillborn." Filthy Rich explained.

"Is this true?" Diamond Tiara asked, Filthy Rich nodded. "Why didn't you tell me this until now?" she asked.

"I don't know." Filthy Rich said "I could try to come up with some sort of excuse, but it wouldn't make things any better. I'm sorry I kept this information from you."

Diamond Tiara was silent for a moment. Then surprisingly enough despite being a ghost she began to shed tears. "Thank you daddy." she said "You and those blank flanks have set me free."

"Don't mention it. Literally." Scootaloo said, even though she knew that as a ghost Diamond Tiara couldn't mention it to anyone the CMC knew.

"I just have one question before I depart." Diamond Tiara said.

"What do you wish to know?" Filthy Rich asked.

"What was my mother like?" Diamond Tiara asked.

Filthy Rich smiled, all the while trying to hold back tears "She was a wonderful mare. Truly one of a kind." he said "And that's all I can tell you. You'll have all the time in the world now to get to know her. And make sure to tell her that I miss her very much, and that not a day goes by that I don't think of her."

"Will do daddy." Diamond Tiara said "Goodbye."

"Goodbye sweetie." Filthy Rich said, shedding manly tears "We'll meet again someday when my time is up. Don't forget to say hi to your mother for me."

"I won't." Diamond Tiara said, and with that she disappeared. Never to be seen again.

The CMC could hardly believe what they had just seen.

"Shocking isn't it?" Filthy Rich said "Well at least now I'll finally know peace. Thanks for your help girls."

"It was nothing really." Apple Bloom said.

A few days later the news of Diamond Tiara's death finally came to light. Everyone was sad, but as Filthy Rich said "I know she's in a better place. Watching over all of us. And that she would want us to be happy and continue on with our lives."

But that didn't mean Filthy Rich still didn't pay his respects. The same held true for the CMC. They were saddened to lose someone that they had come to realize may not have been as bad as they had previously thought.

"We're all going to miss you Diamond Tiara. And don't worry, we'll try our best to help Silver Spoon." Apple Bloom said, knealing before the tombstone that now marked the new shared gravesite of all Tiara family members. Silver Spoon had been taking the news of Diamond Tiara's death pretty hard, and the CMC knew it would be up to them to help her cope.

"Wherever it is that ponies go after they die I hope it's a happy place for you." Sweetie Belle said, also knealing.

"I'm not really all that good at this mushy stuff. But it's a pity you had to die so young." Scootaloo said "And one way or another life will never be the same without you." And she too knealed before the tombstone.

A short time later Filthy Rich pulled the CMC aside to talk to them. "I can't thank you girls enough for what you did." he said.

"Oh shucks, it was nothing really." Apple Bloom said.

"Yeah, I'm sure anypony in our horseshoes would've done the same." Sweetie Belle said.

"It's a pity we didn't get our ghost busting cutie marks for that though." Scootaloo said.

"Funny you should mention ghost busting." Filthy Rich said "Because I think there could be more ghosts like Diamond Tiara out there. Waiting in silence, hoping for someone to set them free. And after your work in uncovering the truth about Diamond Tiara I am convinced that you three are suited for the job."

"So what you're trying to say is?" Scootaloo asked. She, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle were confused.

"How would you all like to become ghost busters?" Filthy Rich asked "With my backing I can provide you with everything you'll need. And you'll be making good money helping unfortunate souls find peace. Whaddya you say?"

"We accept!" Apple Bloom said.

"Excellent." Filthy Rich said.

"Cutie Mark Crusaders Ghost Busters Yay!" The CMC shouted all at once.

Author's Note:

And so my 19th fanfic has come to a close. I hope you've enjoyed it.

Now my next story is my 20th story and I plan to make it the one where I will debut my own O.C. But don't plan on seeing that anytime soon. My college classes have recently started ramping up the difficulty, and with my part time job at Wal-Mart I am left with little free time.

Hopefully my situation will improve by mid November. Just before Season 4 starts up.

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Nice story i give it a good 7/10 :pinkiehappy:

Dunno why, but I imagined CMC busting ghosts Felix Castor style :twilightsmile:

That was a nice story. Too bad it had to end. :yay:

Comment posted by ServingSpoon deleted Nov 25th, 2013

"And because of that Diamond Tiara came back." Scootaloo said "But now we can finally be rid of her, and life can go back to normal."

wow.. seriously Scoots? A little tact when dealing with a grieving father would be appreciated, you little shit.:facehoof:

I liked this, even though you made me cry.:raritydespair:

REST IN PEACE Diamond Dazzle Tiara. Ponyville won't be the same without you.:applecry:

Hmm. sigh. I hate to say this but this story gave not much feeling. It felt a bit rushed, and somehow the characters looked a bit bland. You could have done more with this premise. It isn´t bad but not as good as it could have been. I can only give 4.5 of 10 points for it. Maybe more details and more emotions could fix it.

I´m going to read your other stories. I´m curious what you have written :twilightsmile:

I finally got to read this after along long, long time of it being in my read later I love it

This was an interesting little read.
I'd love to see a sequel where they help Silver Spoon, as well as some more ghosts.

Aw...I wanted it to be Silver Spoon! The text never said anything about the person needing to KNOW that the ghost was dead after all..

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