• Published 4th Sep 2013
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Scootaloo's Distant Secret - Brownies13

Scootaloo has a secret that know one knows of. Its gone unquestioned till now.

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Showers and Flight Lessons

showers and flight lessons

Scootaloo began silently eating her apple and falling asleep. She wanted to wake up early to count her extra bits and see if she could afford to use the public pony shower or maybe just find a nearby pond to clean off in. As she drifted into sleep she began to dream of flying a Rainbow Dash, her idol, flying by her side and telling her "Great job kid" or "some day you'll be like me". It soon shifted to an unpleasantly familiar place. In front of her were two grave stones they had very familiar cutie marks. They were her parents graves. Suddenly, Rainbow landed next to her and hugged Scootaloo. She cried into her shoulder. Soon after she was adopted by Rainbow Dash. As Rainbow was finishing off the last bit of signatures she was awoken by a strange sound,Is that clopping? She thought. Suddenly realizing she slept in she awoke groggily and began trying to evaluate a way to get to the streets without any suspicions. When she saw a small whole leading to the street she crept through there and began to treck to the pond for she had no bits.

When she arrived at the pond, she immediately dived and brought a medium sized, obviously used soap bar and began scrubbing. She loved the smell and the lovely cleanness she was experiencing. She rarely took baths to save the bar of soap. She didn't have very much money and that was more for if she needed to pay for anything needed for school. As she left the pond, she noticed a rainbow streak over head out of the corner of her eye. She looked up to find nothing. She continued walking but was surprised to feel a hoof on her shoulder.

"Hey squirt what you doing all the way out at the pond?" Rainbow asked.

"I was just uh... taking a um...morning swim," Scootaloo replied hoping that it would convince the Rainbow pony.

"And the bar of soap was for?" Rainbow asked noticing the small soap in Scootaloo's hooves.

"I..Um..well..."Scootaloo sighed,"Our shower broke so I decided to use the pond and well public showers cost money and I don't want to ask my parents for money,"Scootaloo lied.

"Well kid I've tried cleaning in this pond before and it doesn't exactly work. So if you'd like you can use my shower," Rainbow Dash requested.

"Really!" Scootaloo asked happily.

"Sure kid just hop on my back and i'll fly you to my cloud home," Rainbow answered. Scootaloo jumped on Rainbows back with a squeal and she took off. They soon arrived at Rainbow's house. Scootaloo took her showing and came out clean and refreshed to smell what appeared to be pancakes. Scootaloo raced down excitedly. She grabbed a plate and shoved a full pancake down her throat.

"I'm guessing you worked up an appetite?" Rainbow chuckled while taking a bite of her own pancake.

Scootaloo blushed and slapped herself mentally for not asking if she could even eat any.

"Sorry Rainbow."

"Huh? For what kid? I made five pancakes in hope you'd eat some," Rainbow Dash replied.

"Heh thanks Rainbow."

"So since its a Saturday, meaning no work or school, and I was too busy during the week how about we catch up on your flight lessons?"Rainbow asked. Scootaloo was sure she could have been flying right then. She jumped up and down excitedly nodding.Today is going to be great! She thought.

So the pair took off and flew towards the bright blue sky for their flight lessons.