• Published 4th Sep 2013
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Scootaloo's Distant Secret - Brownies13

Scootaloo has a secret that know one knows of. Its gone unquestioned till now.

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Guilt, confusion, and lonelyness

Guilt,confusion, and lonelyness

Apple Bloom stood there watching as Scootaloo disappeared.Was she crying? Apple Bloom thought.
Why did I say that? I'm so horrible! No, Scootaloo didn't share with us what was bothering her. She shouldn't be crying. Scootaloo HAS parents. Me? I don't have any! She just a dramatic, stupid, feather brained...

"Why did you say that?" Sweetie Belle asked destroying Apple Blooms train of thought.

"Huh?" Apple Bloom responded.

Sweetie Belle sighed," Why did you say such a horrible thing to Scootaloo?"

"Are we seriously having this conversation? I thought it ended when Scootaloo left,"Apple Bloom answered.

"Just because she isn't here doesn't mean the problem has disappeared," Sweetie Belle replied.

"I said I was sorry you know and I don't get why she got so upset about the parent thing an -"

Sweetie Belle interrupted Apple Bloom, "You never said you were sorry.But I do agree with you she did act a bit mysteriously when you mentioned the parent thing but it still doesn't mean you didn't say something mean."

"Hey Scootaloo should've told us the secret. Have I EVER not told a secret to you or Scootaloo? No! She shouldn't have been so secretive!" Apple Bloom replied.

"True I wanted to know her secret too. I care about her so I want to know what was bothering her but if its personal its personal. Remember when we first met you? It took you months till you told us about your parents unfortunate accident.But did we ever ask you about how your parents were never around? No. We let you tell us when you were ready. You did the exact opposite with Scootaloo today. you trying to force the truth out of her," Sweetie Belle responded.

Apple Bloom was silent for several minutes justing looking down at her hooves. When Sweetie Belle was about to speak.

Apple Bloom spoke,"Do you think Scootaloo will ever forgive me?"

"Maybe Apple Bloom, just give her some time," Sweetie Belle responded while leaving the club house.

Scootaloo hadn't made it through Sweet Apple Acres before the lump became to much to bare. She began running to a nearby hill not wanting to risk being seen crying. She cried most of the hour. Why did this day go so badly! It was going fine till Apple Bloom had to question her like that. Sweetie Belle was even following through with Apple Bloom. No I can't blame Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle. Its all my fault! I was so stupid I shouldn't have given away so much about me. Whats my life is personal! She continued crying. It was near night when she bagan heading to the place she called "home".

Apple Bloom was looking everywhere for the orange pegasus filly. Why would it be so hard to find her? There! A orange filly slowly rolled her scooter along and slid her legs drearily. She was heading to what appeared to be an alley way? Apple Bloom hoped she would just pass through.

Scootaloo was tired,sad, and lonely. She was hiccuping the whole way to her makeshift home. It was two large cardboard boxes propped up against a wall of an alley way behind sugar cube corner.In side was the pillow the CMC made trying to become Cutie Mark Crusaders Pillow Makers. In the end all the fillies failed horribly. One of the reasons is because the pillows were very crunchy and poky considering they used leaves and chicken feathers each being very uncomfortable. One other item was a quilt given to Scootaloo woven by her mother. Under neath the blanket was a picture of Scootaloo, her mom Pheonix Fire, a firery maned pegasus with light orange fur like Scootaloo's, and her father, Swift Rumble,a grey and dark blue colored pegasus with a sword and a dragon as a cutie mark. Her mother had a cutie mark with a wing on fire.
Scootaloo loved her mothers cutie mark and wish it was just as cool. She had many different photos cut up and just remaining of her mothers cutie mark. They were all hanging or taped on the cardboard walls of her house.

Scootaloo set her scooter and helmet on the other side of the cardboard house and walked over the nearby dumpster. On lucky days a whole cupcake would be thrown out. Luckier days Pinkie would give her a free cupcake. Today was not one of those lucky days. She figured it would be like that. She began walking to the next alley down. In the dark you could barely even see her as she crawled to the dumpster behind the Ponyville market. Although she was just a filly she knew she couldn't just eat cupcakes so she usually got food from here. She began rummaging and found two huge carrots and an apple. This will have to do for tonight. She thought sadly. She began walking to her cardboard home and cried herself to sleep.