• Published 4th Sep 2013
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Scootaloo's Distant Secret - Brownies13

Scootaloo has a secret that know one knows of. Its gone unquestioned till now.

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Searching and Hope

Searching and Hope

Celestia woke up, early in the morning, to the sound of clopping. She walked over to her tarnished white dresser and brushed out her freely flowing hair. Celestia gathered her usual royal attire and placed her necklace around her neck. After that she placed her finely polished tiara on her head and looked into her standing mirror. Satisfied with her look, she walked out to her balcony to look upon Canterlot.

She loved this lively town. It was always busy and it walked with the sound of busy ponies. After taking in her sight of the land around her, she walked into her room to find a letter lying there. Was this always there? She thought. Or did I just not notice it.

After wondering of this, she eventually picked up the letter.

“Oh, its from Twilight,” she said cheerfully. “Now what does my faithful student have to say about friendship this time?”

“Dear Princess Celestia,” she read aloud. A frown crossed upon her face as she read each line. It wasn't from disappointment. It was simply because she knew the answers to Twilight's questions. But they weren't the happiest answers.

“Ok well, I guess I'll have to have her here to tell her about Scootaloo,” she sighed.

The princess grabbed a quill and paper and began writing her letter. When it was finished, she sent it to Twilight.

“Oh, Twilight,” Princess Celestia said. “I know your curiosity gets the best of you, but you are in for a story.”

Twilight woke from her deep sleep, to the smell of daisy waffles? Huh? I wonder what Spike is cooking.

“Good morning, Spike,” Twilight smelled the delicious aroma of food, causing her mouth to water. “What are you cooking?”

“Oh, Twilight, I'm making some daisy” -suddenly a letter flew out of his mouth- “waffles.”

Twilight picked up the scroll and immediately read it.

“Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle,” Twilight began. “I understand that you have worries of Scootaloo. I do have information of her past. Unfortunately, those documents can not leave the palace walls. Scootaloo does have a very tragic past. Therefore I would like you to meet me in Canterlot.”

“Canter-” Spike was interrupted.

“No time to waste, Spike,” Twilight said, “lets go.”

Spike sadly looked at his waffles. “Why can't I ever get to eating these delicoius waffles?” he mumbled to himself.

They left the library towards Canterlot. When they arrived, Twilight galloped to Princess Celestia's palace. She ran through the great hall and right into the library.

“Twilight,” the Princess said, “i'm glad you made it.”

“Princess Clestia,” Twilight said as she bowed down.

“Please don't bow down to me,” Princess Celestia said. “You are a princess too.”

Twilight got up on her hooves and asked, “What did you find?”

“This,” -Celestia pointed to a page in a book she just picked up- “is Scootaloo's family page.”

“Now Twilight, this is a very tragic story. She lost both of her parents to a horrible accident,” Celestia said.

“I don't know much of the details, that is for Scootaloo to tell you. But it was supposedly her birthday when her father died,” Celestia said.

“Just her father? Then how did she lose both her parents to an accident if her father just died?” Twilight asked.

“You may think that but sadness can over come any pony,” Celestia said. “Her mother was so devastated from losing her husband. She barely got out of bed nor did she speak. She lasted for a month until eventually she had enough and just got up and disappeared. She was never found again.”

Twilight said, “But that would mean shes an orphan.”

“Yes, Twilight,” Celestia sighed. “Sadly, thats the truth.”

Twilight just stood there frozen. She had never expected that answer.

“Twilight she most likely lives in an orphanage in Ponyville,” Celestia said.

Suddenly, something clicked in Twilight's head.

“There is no orphanage in Ponyville,” Twilight said. “Celestia the closest orphanage is in Trottingham.”

“But Trottinghams a whole days walk away from Ponyville,” Celestia said. “How would she get to Ponyville and back without being tired or hurt.”

“Celestia, thats because Scootaloo probably doesn't live in an orphanage,” Twilight sighed. “I believe by how skinny she is, that she may be homeless.”

Celestia didn't know what to make of this.

“You and your friends need to help her, Twilight.” Celestia said. When she turned around to face Twilight she found that she was already galloping towards a royal carrier.

When Twilight arrived, she immediately ran towards Rainbow's cloud manor. Since she couldn't fly yet, she decided to use a teleportation spell to get there.

“Rainbow Dash!” she called as she banged on the door.

“Woah, Twilight what is it?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Rainbow, Scootaloo is homeless,” she said.

“What? How do you know?” she asked.

“I saw how worried you were about her so I messaged the Princess,” Twilight said. “The sad truth is her parents are dead.”

Rainbow flung herself in the air, wings flared.

“Well what are we waiting for?” Rainbow asked. “Lets help Scootaloo.”

“Ok lets split up,” Twilight said. “I'll go get Rarity and Pinkie Pie. You go get Apple Jack and Fluttershy. Then lets all meet at the library and organize search parties.”

Rainbow nodded and took off as Twilight cast a spell to get to the bottom of the cloud. A storm was supposed to happen today. Rainbow couldn't even imagine what could happen if the poor filly was left in the rain. As she flew towards Sweet Apple Acres, she almost crashed into a tree. Focus, Rainbow. Your going out of control. She thought.

When she arrived she knocked on the door. She looked up to see storm clouds emerging. Luckily the farm pony answered just in time.

Rainbow Das-”

“No time!” Rainbow exclaimed. “Go to the library and meet the rest of the elements there.”

Apple Jack was baffled but still nodded her head and galloped towards the library as Rainbow Dash flew at top speeds towards Fluttershy's cottage.

A frail orange body sat in front of a grave. She looked at the cutie mark of a sword and a dragon carved on the stone. Her dad was an extremely talented dragon fighter. She remembered the day he took the job to join the Elite Dragon Protectors Squadron.

four years earlier

“You what?” Pheonix asked astonished.

“I joined the EDPS, Elite Dragon Protectors Squadron,” Swift Rumble said with pride in his voice.

“And your proud of this?” Phoenix asked.

“Why yes, darling,” he said. “We will finally get enough money to pay for Scootaloo.”

“But what if we lose you?” Phoenix asked. “One pegasus alone will not be able to maintain a steady pace of money.”

Suddenly, he had sympathy in his eyes.

“Phoenix, my special talent is protecting people from dragons. Why would I get that cutie mark if I wasn't that good?” he asked. “Don't worry I won't leave you or Scootaloo. I will always be there for you. I promise.”

“You promised you would never leave us,” Scootaloo said. “But you did. . .”

A small plop sound was heard.

“Don't cry, Scootaloo,” Scootaloo said to herself. “Your a strong pegasus.”

Another plop was heard followed by another. This sound progressed more and more. It was raining. Yet the shivering pegasus didn't move, she just sat there in the rain crying silently to herself.

When Rainbow Dash arrived at the library she immediately counted up the ponies in the room.

“Apple Jack is here. Rarity, Fluttershy, and Twilight.” Rainbow counted to herself.

Only one pony missing. She thought.

“I believe we should begin and when Pinkie Pie gets here, we will fill her in,” Twilight said.

All of the ponies nodded their heads in agreement.

“Ok so where should we look first?” Apple Jack asked.

“Well I believe Rainbow Dash knows Scootaloo the most out of all of us,” Twilight suggested.

All of the ponies looked at Rainbow for an answer. Rainbow intently thought of all the places Scootaloo would be. A good skating place? No, its raining. Nobody skates in the rain. She thought.

Suddenly a pink haired pony came galloping in.

“Did I hear some pony needed some cheering up!” Pinkie yelled happily. Suddenly, she stopped mid performance. She noticed that she wasn't greeted to an orange pegasus like she thought she would.

“Where's Scootaloo?” Pinkie asked.

“Thats what we want to know,” Twilight said. “Any ideas?”

“I saw her at Sugar Cube corner. I'm always seeing her behind the shop too,” Pinkie said.

All the ponies faces lit up in hopes they would find her. They ran towards the library door. Pinkie leading the way to the alleyway behind the shop. I hope Scootaloo was just lingering around there. Rainbow thought.

When they arrived, Rainbow's hopes fell when she saw the makeshift home. She walked around for a clue that this was not the home of the orange pegasus she loved so dearly. When she saw the Cutie Mark Crusaders cape, she was devastated.

“I think you all need to see this,” Rainbow said grimly.

The rest of the elements walked towards the cape. Rainbow watched as all of their faces fell. I guess I wasn't the only one hoping this home wasn't Scootaloo's.

“Well where else would she be?” Twilight wondered.

“Not the CMC clubhouse,” Apple Jack said. “They all headed home for the day.”

Rainbow had a thought burst in her head and said, “But there is one other place.”

At those words Rainbow shot into the air and flew at top speed to the Ponyville graveyard.

She was happy to see a orange filly sitting in front of a grave. She landed a little ways from her and began slowly walking towards her hoping not to scare the filly.

Scootaloo heard the clopping of another pony but didn't care. She continued crying. The pony hugged her. As Scootaloo looked at the hooves she found that they belonged to a cyan pegasus. She looked up at the pegasus to find a smiling, rainbow maned pegasus. Her wing was outstretched protecting them both from the pounding rain.

Scootaloo smiled back, her eyes filled with new tears but not from sadness from happiness. Rainbow just sat there with her. There were many flowers lined up to the grave. On the grave was a picture of a cutie mark. An orange feather lay in the middle of these little gifts. After both pegasai were soaked Rainbow placed the tired filly on her back and flew off.

It was a long couple of thirty minutes for the elements. They were waiting silently for their friend to come back with the filly. Now you can probably guess how happy they were when they saw two soaked pegasai bust through the door. Well, happy enough to hug them both.

Scootaloo felt like the most happiest filly ever. Even though she knew she would eventually go back to living the same, she was happy to spare such a time.

After the two pegasus dried off they flew off towards the cloud manor. Through all of this Scootaloo didn't speak much. Half of it was because her smile was so big she could barely even open her mouth. Plus she was extremely tired. Therefore she didn't notice that they were flying to Rainbows cloud manor.

When Rainbow arrived, she set the filly in a room just designed for Scootaloo. Some how Rainbow hoped a day like this would happen. She had decorated the room with whatever the filly would need.

She set the orange filly into the could bed and covered her with the sky-colored blanket. Rainbow walked towards the door and smiled at the sleeping filly. Don't worry Scootaloo. You will be so happy for tomorrow. You will never be left alone.

Rainbow flicked the lights off and walked to her room with a broad smile on her face.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the long wait. I had a major writers block. Anyway I believe the next chapter will be the last.