Scootaloo's Distant Secret

by Brownies13

First published

Scootaloo has a secret that know one knows of. Its gone unquestioned till now.

Scootaloo has always been jealous of her friends. They have sisters and families. She only has a sister and even then Rainbow Dash hasn't exactly been the definition of a big sister. Scootaloo has too small of wings so she can't fly. She's a bit smaller than most fillies and she doesn't do well in class. Some times she even seems messy like she hadn't taken a shower in a couple of days. All Scootaloo has ever wished is to be normal and have a normal life like her friends.

The Beginning

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The Beginning

The Cutie Mark Crusader or CMC were all happy. After all they have everything they want. All of them have families. Up till recently, all of them have sisters. They are all best friends.Of course they'll be happy, right? But there is something wrong. Something is missing.

Scootaloo dazed off thinking of the great expanse of sky and how the air current in the acres of sky just made her want to fly even more. It had been a week with no sign of flight lessons from Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo didn't think much of it. After all the pegasus was very busy. As Scootaloo pondered of reasons why the cyan pegasus had not asked, Apple Bloom began calling her name.

“Scootaloo... uh Scootaloo? You there?”

“Earth to Scootaloo!” Sweetie Belle called.

“SCOOTALOO!” Apple Bloom and Sweetie yelled in unison.

“Huh? Oh sorry I must of dazed off...” She replied.

“Scootaloo what is wrong? This is the 5th time all week that ya've dazed off,” Apple Bloom questioned.

“I'm sorry girls I'm just kind of... distant,” Scootaloo answered.

“Distant enough to ignore even yer' friends in a CMC meeting?” Apple Bloom accused.

“Apple Bloom thats not it at all. I'm not ignoring you. I just..”

Apple Bloom interrupted, “Then what is it?”

Scootaloo suddenly felt very uncomfortable. She looked to Sweetie Belle with a pleading gaze wishing she would back her up. She just simply stared back wanting the answer too.

“I just...nevermind. Any ways its not your business,” Scootaloo responded. Suddenly surprised by Scootaloo's answer Apple Bloom tried to speak but was interrupted.

“So uh what cutiemark are we trying for?” Scootaloo asked changing the subject. Apple Bloom didn't like how Scootaloo was keeping secrets.

“An honesty cutie mark,” Apple Bloom said with a hint of anger.

“Hey it's my life I don't need to tell you everything I do,” Scootaloo said frustrated.

“I understand that but it doesn't mean you need to keep secrets from us. We're yer' friends for ponies sake,” Apple Bloom answered.

“This is personal though,” Scootaloo replied. She was starting to get aggitated. Its my life why does Apple Bloom need to know!


“OH REALLY? LIKE WHAT!” Scootaloo yelled angrily.


“Scootaloo I.. I'm sorry... I didn't...”

Scootaloo was trying to hold back the tears. She ran out of the club house wanting to be alone. Sweetie Belle was just standing there astonished of the fight. She didn't know who to go to Apple Bloom or Scootaloo. She just stared at Apple Bloom for an unpleasantly long couple of minutes.

Guilt, confusion, and lonelyness

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Guilt,confusion, and lonelyness

Apple Bloom stood there watching as Scootaloo disappeared.Was she crying? Apple Bloom thought.
Why did I say that? I'm so horrible! No, Scootaloo didn't share with us what was bothering her. She shouldn't be crying. Scootaloo HAS parents. Me? I don't have any! She just a dramatic, stupid, feather brained...

"Why did you say that?" Sweetie Belle asked destroying Apple Blooms train of thought.

"Huh?" Apple Bloom responded.

Sweetie Belle sighed," Why did you say such a horrible thing to Scootaloo?"

"Are we seriously having this conversation? I thought it ended when Scootaloo left,"Apple Bloom answered.

"Just because she isn't here doesn't mean the problem has disappeared," Sweetie Belle replied.

"I said I was sorry you know and I don't get why she got so upset about the parent thing an -"

Sweetie Belle interrupted Apple Bloom, "You never said you were sorry.But I do agree with you she did act a bit mysteriously when you mentioned the parent thing but it still doesn't mean you didn't say something mean."

"Hey Scootaloo should've told us the secret. Have I EVER not told a secret to you or Scootaloo? No! She shouldn't have been so secretive!" Apple Bloom replied.

"True I wanted to know her secret too. I care about her so I want to know what was bothering her but if its personal its personal. Remember when we first met you? It took you months till you told us about your parents unfortunate accident.But did we ever ask you about how your parents were never around? No. We let you tell us when you were ready. You did the exact opposite with Scootaloo today. you trying to force the truth out of her," Sweetie Belle responded.

Apple Bloom was silent for several minutes justing looking down at her hooves. When Sweetie Belle was about to speak.

Apple Bloom spoke,"Do you think Scootaloo will ever forgive me?"

"Maybe Apple Bloom, just give her some time," Sweetie Belle responded while leaving the club house.

Scootaloo hadn't made it through Sweet Apple Acres before the lump became to much to bare. She began running to a nearby hill not wanting to risk being seen crying. She cried most of the hour. Why did this day go so badly! It was going fine till Apple Bloom had to question her like that. Sweetie Belle was even following through with Apple Bloom. No I can't blame Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle. Its all my fault! I was so stupid I shouldn't have given away so much about me. Whats my life is personal! She continued crying. It was near night when she bagan heading to the place she called "home".

Apple Bloom was looking everywhere for the orange pegasus filly. Why would it be so hard to find her? There! A orange filly slowly rolled her scooter along and slid her legs drearily. She was heading to what appeared to be an alley way? Apple Bloom hoped she would just pass through.

Scootaloo was tired,sad, and lonely. She was hiccuping the whole way to her makeshift home. It was two large cardboard boxes propped up against a wall of an alley way behind sugar cube corner.In side was the pillow the CMC made trying to become Cutie Mark Crusaders Pillow Makers. In the end all the fillies failed horribly. One of the reasons is because the pillows were very crunchy and poky considering they used leaves and chicken feathers each being very uncomfortable. One other item was a quilt given to Scootaloo woven by her mother. Under neath the blanket was a picture of Scootaloo, her mom Pheonix Fire, a firery maned pegasus with light orange fur like Scootaloo's, and her father, Swift Rumble,a grey and dark blue colored pegasus with a sword and a dragon as a cutie mark. Her mother had a cutie mark with a wing on fire.
Scootaloo loved her mothers cutie mark and wish it was just as cool. She had many different photos cut up and just remaining of her mothers cutie mark. They were all hanging or taped on the cardboard walls of her house.

Scootaloo set her scooter and helmet on the other side of the cardboard house and walked over the nearby dumpster. On lucky days a whole cupcake would be thrown out. Luckier days Pinkie would give her a free cupcake. Today was not one of those lucky days. She figured it would be like that. She began walking to the next alley down. In the dark you could barely even see her as she crawled to the dumpster behind the Ponyville market. Although she was just a filly she knew she couldn't just eat cupcakes so she usually got food from here. She began rummaging and found two huge carrots and an apple. This will have to do for tonight. She thought sadly. She began walking to her cardboard home and cried herself to sleep.

Showers and Flight Lessons

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showers and flight lessons

Scootaloo began silently eating her apple and falling asleep. She wanted to wake up early to count her extra bits and see if she could afford to use the public pony shower or maybe just find a nearby pond to clean off in. As she drifted into sleep she began to dream of flying a Rainbow Dash, her idol, flying by her side and telling her "Great job kid" or "some day you'll be like me". It soon shifted to an unpleasantly familiar place. In front of her were two grave stones they had very familiar cutie marks. They were her parents graves. Suddenly, Rainbow landed next to her and hugged Scootaloo. She cried into her shoulder. Soon after she was adopted by Rainbow Dash. As Rainbow was finishing off the last bit of signatures she was awoken by a strange sound,Is that clopping? She thought. Suddenly realizing she slept in she awoke groggily and began trying to evaluate a way to get to the streets without any suspicions. When she saw a small whole leading to the street she crept through there and began to treck to the pond for she had no bits.

When she arrived at the pond, she immediately dived and brought a medium sized, obviously used soap bar and began scrubbing. She loved the smell and the lovely cleanness she was experiencing. She rarely took baths to save the bar of soap. She didn't have very much money and that was more for if she needed to pay for anything needed for school. As she left the pond, she noticed a rainbow streak over head out of the corner of her eye. She looked up to find nothing. She continued walking but was surprised to feel a hoof on her shoulder.

"Hey squirt what you doing all the way out at the pond?" Rainbow asked.

"I was just uh... taking a um...morning swim," Scootaloo replied hoping that it would convince the Rainbow pony.

"And the bar of soap was for?" Rainbow asked noticing the small soap in Scootaloo's hooves.

"I..Um..well..."Scootaloo sighed,"Our shower broke so I decided to use the pond and well public showers cost money and I don't want to ask my parents for money,"Scootaloo lied.

"Well kid I've tried cleaning in this pond before and it doesn't exactly work. So if you'd like you can use my shower," Rainbow Dash requested.

"Really!" Scootaloo asked happily.

"Sure kid just hop on my back and i'll fly you to my cloud home," Rainbow answered. Scootaloo jumped on Rainbows back with a squeal and she took off. They soon arrived at Rainbow's house. Scootaloo took her showing and came out clean and refreshed to smell what appeared to be pancakes. Scootaloo raced down excitedly. She grabbed a plate and shoved a full pancake down her throat.

"I'm guessing you worked up an appetite?" Rainbow chuckled while taking a bite of her own pancake.

Scootaloo blushed and slapped herself mentally for not asking if she could even eat any.

"Sorry Rainbow."

"Huh? For what kid? I made five pancakes in hope you'd eat some," Rainbow Dash replied.

"Heh thanks Rainbow."

"So since its a Saturday, meaning no work or school, and I was too busy during the week how about we catch up on your flight lessons?"Rainbow asked. Scootaloo was sure she could have been flying right then. She jumped up and down excitedly nodding.Today is going to be great! She thought.

So the pair took off and flew towards the bright blue sky for their flight lessons.

The First Sight

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The First Sight

Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo landed on the ground below Rainbow Dash's cloud manor. After the long flight lessons Scootaloo's wings couldn't buzz any more and she was less so vibrant and excited as she was before. Although she had a huge smile stretching across her face she was breathing heavily and her wings drooped. Scootaloo still couldn't fly but had advanced a lot. When she flapped her wings instead of the buzzing sound there was a great wind force helping her at least hover higher than usual.

Rainbow, satisfied with this improvement, requested, "I think you worked up an apetite with those flying lessons, right? I know I am so how about we grab some dandelion sandwiches?"

"Sure! I'm starving!" Scootaloo winced at the word considering that she wasn't over exaggerating.The orange filly was indeed very hungry.

At the Ponyville Cafe they ordered their sandwiches and ate. They didn't talk much until Rainbow noticed that the orange filly was very skinny and was not surprised to see the filly ready for seconds.

"Uh Scootaloo when was the last time you ate?" Rainbow asked.

"Um well I eat dinner with,"Scootaloo didn't like saying that word, it just reminded her how lonely she really was.Rainbow remembered how Scootaloo had eaten her pancakes so fast too. Plus she had to have had at least 4 pancakes in all. At the time she just thought that Scootaloo had a big appetite but now she knew there was something the filly was hiding. Suddenly concerned of the fillies condition, she asked about her parents.

"So Scootaloo do you have food when you get home or do you have to wait for your parents to cook dinner?" Rainbow was perplexed of why the filly would be starving like she was.

"Um my mom doesn't get much pay and my dad he doesn't get payed much either. So snacks are usually rare," Scootaloo hated lying. Especially to her friends and sister. Yet she knew it was believable and that there was a chance it would go by unquestioned.

"Ok. You don't mind if I walk you home do you?" Rainbow asked. Scootaloo felt a jolt of fear. She hoped it wouldn't be noticed but she knew Rainbow had seen the expression.

"Rainbow I'm fine I don't need you to walk me home. I know your busy and all so why waste your time,"Scootaloo hoped she would buy it.

"You think my own time is more important than may sister's health? Scootaloo there are plenty of chances for me to practice there aren't a billion of you,"Rainbow stated.Why does Rainbow have to be so stubborn! Scootaloo thought.

"Do you think my parents don't care about me? Rainbow I have a house, two amazing parents, clean clothes, water, and food on the table when I need it. You shouldn't worry about me," Scootaloo tried to convince.

"Well obviously not if you're starved to the bones! Scootaloo you need help and I'm here to help you, why won't you let me?"Rainbow asked sympathetically. Scootaloo's eyes seemed to be glazed. They were becoming very watery and she turned away from dash and whispered,"I'm fine,"

These last words hurt Rainbow more than anything. Never had she felt so empty, so weak like she couldn't do anything. "But I just want to -"

"Help!? You can't so just stop trying!"Scootaloo shouted in tears. She ran away from Rainbow. Why did I do that? I need help more than anything and Rainbow is the pony to help me! So why am I scared of her finding out?Scootaloo thought. Rainbow just watched in pain as the destressed filly ran away.


Scootaloo ran blindly. She couldn't see past her tear streaked eyes. She didn't care anyway. What was she supposed to return home to? Her parents weren't there to tell her to go to bed. The bed she had wasn't even comfortable. She just ran away. Suddenly she hit something furry yet hard enough to knock her breath out. Through hiccups she rudely stated, "Watch...where...your...going!"

Scootaloo looked up to find Rumble. Suddenly the filly blushed at her rude statement and how she hadn't seen him.

"Oh I'm sorry Rumble I didn't know it was you," Scootaloo apologized.

"Scootaloo? Oh don't worry about it,"Rumble looked up to see not a strong, vibrant filly but a saddened, tear streaked, distressed one instead. "Hey? You ok?"

"Huh oh I'm...fine,"Scootaloo said.

"I'm sorry but fine is not the right definition for your expression or appearance,"Rumble stated.

"Ya...I know,"Scootaloo said sighing.

"Something you want to tell me? You know I consider you a friend,"Rumble said. At this statement Scootaloo smiled. I'm his friend?

"Nothing much I'm just having family problems thats really all,"Scootaloo replied.

"Oh well we all have those," Rumble replied.

"Your having family problems?"Scootaloo asked.

" ya. My parents have been fighting so much lately. My brother said he heard them talking about a divorce or something like that. I hope they don't. I'd hate to have to switch from one home to another. Plus my brother signed up for a summer camp so he won't be here all summer. Now I'm stuck with my parent's fighting,"Rumble sighed.

"Well maybe they are talking about someone else's divorce," Scootaloo tried.

"I doubt it, but thanks Scootaloo for looking on the bright side for me. That's supposed to be my job,"Rumble siad.

"Well will be waiting for me. So bye Rumble,"Scootaloo said while trotting off. Stangely the grey pegasus had helped cheer up Scootaloo. She was glad to have a friend like him. Suddenly, Scootaloo remembered that they had a Cutie Mark Crusaders meeting and began running towards Sweet Apple Acres.

Crusading and Investigating

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Crusading and Investigating

Apple Bloom twiddled her hooves as she waited for the rest of the CMC to arrive. Should I tell Sweetie Belle? She thought. Apple Bloom continued to pace around the room.

“So how was your weekend?” a familiar voice asked.

“Great! Rainbow Dash taught me some lessons on flying. I'm able to get some wind now. She said soon enough I'd be flying with her!” another pony exclaimed excitedly.

The two pair known as Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo entered the clubhouse. Apple Bloom waved to both of them.

“How was your weekend, Apple Bloom?” asked Sweetie Belle.

The yellow earth pony was hoping to hear two voices but found only Sweetie Belle was looking at her. She looked over to find Scootaloo staring off into the distance.

“Fine. Ah' bucked apples with Apple Jack,” - Apple Bloom looked at Scootaloo - , “and Big Macintosh.”

Scootaloo still avoided Apple Bloom's gaze and instead turned to Sweetie, “So what are we crusading for?”

“How about hot air balloon flyers?” Sweetie Belle suggested.

“Ain't got a hot air balloon, Sweetie Belle,” Apple Bloom said. “Those cost money.”

“How about Cutie Mark Crusader Skaters!” Scootaloo exclaimed excitedly.

“Do you have more than one scooter?” asked Sweetie Belle. Scootaloo simply shook her head.

“How 'bout Cutie Mark Crusaders Bunny Carers?” Apple Bloom asked. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo nodded. After all, that was the only probable idea at the moment. They set off towards Fluttershy's cottage in hopes of a successful day.

When they arrived at Fluttershy's home they knocked on the door hoping for an answer.

“Yes?” came the shaky voice of Fluttershy.

“Heya' Fluttershy, we were wondering if we could maybe try for a cutie mark at your place,” Apple Bloom said. “You have so many animals after all.”

“Oh sure girls,” Fluttershy responded. “But um, if you don't mind, what cutie mark do you want to try for?”

“A bunny carer cutie mark!” all CMC members exclaimed in unison.

“Ok,” Fluttershy said. “Just remember to be gentle. . .”

All the CMC were already half way through the door and after the bunnies.

“Girls uh. . .wait don't. . .oh but you need to be. . .” Fluttershy tried to say as the fillies ran around. “Girls!”

All of the CMC stopped in their tracks and sat down lined up in front of Fluttershy.

“Now that I got your attention,” -Fluttershy fluttered over- “you must be very gentle with bunnies. They aren't like you. They need lots of cuddling.”

“And you must always make sure they're comfortable. If they are hungry they may not listen. Oh, and please try to keep them clean. They just took a bath.”

After Fluttershy's lecture about bunnies the crusaders all nodded their heads and went after the bunny they wanted most.

Sweetie Belle absolutely loved bunnies. She cuddled, groomed, and fed her bunny. She loved the feel of their fur and how they looked so innocent and adorable.

Apple Bloom took a grey and white speckled bunny and sat down with it. She caressed its fur. As she gently groomed the little bunny, she fed him carrots and giggled.

Scootaloo on the other hoof was having trouble. She picked up a plain brown bunny with white ears and paws. Immediately she held the bunny up high and saw its underneath. The teeth were the worst. If you ever look under a bunny, don't be surprised to lose a lot of affection for their cuteness. When Scootaloo looked underneath this bunny, all she saw was a vicious, pony-eating bunny who didn't care about any pony.

Scootaloo immediately dropped the bunny and backed away. Surprised, the three other ponies in the cottage looked at Scootaloo oddly.

“Its vicious! Those teeth! Those bunnies will attack any pony alive!” Scootaloo exclaimed.

“Oh please,” Sweetie Belle said while rolling her eyes. “Scootaloo these little guys couldn't harm a thing.”

“Thats what you think!” Scootaloo exclaimed, “They're just waiting to take over us all!”

“Ugh. Scootaloo, they're harmless,” Apple Bloom stated.

“I'm telling you, Apple Bloom. Those things are vicious!” Scootaloo said.

A smile crept on her face as Scootaloo said her name. Maybe Scootaloo is starting to forgive me.

Sweetie Belle however wasn't smiling happily like Apple Bloom. A sly grin had crept onto her face.

“Well what about this!”Sweetie Belle threw a bunny at Scootaloo. Scootaloo jumped out of the way screaming. As for Fluttershy, she flew around trying to catch bunnies as a bunny war played out in her cottage.

“Stop it, Sweetie Bel-”

At that moment a bunny hit her face.

“ Oh your going to get it, Sweetie Belle,” Scootaloo said as she tossed Apple Bloom's speckled bunny at Sweetie Belle.

“Hey, don't throw my bunny!” Apple Bloom exclaimed as she threw a bunny at Scootaloo.

“All of you stop it!” Fluttershy exclaimed.

The room fell silent. Ponies were frozen in place with bunnies ready to toss.

“All of you, place the bunnies down,” Fluttershy said, “ and come over here.”

Fluttershy was panting from flying around so much. The fillies sat down and paid attention to Fluttershy.

“We're. . .we're sorry Fluttershy we just got. . . excited,” Sweetie Belle said.

“I know you did,” Fluttershy agreed. “But you got way too excited. I think that was enough bunny caring for today though.”

The fillies looked at their flanks really quickly hoping they'd see a cutie mark. Instead, it was just bare. The fillies drooped their heads and left.

The CMC headed to Sugarcube Corner for some sweets. They all sat and had strawberry,chocolate,and vanilla milkshakes. They also ordered some cupcakes. Scootaloo got an extra for free.

As they left Sugarcube Corner, they found to strikingly familiar faces they weren't happy to see. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon began walking towards the CMC.

“Oh look, Silvy. It's the three blank flanks!” Diamond Tiara exclaimed.

“I'm surprised they aren't embarrassed of their group,” Silver Spoon began.

“What does that mean?” Sweetie Belle asked on edge.

“Oh I thought you knew,” Diamond began. “Considering you all have blank flanks. But whats more you carry around a chicken!”

“Oh really?” - Scootaloo began while hovering- “Then what is this?”

She began hovering higher and higher into the sky beating her wings strongly. She knew she couldn't move forward so she just tried proving them wrong by hovering into the sky. She got to a cloud and landed gracefully on it. Then she glided down to the ground, satisfied with herself.

The two bullies just stood there astonished.

“Well your. . . still blank flanks!” Diamond tried as a last ditch effort.

After that the two fillies ran off embarrassed of there wrong.

“Wow, Scootaloo that was awesome!” Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom exclaimed.

“Really? Thanks!” Scootaloo beamed at her friends.

They walked to the CMC clubhouse.

"What do we want to try earning tomorrow?" Scootaloo asked.

"I don't know we could try being dancers!" Sweetie Belle offered.

"I think i've had enough dancing for my life," Apple Bloom said.

"Ok well what else?" Sweetie Belle asked.

The CMC thought for a bit. Although, it seemed they weren't getting any ideas.

"Well I'm not getting any bright ideas so I think I'm going to head home," Scootaloo said. "I'm sure we'll know something tomorrow."

"Ok bye, Scootaloo," the two cutie mark crusaders said.

Scootaloo headed home. Her eyes were still bright and a huge smile was on her face, but her wings drooped.

When Scootaloo left, Apple Bloom asked, “Did she say anything about me? You know, before our CMC meeting this morning.”

“Who?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Scootaloo,” Apple Bloom said.

“Oh. Not much,” Sweetie Belle began, “but she did seem a bit avoid-ant to talk about you.”

“Oh ok,” Apple Bloom said.

Scootaloo sat on her bed while eating the cupcake and extra carrots she had gotten from today. She felt bad for asking, but Fluttershy kindly gave her some carrots to keep. As Scootaloo finished up, she smiled at the thought of today's events. She laid down looking at her mother's cutie mark. Maybe I will have a cutie mark that cool.She thought. After all I got very high today when I hovered. As she thought about these events she slowly drifted into a deep sleep.

Rainbow Dash entered the library and immediately began looking for a book of family records. She looked around at all the names in the S section. She hoped to find information on Scootaloo's past and why she had acted the way she did today. As she got to the Sco section, she was disappointed to find that the page had been ripped out and Scootaloo was not on the next page.

“Darn it!” Rainbow exclaimed.

Twilight surprised by the outburst, entered to see Rainbow actually reading a book other than “Daring Do”.

“Well Dash, this is a surprise, isn't it?” Twilight stated.

Startled by the unexpected voice, Rainbow closed the book subtly.

She put away the book and said, “I was researching about something when I found a ripped out page where the fact was supposed to be.”

“Oh I'm sorry Rainbow Dash,” Twilight apologized. “Unfortunately, I don't know everything in every book so I won't be able to tell you.”

“Thats alright, Twilight.” - Rainbow began walking towards the door - “Well i'll be on my way.”

And with that last notation, she left the library. Twilight watched as Rainbow left. Why did Rainbow have such an urge to know of this fact? Plus, Rainbow did seem to not tell her much about it either. Twilight walked over to the shelf where the book had been set down. She found a book about family records. The first page she flipped to was torn out. It was supposed to be the Sco section. Now what pony I know has a name starting with Sco. Sco? Sco? Scoot? Scootaloo!
Rainbow was searching up about Scootaloo? She obviously wanted to know about her family. But why? Twilight thought.

"Spike!" Twilight called. "Its time for some late night research!"

"Ugh!" a dragon like voice responded. "A baby dragon needs his sleep you know."

"Oh Spike, but this is important," Twilight said. "Rainbow is trying to learn about Scootaloo's past and I want to know why. Plus, I never see her with her parents so I do have my own wonders of the filly's past."

"All right. If it's for Scootaloo then I'll help," Spike said.

"Great!" Twilight exclaimed. "I'll need to grab all of the books about family records."

Spike scrambled around as he gathered book after book and stacked them on his arms. He walked to Twilight and set the stacks down for her to start. She already was skimming through a book. She kept frowning and setting book after book aside.

"Ugh!" Twilight exclaimed. "Nothing, nothing at all! There all ripped out! I swear some people are extremely irresponsible. . ."

"Or extremely smart," Twilight began. "Spike get me the check out log."

Spike ran over to grab the huge log of books checked out. Twilight immediately began skimming for Scootaloo's name.

"Uh, Twilight?" Spike asked. "Why do you need the checkout list?"

"Spike, don't you think its strange that every book that would tell of Scootaloo's past has one missing page?" Twilight asked.

"I don-"

"I'm still talking, Spike," Twilight interrupted. "Ehem, and it just so happens to be the only page with information about Scootaloo on it."

"Ah hah! I knew it!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Knew what?" Spike asked.

"Scootaloo checked out all the books about family records," Twilight began, "and ripped out the pages. It only makes since. She's hiding her past."

"And this is good because?" Spike asked.

"Because, Spike," Twilight explained, "not everyones perfect and Scootaloo forgot one book."

Twilight skimmed another book and went to the page with Sco as the guide words.

"Scootaloo Evain Fire. Parents are Phoenix Lightning Fire and Swift Rumble Fire," Twilight said.

"Anything else?" Spike asked.

"No. Those would only be in the pony records," Twilight explained. "I would have to contact Celestia. Also only princesses can access the files. Which I so happen to be!"

"Sweet! So would you like me to take note?" Spike asked.

"That was exactly what I was going to say," Twilight said. "Take note, Spike."

"Dear Princess Celestia. A certain filly has been on my mind and I fear she may need help. Rainbow Dash is very worried although he will not tell me. I can tell, though. She's worried about Scootaloo. Suspicious hints have been shown in many of the family records that Scootaloo has been trying to hide something from everyone."

"Most of the family records with Scootaloo in them had a single page ripped out. Guess who lucky filly's it was? Scootaloo's. Princess the reason why i'm writing to you is because I would like to learn more about Scootaloo and her past. I know that her last name is Fire. Also her parents are Phoenix Lightning Fire and Swift Rumble Fire."

"Sincerley, Princess Twilight Sparkle," Twilight finished.

Spike, with a deep breath, blew fire and sent the letter to Princess Celestia.

"So, Twilight what do we do?" Spike asked.

"We get some sleep," Twilight said. "I'm tired and i'm sure you are too."

"And the books?" Spike asked.

"Leave them we'll get them in the morning," Twilight said.

Spike headed up to bed, follow by Twilight. They arrived at their cozy beds and lied down in them immediately.

"Good night, Twilight," Spike said.

"Good night," Twilight responded while drifting to sleep.

Searching and Hope

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Searching and Hope

Celestia woke up, early in the morning, to the sound of clopping. She walked over to her tarnished white dresser and brushed out her freely flowing hair. Celestia gathered her usual royal attire and placed her necklace around her neck. After that she placed her finely polished tiara on her head and looked into her standing mirror. Satisfied with her look, she walked out to her balcony to look upon Canterlot.

She loved this lively town. It was always busy and it walked with the sound of busy ponies. After taking in her sight of the land around her, she walked into her room to find a letter lying there. Was this always there? She thought. Or did I just not notice it.

After wondering of this, she eventually picked up the letter.

“Oh, its from Twilight,” she said cheerfully. “Now what does my faithful student have to say about friendship this time?”

“Dear Princess Celestia,” she read aloud. A frown crossed upon her face as she read each line. It wasn't from disappointment. It was simply because she knew the answers to Twilight's questions. But they weren't the happiest answers.

“Ok well, I guess I'll have to have her here to tell her about Scootaloo,” she sighed.

The princess grabbed a quill and paper and began writing her letter. When it was finished, she sent it to Twilight.

“Oh, Twilight,” Princess Celestia said. “I know your curiosity gets the best of you, but you are in for a story.”

Twilight woke from her deep sleep, to the smell of daisy waffles? Huh? I wonder what Spike is cooking.

“Good morning, Spike,” Twilight smelled the delicious aroma of food, causing her mouth to water. “What are you cooking?”

“Oh, Twilight, I'm making some daisy” -suddenly a letter flew out of his mouth- “waffles.”

Twilight picked up the scroll and immediately read it.

“Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle,” Twilight began. “I understand that you have worries of Scootaloo. I do have information of her past. Unfortunately, those documents can not leave the palace walls. Scootaloo does have a very tragic past. Therefore I would like you to meet me in Canterlot.”

“Canter-” Spike was interrupted.

“No time to waste, Spike,” Twilight said, “lets go.”

Spike sadly looked at his waffles. “Why can't I ever get to eating these delicoius waffles?” he mumbled to himself.

They left the library towards Canterlot. When they arrived, Twilight galloped to Princess Celestia's palace. She ran through the great hall and right into the library.

“Twilight,” the Princess said, “i'm glad you made it.”

“Princess Clestia,” Twilight said as she bowed down.

“Please don't bow down to me,” Princess Celestia said. “You are a princess too.”

Twilight got up on her hooves and asked, “What did you find?”

“This,” -Celestia pointed to a page in a book she just picked up- “is Scootaloo's family page.”

“Now Twilight, this is a very tragic story. She lost both of her parents to a horrible accident,” Celestia said.

“I don't know much of the details, that is for Scootaloo to tell you. But it was supposedly her birthday when her father died,” Celestia said.

“Just her father? Then how did she lose both her parents to an accident if her father just died?” Twilight asked.

“You may think that but sadness can over come any pony,” Celestia said. “Her mother was so devastated from losing her husband. She barely got out of bed nor did she speak. She lasted for a month until eventually she had enough and just got up and disappeared. She was never found again.”

Twilight said, “But that would mean shes an orphan.”

“Yes, Twilight,” Celestia sighed. “Sadly, thats the truth.”

Twilight just stood there frozen. She had never expected that answer.

“Twilight she most likely lives in an orphanage in Ponyville,” Celestia said.

Suddenly, something clicked in Twilight's head.

“There is no orphanage in Ponyville,” Twilight said. “Celestia the closest orphanage is in Trottingham.”

“But Trottinghams a whole days walk away from Ponyville,” Celestia said. “How would she get to Ponyville and back without being tired or hurt.”

“Celestia, thats because Scootaloo probably doesn't live in an orphanage,” Twilight sighed. “I believe by how skinny she is, that she may be homeless.”

Celestia didn't know what to make of this.

“You and your friends need to help her, Twilight.” Celestia said. When she turned around to face Twilight she found that she was already galloping towards a royal carrier.

When Twilight arrived, she immediately ran towards Rainbow's cloud manor. Since she couldn't fly yet, she decided to use a teleportation spell to get there.

“Rainbow Dash!” she called as she banged on the door.

“Woah, Twilight what is it?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Rainbow, Scootaloo is homeless,” she said.

“What? How do you know?” she asked.

“I saw how worried you were about her so I messaged the Princess,” Twilight said. “The sad truth is her parents are dead.”

Rainbow flung herself in the air, wings flared.

“Well what are we waiting for?” Rainbow asked. “Lets help Scootaloo.”

“Ok lets split up,” Twilight said. “I'll go get Rarity and Pinkie Pie. You go get Apple Jack and Fluttershy. Then lets all meet at the library and organize search parties.”

Rainbow nodded and took off as Twilight cast a spell to get to the bottom of the cloud. A storm was supposed to happen today. Rainbow couldn't even imagine what could happen if the poor filly was left in the rain. As she flew towards Sweet Apple Acres, she almost crashed into a tree. Focus, Rainbow. Your going out of control. She thought.

When she arrived she knocked on the door. She looked up to see storm clouds emerging. Luckily the farm pony answered just in time.

Rainbow Das-”

“No time!” Rainbow exclaimed. “Go to the library and meet the rest of the elements there.”

Apple Jack was baffled but still nodded her head and galloped towards the library as Rainbow Dash flew at top speeds towards Fluttershy's cottage.

A frail orange body sat in front of a grave. She looked at the cutie mark of a sword and a dragon carved on the stone. Her dad was an extremely talented dragon fighter. She remembered the day he took the job to join the Elite Dragon Protectors Squadron.

four years earlier

“You what?” Pheonix asked astonished.

“I joined the EDPS, Elite Dragon Protectors Squadron,” Swift Rumble said with pride in his voice.

“And your proud of this?” Phoenix asked.

“Why yes, darling,” he said. “We will finally get enough money to pay for Scootaloo.”

“But what if we lose you?” Phoenix asked. “One pegasus alone will not be able to maintain a steady pace of money.”

Suddenly, he had sympathy in his eyes.

“Phoenix, my special talent is protecting people from dragons. Why would I get that cutie mark if I wasn't that good?” he asked. “Don't worry I won't leave you or Scootaloo. I will always be there for you. I promise.”

“You promised you would never leave us,” Scootaloo said. “But you did. . .”

A small plop sound was heard.

“Don't cry, Scootaloo,” Scootaloo said to herself. “Your a strong pegasus.”

Another plop was heard followed by another. This sound progressed more and more. It was raining. Yet the shivering pegasus didn't move, she just sat there in the rain crying silently to herself.

When Rainbow Dash arrived at the library she immediately counted up the ponies in the room.

“Apple Jack is here. Rarity, Fluttershy, and Twilight.” Rainbow counted to herself.

Only one pony missing. She thought.

“I believe we should begin and when Pinkie Pie gets here, we will fill her in,” Twilight said.

All of the ponies nodded their heads in agreement.

“Ok so where should we look first?” Apple Jack asked.

“Well I believe Rainbow Dash knows Scootaloo the most out of all of us,” Twilight suggested.

All of the ponies looked at Rainbow for an answer. Rainbow intently thought of all the places Scootaloo would be. A good skating place? No, its raining. Nobody skates in the rain. She thought.

Suddenly a pink haired pony came galloping in.

“Did I hear some pony needed some cheering up!” Pinkie yelled happily. Suddenly, she stopped mid performance. She noticed that she wasn't greeted to an orange pegasus like she thought she would.

“Where's Scootaloo?” Pinkie asked.

“Thats what we want to know,” Twilight said. “Any ideas?”

“I saw her at Sugar Cube corner. I'm always seeing her behind the shop too,” Pinkie said.

All the ponies faces lit up in hopes they would find her. They ran towards the library door. Pinkie leading the way to the alleyway behind the shop. I hope Scootaloo was just lingering around there. Rainbow thought.

When they arrived, Rainbow's hopes fell when she saw the makeshift home. She walked around for a clue that this was not the home of the orange pegasus she loved so dearly. When she saw the Cutie Mark Crusaders cape, she was devastated.

“I think you all need to see this,” Rainbow said grimly.

The rest of the elements walked towards the cape. Rainbow watched as all of their faces fell. I guess I wasn't the only one hoping this home wasn't Scootaloo's.

“Well where else would she be?” Twilight wondered.

“Not the CMC clubhouse,” Apple Jack said. “They all headed home for the day.”

Rainbow had a thought burst in her head and said, “But there is one other place.”

At those words Rainbow shot into the air and flew at top speed to the Ponyville graveyard.

She was happy to see a orange filly sitting in front of a grave. She landed a little ways from her and began slowly walking towards her hoping not to scare the filly.

Scootaloo heard the clopping of another pony but didn't care. She continued crying. The pony hugged her. As Scootaloo looked at the hooves she found that they belonged to a cyan pegasus. She looked up at the pegasus to find a smiling, rainbow maned pegasus. Her wing was outstretched protecting them both from the pounding rain.

Scootaloo smiled back, her eyes filled with new tears but not from sadness from happiness. Rainbow just sat there with her. There were many flowers lined up to the grave. On the grave was a picture of a cutie mark. An orange feather lay in the middle of these little gifts. After both pegasai were soaked Rainbow placed the tired filly on her back and flew off.

It was a long couple of thirty minutes for the elements. They were waiting silently for their friend to come back with the filly. Now you can probably guess how happy they were when they saw two soaked pegasai bust through the door. Well, happy enough to hug them both.

Scootaloo felt like the most happiest filly ever. Even though she knew she would eventually go back to living the same, she was happy to spare such a time.

After the two pegasus dried off they flew off towards the cloud manor. Through all of this Scootaloo didn't speak much. Half of it was because her smile was so big she could barely even open her mouth. Plus she was extremely tired. Therefore she didn't notice that they were flying to Rainbows cloud manor.

When Rainbow arrived, she set the filly in a room just designed for Scootaloo. Some how Rainbow hoped a day like this would happen. She had decorated the room with whatever the filly would need.

She set the orange filly into the could bed and covered her with the sky-colored blanket. Rainbow walked towards the door and smiled at the sleeping filly. Don't worry Scootaloo. You will be so happy for tomorrow. You will never be left alone.

Rainbow flicked the lights off and walked to her room with a broad smile on her face.

The Joys of a Family

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The Joy of a Family

Scootaloo woke to a soft bed. Huh this is funny. Considering I don't have a bed.As she looked around she found she was in a room designed just for her. Suddenly the memories from last night came back to her. She smiled remembering that Rainbow had taken her home.

The smile disappeared when the idea of going back to living the old way swept through her head. This will only last for the day, I just know it. Maybe even the morning! The idea of being so close to her idol yet knowing she'd be left alone all over again, just made her hurt even more. She was about to get up to leave when Rainbow Dash peaked inside the room.

The rainbow-maned pegasus said, “Hey, Scoot. You look like your awake. Get ready because were heading to Trottingham.”

Trottingham? Why are we going to Trottingham? She thought. She was curious so she obeyed and got out of bed. Inside one of the dressers was a fine brush and she began to brush her disheveled mane. This will not do. She thought. Now where is a shower?

She looked around the room. She was satisfied to find a bathroom in the room. Never did she ever have a shower for just her to use. Even though she knew it probably wasn't hers she still enjoyed the fact of not having to wait for any other pony.

After her refreshing shower, she walked down the bouncy steps and was greeted to the smell of daisy sandwiches and oats. She entered the kitchen and sat in a chair with a ball of hot oats in front of her.

“So how did you sleep?” Rainbow asked.

“Great! The bed was so soft,” Scootaloo said excitedly.

“You'd think you never slept in a cloud bed,” Rainbow Dash giggled.

The magenta-maned filly looked down and said sadly, “I haven't.”

“What? Really? That can't be true. Didn't your parents own one?” Rainbow asked astonished.

“No, I never asked for one and we lived on the ground considering I can't fly,” Scootaloo said.

“Oh well now you have lied in one,” Rainbow said. “About your parents, could you tell me about them?”

Scootaloo didn't respond. She seemed to be thinking deeply about whether to answer or not.

“Well you did let me stay at your house, so I guys I should tell you,” Scootaloo said.

“It was my birthday. My dad and mom wanted to get me the most best gift ever,” Scootaloo began. “They ran around town, apparently looking for something of my interests. I was at school.”

“After the day had ended, my parents picked me up. They showed me the scooter and told me they had cake waiting at home. They even agreed to bring me to Cloudsdale the next morning. I've never been there.”

“Wait don't you mean i'd never been there?” Rainbow asked.

“No, I haven't ever gone there. We hadn't made it to the morning, without. . .” Scootaloo tried to finish but found the words wouldn't leave her mouth. “Anyway, my dad showed me my scooter. I absolutely loved it. The board wasn't as beat up as it is now and the handle bars were a pure red with no chipping.”

“We began walking home, me scootering around up ahead, when a pegasus from my dad's job came down. He said it was an emergency and my dad had to be there.”

“My mom didn't want him to leave but my dad had to. No pony could take his place,” Scootaloo said with a small sniffle. “He...he promised he would come back.”

“My mom and I headed home, my mom all the way wouldn’t talk. I could tell she was worried. She usually talked a lot.”

“When we arrived home we waited for an unbearably long amount of time until a pegasus came by. He looked...worn out and very sad,” Scootaloo said. “He was trying to say something but all he could do was just stand there trying to find the words.”

“My mom sent me up stairs to my room. I couldn't sit at the stairs, I would be seen, so I had an air vent in my room. I listened to the conversation. Something about... the dragons being to strong... and then my mom... she cried,” Scootaloo said, letting her tears run free.

“I... I knew what had happened... when she walked up the stairs to my bedroom trying to look strong. She told me about how there was an accident and dad wouldn't be coming home,” Scootaloo said. “She tried so hard to stay strong but I knew it was aching at her. When that day she just disappeared...I...I knew why. But even though I was expecting doesn't mean it didn't hurt me!” Scootaloo sobbed into Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow just stood there with her, letting the filly cry.

“Shh...Scootaloo its ok,” Rainbow said. “You've got me. You've got me.”

Rainbow felt like that event lasted hours. Even though she felt bad for the filly she wanted to get a move on to get all of this over. She didn't want to see the filly hurt any more.

Rainbow led Scootaloo outside, with saddle bags ready for their trip to Trottingham.

“So you got train tickets?” Scootaloo asked finally calmed down.

“Of course not, silly,” Rainbow said ruffling Scootaloo's mane. “We have wings, remember. Hop on my back.”

Scootaloo jumped onto Rainbow's back cheerfully and they zoomed off.

Trottingham was a large city and if you didn't know where to go, you'd easily get lost. Rainbow, on the other hoof, knew exactly where she was going. When she saw the dull brick building she landed in front.

Scootaloo leaped off of Rainbow's back and looked up at the building with excitement. She read the old words on the building. Trottingham Orphanage. It read. She cowered.

“Rainbow how... how could you?” she asked tears beginning to form in her eyes.

Rainbow looked at the filly astonished. She ran up to her and hugged her tightly.

“Shh... shh. Its ok, Scootaloo. You aren't being left behind. I will never leave you behind, ok?” Rainbow said soothingly.

“Don't you believe me?” Rainbow asked.

Scootaloo nodded and got on her feet and walked towards the orphanage. She was greeted by a smiling mare with a fluffy orange mane and a purple body.

“Why hello! You must be Scootaloo,” the mare said with soft eyes.

“Yep this is her,” Rainbow said. “Now I would like to spend the rest of my day with such and amazing filly so could I start signing the papers?”

The mare nodded her head and trotted to a file cabinet. She pulled out papers for Rainbow to sign. As the rainbow-maned pegasus filled out the forms, Scootaloo walked around the room curiously. The building was small but consisted of many pictures of smiling colts and fillies. Off to her left and right was two hall ways, probably where all the orphans stayed.

She walked around examining the many pictures. All the fillies and colts were smiling. She wandered if it was there true expression. She looked at one of the colts. His smile seemed forced. She saw it in his eyes. His eyes looked grey and faded. Even though there was a slight color in it, Scootaloo knew they once were a vibrant blue. Would this happen to her? Would she have turned out like this colt, dull and with a lost for hope?

She skipped to the next picture. The picture was too unbearable, yet she knew no other mare or stallion would look twice. She knew she and any other orphan would see it, because she and all the others knew the pain all too well. The thought of being lost or given away.

Scootaloo seemed to see the same in all the orphans and for some reason she saw her reflection. She knew that she had once been like them. But now she knew that she wouldn't. She walked back to Rainbow to see her finishing the papers.

“Ok, congratulations, Rainbow Dash!” the mare said. “I know that she will be happy.”

Rainbow didn't seem to hear she just smiled down at Scootaloo with a glow she had never seen Rainbow with. Not when she won the Best Young Flyer competition. Not when she told Scootaloo she was going to be a Wonderbolt. This was stronger. It seemed like if a Wonderbolt told her she had to leave this all behind to become a Wonderbolt, she would not follow through. She would stay with Scootaloo, and now, for such a long wait, Scootaloo felt loved. It was amazing.

“Now then we have this whole day to spend to ourselves, Scootaloo,” Rainbow said. “We could do so much. I'll teach you to fly. Oh! We need to go to Cloudsdale...”

Scootaloo just walked with her barely listening, just smiling as she watched all the filly and colts peak out. Some of them gasped in astonishment.

“Is that Rainbow Dash?” Scootaloo heard them whisper.

Maybe she's more popular than I thought. Scootaloo thought.

“Scootaloo? What do you want to do?” Rainbow asked, finally out of her dream thought.

“I'm starving,” Scootaloo said.

Rainbow just giggled.

“Well we're in luck. You are looking at the town of some of the greatest food,” Rainbow said.

Scootaloo smiled, glowingly.

The two pegasi ate there daisy parfaits and oat Panini sauteed in organic apple oil.

“Um Rainbow Dash, could we go to Cloudsdale tomorrow?” Scootaloo asked anxiously.

“Scootaloo,” Rainbow said, “I think you've waited long enough. I'm the fastest flyer in all of Equestria! We go right after this lunch.”

“Really?!” Scootaloo asked excitedly.

“Yep,” Rainbow said.

“I'm going to Cloudsdale!” she exclaimed excitedly.

“Yep you are kiddo,” Rainbow said smiling to herself.

They left the restaurant and took off at full speeds. Scootaloo loved the wind in her mane. It was such a vibrant feeling. Scootaloo finally felt like a pegasus.

The rainbow and orange-magenta trail was so magnificent. As they got closer to the cloud city, Scootaloo started to feel the excitement grow even more. She had only seen postcard pictures and paintings of the city. She heard descriptions but from her view it was the most beautiful thing ever made. The cloud columns astonished her, considering how soft they really were. Many rainbow falls weaved around the great sky city. It looked like a giant version of Rainbow's manor. The Colosseum was now visible. It was so unique and gave Scootaloo a thrill thinking about this was the very place a Sonic Rainboom was performed.

She saw the weather and rainbow factory. Rainbow landed in front of the weather factory but stayed clear of the rainbow factory.

“Rainbow Dash, why didn't we go to the rainbow factory?” Scootaloo asked.

“It was shut down,” Rainbow said. “We make rainbows in the weather factory, now.”

“How do you create the rainbows?” Scootaloo asked.

“Every pegasi has colors,” Rainbow began. “We simply have pegasi fly really fast. At a certain speed we can catch the colors and create rainbows.”

“The rainbow factory floated away too much and took up too much space. We decided it would be best to just get rid of it,” Rainbow said.

“Oh,” Scootaloo said. “That makes since.”

“Ok so what next?” Scootaloo asked.

“Well I think a future Wonderbolt should meet her team,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Don't you see them all the time though?” Scootaloo asked.

“Not me, silly. You,” Rainbow said. “You're my little Wonderbolt.”

Scootaloo giggled as Rainbow ruffled her mane.

On wary wings and hooves the two pegasi tried to walk back into the house. They got abunch of new stuff for Scootaloo's room.

Funny. She thought. The room I stayed in, designed for me, was actually my room. It almost seems like Rainbow knew something was up. Or maybe she just cared enough to make a room for me to stay over any time I like.

Scootaloo didn't care much, as long as she could call it her home. She was no longer alone.

She walked up to her room. Although her hooves were very tired from walking all around the two cities, she found her way to her bed. Rainbow Dash walked in and tucked Scootaloo in. Scootaloo had already fallen asleep.

Rainbow kissed her on the forehead and said, “Good night, my sweet filly. Have sweet dreams.”

And for some reason both ponies were satisfied with these words.