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Scootaloo's Distant Secret - Brownies13

Scootaloo has a secret that know one knows of. Its gone unquestioned till now.

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The Joys of a Family

The Joy of a Family

Scootaloo woke to a soft bed. Huh this is funny. Considering I don't have a bed.As she looked around she found she was in a room designed just for her. Suddenly the memories from last night came back to her. She smiled remembering that Rainbow had taken her home.

The smile disappeared when the idea of going back to living the old way swept through her head. This will only last for the day, I just know it. Maybe even the morning! The idea of being so close to her idol yet knowing she'd be left alone all over again, just made her hurt even more. She was about to get up to leave when Rainbow Dash peaked inside the room.

The rainbow-maned pegasus said, “Hey, Scoot. You look like your awake. Get ready because were heading to Trottingham.”

Trottingham? Why are we going to Trottingham? She thought. She was curious so she obeyed and got out of bed. Inside one of the dressers was a fine brush and she began to brush her disheveled mane. This will not do. She thought. Now where is a shower?

She looked around the room. She was satisfied to find a bathroom in the room. Never did she ever have a shower for just her to use. Even though she knew it probably wasn't hers she still enjoyed the fact of not having to wait for any other pony.

After her refreshing shower, she walked down the bouncy steps and was greeted to the smell of daisy sandwiches and oats. She entered the kitchen and sat in a chair with a ball of hot oats in front of her.

“So how did you sleep?” Rainbow asked.

“Great! The bed was so soft,” Scootaloo said excitedly.

“You'd think you never slept in a cloud bed,” Rainbow Dash giggled.

The magenta-maned filly looked down and said sadly, “I haven't.”

“What? Really? That can't be true. Didn't your parents own one?” Rainbow asked astonished.

“No, I never asked for one and we lived on the ground considering I can't fly,” Scootaloo said.

“Oh well now you have lied in one,” Rainbow said. “About your parents, could you tell me about them?”

Scootaloo didn't respond. She seemed to be thinking deeply about whether to answer or not.

“Well you did let me stay at your house, so I guys I should tell you,” Scootaloo said.

“It was my birthday. My dad and mom wanted to get me the most best gift ever,” Scootaloo began. “They ran around town, apparently looking for something of my interests. I was at school.”

“After the day had ended, my parents picked me up. They showed me the scooter and told me they had cake waiting at home. They even agreed to bring me to Cloudsdale the next morning. I've never been there.”

“Wait don't you mean i'd never been there?” Rainbow asked.

“No, I haven't ever gone there. We hadn't made it to the morning, without. . .” Scootaloo tried to finish but found the words wouldn't leave her mouth. “Anyway, my dad showed me my scooter. I absolutely loved it. The board wasn't as beat up as it is now and the handle bars were a pure red with no chipping.”

“We began walking home, me scootering around up ahead, when a pegasus from my dad's job came down. He said it was an emergency and my dad had to be there.”

“My mom didn't want him to leave but my dad had to. No pony could take his place,” Scootaloo said with a small sniffle. “He...he promised he would come back.”

“My mom and I headed home, my mom all the way wouldn’t talk. I could tell she was worried. She usually talked a lot.”

“When we arrived home we waited for an unbearably long amount of time until a pegasus came by. He looked...worn out and very sad,” Scootaloo said. “He was trying to say something but all he could do was just stand there trying to find the words.”

“My mom sent me up stairs to my room. I couldn't sit at the stairs, I would be seen, so I had an air vent in my room. I listened to the conversation. Something about... the dragons being to strong... and then my mom... she cried,” Scootaloo said, letting her tears run free.

“I... I knew what had happened... when she walked up the stairs to my bedroom trying to look strong. She told me about how there was an accident and dad wouldn't be coming home,” Scootaloo said. “She tried so hard to stay strong but I knew it was aching at her. When that day she just disappeared...I...I knew why. But even though I was expecting it...it doesn't mean it didn't hurt me!” Scootaloo sobbed into Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow just stood there with her, letting the filly cry.

“Shh...Scootaloo its ok,” Rainbow said. “You've got me. You've got me.”

Rainbow felt like that event lasted hours. Even though she felt bad for the filly she wanted to get a move on to get all of this over. She didn't want to see the filly hurt any more.

Rainbow led Scootaloo outside, with saddle bags ready for their trip to Trottingham.

“So you got train tickets?” Scootaloo asked finally calmed down.

“Of course not, silly,” Rainbow said ruffling Scootaloo's mane. “We have wings, remember. Hop on my back.”

Scootaloo jumped onto Rainbow's back cheerfully and they zoomed off.

Trottingham was a large city and if you didn't know where to go, you'd easily get lost. Rainbow, on the other hoof, knew exactly where she was going. When she saw the dull brick building she landed in front.

Scootaloo leaped off of Rainbow's back and looked up at the building with excitement. She read the old words on the building. Trottingham Orphanage. It read. She cowered.

“Rainbow how... how could you?” she asked tears beginning to form in her eyes.

Rainbow looked at the filly astonished. She ran up to her and hugged her tightly.

“Shh... shh. Its ok, Scootaloo. You aren't being left behind. I will never leave you behind, ok?” Rainbow said soothingly.

“Don't you believe me?” Rainbow asked.

Scootaloo nodded and got on her feet and walked towards the orphanage. She was greeted by a smiling mare with a fluffy orange mane and a purple body.

“Why hello! You must be Scootaloo,” the mare said with soft eyes.

“Yep this is her,” Rainbow said. “Now I would like to spend the rest of my day with such and amazing filly so could I start signing the papers?”

The mare nodded her head and trotted to a file cabinet. She pulled out papers for Rainbow to sign. As the rainbow-maned pegasus filled out the forms, Scootaloo walked around the room curiously. The building was small but consisted of many pictures of smiling colts and fillies. Off to her left and right was two hall ways, probably where all the orphans stayed.

She walked around examining the many pictures. All the fillies and colts were smiling. She wandered if it was there true expression. She looked at one of the colts. His smile seemed forced. She saw it in his eyes. His eyes looked grey and faded. Even though there was a slight color in it, Scootaloo knew they once were a vibrant blue. Would this happen to her? Would she have turned out like this colt, dull and with a lost for hope?

She skipped to the next picture. The picture was too unbearable, yet she knew no other mare or stallion would look twice. She knew she and any other orphan would see it, because she and all the others knew the pain all too well. The thought of being lost or given away.

Scootaloo seemed to see the same in all the orphans and for some reason she saw her reflection. She knew that she had once been like them. But now she knew that she wouldn't. She walked back to Rainbow to see her finishing the papers.

“Ok, congratulations, Rainbow Dash!” the mare said. “I know that she will be happy.”

Rainbow didn't seem to hear she just smiled down at Scootaloo with a glow she had never seen Rainbow with. Not when she won the Best Young Flyer competition. Not when she told Scootaloo she was going to be a Wonderbolt. This was stronger. It seemed like if a Wonderbolt told her she had to leave this all behind to become a Wonderbolt, she would not follow through. She would stay with Scootaloo, and now, for such a long wait, Scootaloo felt loved. It was amazing.

“Now then we have this whole day to spend to ourselves, Scootaloo,” Rainbow said. “We could do so much. I'll teach you to fly. Oh! We need to go to Cloudsdale...”

Scootaloo just walked with her barely listening, just smiling as she watched all the filly and colts peak out. Some of them gasped in astonishment.

“Is that Rainbow Dash?” Scootaloo heard them whisper.

Maybe she's more popular than I thought. Scootaloo thought.

“Scootaloo? What do you want to do?” Rainbow asked, finally out of her dream thought.

“I'm starving,” Scootaloo said.

Rainbow just giggled.

“Well we're in luck. You are looking at the town of some of the greatest food,” Rainbow said.

Scootaloo smiled, glowingly.

The two pegasi ate there daisy parfaits and oat Panini sauteed in organic apple oil.

“Um Rainbow Dash, could we go to Cloudsdale tomorrow?” Scootaloo asked anxiously.

“Scootaloo,” Rainbow said, “I think you've waited long enough. I'm the fastest flyer in all of Equestria! We go right after this lunch.”

“Really?!” Scootaloo asked excitedly.

“Yep,” Rainbow said.

“I'm going to Cloudsdale!” she exclaimed excitedly.

“Yep you are kiddo,” Rainbow said smiling to herself.

They left the restaurant and took off at full speeds. Scootaloo loved the wind in her mane. It was such a vibrant feeling. Scootaloo finally felt like a pegasus.

The rainbow and orange-magenta trail was so magnificent. As they got closer to the cloud city, Scootaloo started to feel the excitement grow even more. She had only seen postcard pictures and paintings of the city. She heard descriptions but from her view it was the most beautiful thing ever made. The cloud columns astonished her, considering how soft they really were. Many rainbow falls weaved around the great sky city. It looked like a giant version of Rainbow's manor. The Colosseum was now visible. It was so unique and gave Scootaloo a thrill thinking about this was the very place a Sonic Rainboom was performed.

She saw the weather and rainbow factory. Rainbow landed in front of the weather factory but stayed clear of the rainbow factory.

“Rainbow Dash, why didn't we go to the rainbow factory?” Scootaloo asked.

“It was shut down,” Rainbow said. “We make rainbows in the weather factory, now.”

“How do you create the rainbows?” Scootaloo asked.

“Every pegasi has colors,” Rainbow began. “We simply have pegasi fly really fast. At a certain speed we can catch the colors and create rainbows.”

“The rainbow factory floated away too much and took up too much space. We decided it would be best to just get rid of it,” Rainbow said.

“Oh,” Scootaloo said. “That makes since.”

“Ok so what next?” Scootaloo asked.

“Well I think a future Wonderbolt should meet her team,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Don't you see them all the time though?” Scootaloo asked.

“Not me, silly. You,” Rainbow said. “You're my little Wonderbolt.”

Scootaloo giggled as Rainbow ruffled her mane.

On wary wings and hooves the two pegasi tried to walk back into the house. They got abunch of new stuff for Scootaloo's room.

Funny. She thought. The room I stayed in, designed for me, was actually my room. It almost seems like Rainbow knew something was up. Or maybe she just cared enough to make a room for me to stay over any time I like.

Scootaloo didn't care much, as long as she could call it her home. She was no longer alone.

She walked up to her room. Although her hooves were very tired from walking all around the two cities, she found her way to her bed. Rainbow Dash walked in and tucked Scootaloo in. Scootaloo had already fallen asleep.

Rainbow kissed her on the forehead and said, “Good night, my sweet filly. Have sweet dreams.”

And for some reason both ponies were satisfied with these words.

Author's Note:

Well this is the end of the story! I will have a sequel. I hope you all loved this story and hope you like my future stories.


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such a good chapter :scootangel: all so was that a rainbow factory reference

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Wait a Sequel:rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:

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>>Matt11 glad you saw it, I was hoping it would catch someones eye

>>BoloneyBroney Well don't get too hyped about the sequel it will be out but I'm going ot first right the CMC side stories.

>>Lightning_striker24 don't worry AppleBloom has a whole story to herself about how she got her cutie mark

Thanks again for all the support!:pinkiehappy:

okay this definately needs a sequal especially with scootaloo's mother missing, it would be an interesting plot point if she were to ever come back


Its fairly obvieous who her mother is.
Name ending with Fire, het cutie mark is a wing on fire, we HAVE SEEN that pony already, just try to remmember :trollestia:

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Rainbow Factory references always give me such a dark smile...

The basic framework is decent, though there are places where the story would have benefited from greater detail. You also missed some great potential drama with Apple Bloom, once she knew.

Also? For the love of Luna's Joystick, use a spell checker!

Genealogical history is generally considered public information. Additionally, a lot of libraries carry records and yes, they will let anyone look at them.

I'm glad Rainbow is adopting Scootaloo, that makes it nice and official. I wouldn't be surprised if some of her dad's talent got past to Scootaloo and she had to help take down a dragon eventually... bonus points if it was the one who killed her father and she sees a glimpse of his spirit rejoining that of her mom to go to the afterlife in peace.:scootangel:

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Genealogical history, yes, but it's generally not that simple to find information on living people, especially young ones.

3988266 Luna's joy stick. That can't be taken out of context at all

3217296 so your saying she might have told Spike Cranky or Zecora

She saw the weather and rainbow factory. Rainbow landed in front of the weather factory but stayed clear of the rainbow factory.

In the Rainbow Factory
Where your fears and horrors come true;
The Rainbow Factory,
Where not a single soul gets through.

Yep. On a reread I have to agree with and warn future readers that while the story is good, the pacing is faster than Dash at top speed.

Not bad, but it would need to be more polished than an unedited first draft to get an upvote from me.

To be fair I think they put Twilight in charge of the records at some point.

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