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Return of the Dawn - pchn00

A substitute teacher with what she's always been told is a mental condition begins to suspect that's not the entire truth when a familiar sun shaped cutie mark appears on her hips.

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Chapter 14: Heat of the Moment

Chapter 14: Heat of the Moment

"The search continues for the mysterious woman calling herself only 'Princess Celestia'. As our viewers may or may not be aware, Princess Celestia was the fictional ruler of Equestria, a make-believe land dreamed up by well known writer and animator Lauren Faust." The camera pans out from the pretty blonde reporter to show a scene of living ponies milling about in huge fenced off pastures. "Or was it make-believe at all? Recent world events are calling this into question. Ms. Faust has refused to answer any questions regarding the popular children's show 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.' One thing’s for certain, whether these people in the footage are reincarnated ponies from a magical world or not... this woman seems to truly believe she IS their Princess. And she isn't happy about her subjects being locked in cages or fenced in pastures."

The camera man is blinded by a radiant golden light as the woman in question appears. Standing tall and regal in her gleaming golden armor, large snowy white wings wafting in the wind and her multi-hued hair drifting lazily on a breeze felt by no one else, she looks around at the suddenly excited ponies. With infinite care and kindness she smiles out at her subjects, and with a wave of her hand they all vanish the same way she appeared. The crowd of ponies watching from my living room starts to boo as soldiers arrive and attempt to subdue me.

Bits of popcorn and chips are flung at the screen as their general barks orders. Ordinarily I'd find my house guests cheers and jeers charming but more and more the last few days I was just feeling... restless. My knee is bouncing up and down rapidly enough to start drawing attention from the ponies nearest me. Jake in particular has a concerned look in his eyes. Realizing all the eyes on me soon I force myself to stop. "Sorry. Sorry everyone I'm just... jittery."

I try to focus on the TV as the reporter comes back on screen. “Public opinion about the self-proclaimed Princess is mixed. We went to the streets to see what the average American citizen had to say.” As the perky blonde goes from person to person I really do try to pay attention. Some people seem to think of Celestia and I as some sort of freedom fighters. Others label us terrorists and write us off. I see more than a few men and women with My Little Pony t-shirts all of whom are cheering for us, or asking to meet us. That’s something I’d never considered. Though I probably should have, the fans of the show can be pretty intense about it.

A slow but steady throbbing has been building in my head the whole time the news has been on. It’s getting bad enough that I’m starting to feel a little sick. Not to mention the slow, steady throb coming from other more sensitive areas. I force my hands to unclench from the chair’s armrests. “I need to go upstairs!”

Curious looks come at me from every pony in the room at my comment as I get up from the armchair. Jake gets up and follows me from the room, flying up the stairs as I walk. I have to dance around a number of ponies coming down from the second floor. It's gotten so full that every room in the house except my own is filled with at least four, sometimes more ponies. The folks in town have been a huge help donating tents, beds, bedding, and food. Of course every one of them stops to give me a polite greeting. Usually using my real name, though sometimes it's just 'Princess' or 'Princess Celestia.'

I let it slide. It makes them feel better to think that their Princess is looking out for them, who am I to take that away? Everyone here has enough crap in their lives right now. If knowing their Princess is watching over them brightens their day, I'm happy to help out. The press of bodies is starting to get uncomfortable. This morning I've had an... itch, so to speak. A powerful one that's only been getting worse. I find myself staring at every stallion that's passed by more than I'd normally be comfortable doing.

Ducking into my room I barely wait for Jake to slip in before slamming the door with a heavy breath. "Erin, are you alright? What's wrong?"

I close my eyes taking a deep breath. "I have no idea. I've just been really... really... REALLY..." I look back and forth as if expecting someone to be listening in. "...horny."

Jake's eyes widen and his wings flare. "Wh--what? You have?"

I bite my lip and nod. "Like... it's all I've been thinking about today. Normally I wake up and I'm ready to go tackle another holding facility with the Princess but... but I can't focus! I can't think of ANYTHING else!"

Now Jake's ears are splayed back and he's looking away uncomfortably. "What's the Princess say?"

I shake my head in annoyance. "She's not answering me. I think she's been talking with Luna all day about Cadence."

"Well..." Jake scuffs a forehoof in the carpet uncomfortably.

"Jake, do you know something?"

He chews his lip looking more and more uncomfortable. "Well it's kinda something that I heard Ellie telling me about Jules. For a few days Jules sort of... kept herself locked in their room. Uh... you know..." He thrusts his hips a bit. "...I think mares go into heat."

If my eyes could go any wider they might just roll out of my head. CELESTIA YOU ANSWER ME RIGHT NOW!

I feel the familiar presence in the back of my head. My goodness Erin you've certainly gotten the hang of the Royal Canterlo... ooo.... ohhhh.... my Jake is certainly looking... sleek this morning, isn't she?

Cheeks burning I turn away from Jake. Celestia, am I in heat?!

What?! No! No of course not. Luna and I haven't been in estrus since our ascension. It's impossible, the mingling of the tribal blood in our genes somehow rendered us barren.

Well why the hell can't I stop thinking about Jake going to town on me?!

Celestia is silent for a time. Well we're in heat, no doubt about it. Somehow your healthy reproductive system jump started my own. Or perhaps since you're not fully changed, just well on your way, you're still active. I wonder if Luna will experience this soon, too?

The longer our conversation has gone on the more I've been squirming and squeezing my thighs together. My tail's been steadily raising in the air as well, definitely drawing Jake's attention. What do we do?!

Well there are two ways to handle this. One is to sit in a tub filled with icy water until the hot flashes pass.

And the other?

Involves making use of Jake.

I'm biting my lip hard enough to draw a little blood now. Is he uh... gonna be able to give me what I need while he's a she?

Hm. Perhaps not. Certainly not what I need. We'll just have to make her a stallion.

Part of me wanted to protest. Part of me remembered her saying a good six months should pass before we do something like that. That part of me is significantly quieter than the part screaming that I need a stallion between my legs. "Jake! I'm in heat. We're making you a stallion!"

Now Jake's eyes go wide and he hesitantly moves toward the door. "D--didn't the Princess say it was dangerous to do too soon?"

It would typically be a painful experience, but I'll make sure he doesn't feel a thing. He may be tired afterwards but I have ways of reinvigorating anypony with a little magic.

"Nope! It's safe! Get ready!"

Jake makes a lunge for the door but I've already given control over to Celestia. The library in my mind feels like a sweltering inferno. The fire in the hearth is raging out of control. The picturesque portraits have been replaced with paintings depicting the fully human Jake and I in rather lewd situations, and I find I don't much mind the imagery for once.

Watching through Celestia’s eyes I see Jake engulfed in her golden aura of magic, the pegasus mare cringing slightly in fear. Slowly she’s growing taller and thicker. Her barrel thickening as her muzzle widens and grows broader. Her hair doesn’t grow much shorter, just seems spikier now. Jake’s tail is shorter as well, more like the other stallions outside. Soon the parts I’m really interested about have grown in, and by the time Jake’s hooves hit the floor again he’s genuinely a he now.

The stallion sags to his knees weakly, blinking slowly. With a little groan he tries to rise, wings flapping a little in the attempt. Celestia’s already calling up her next spell, and Jake’s eyes snap open as he hops to his hooves with an excited expression. “It worked! I’m a stallion! Look at me!”

I feel a small thrill of alarm as I realize Celestia is remaining in control. “Yes… just look at you…”

Celestia don’t you dare!

I can sense she’s somewhat less than pleased, but to my relief she relinquishes control without much more hesitation. I’m terribly sorry Erin. I think it might be best if I seclude myself for the next few days. If there’s an emergency yell for me, otherwise I’ll speak with you when your cycle has passed.

Alright. Sorry… if you uh… find a guy of your own I don’t mind you going for it.

Thank you Erin, though I think that might make matters a trifle more complicated than we need just now. We have nearly a hundred ponies living in your manor and on the grounds. I’ll ask Luna and Markus to inform everypony that we’ll be… indisposed for the next several days.

Good idea. Now if you’ll excuse me… I grin as I see Jake giving me his FULL attention. “Come over here stallion, your mare needs some lovin’.”

His smile turns playful. “Is that a royal order?”

My horn flares as I grab him, maybe a little tighter than necessary in my magic yanking him into the bed. “Yes. Yes it is.”


“Jesus she’s in heat? That’s a thing for you guys? Am I going into heat soon?”

No, Markus. Fortunately for you our bond is far more developed than Erin and Celestia’s. As such I can guide our journey into ponydom. You will remain a stallion, unless you are curious about living as a mare…

I can tell Luna’s joking, but I don’t find it very fucking funny. “No. Let’s keep all the right stuff where it belongs if you don’t mind.”

You are certain? It could be fun you know.

“Yeah I’m sure.” I frown a little as I cross the backyard toward the large shed. “Do uh, you wanna be a mare again?”

I have thought of it. Truth be told I have found living as the other sex these past twenty-five years a rather fun and interesting experience. Perhaps in a hundred years we will tire of it and live as a mare once more. Perhaps not.

“Right. We’re gonna live forever. I mean we’ve talked about it before but… it’s still pretty heavy you know?”

You will come to terms with it sooner or later. Your character is strong, Markus King, I am sure you will endure the passing centuries well. Ideally you will clean up your mouth before then.

“I’m gonna curse like a sailor my whole god damn life just to spite you. For eternity I’m gonna be teaching little ponies swear words.”

Luna sighs. The worst part is that I genuinely believe you intend to follow through with that promise.

“Damn right. You uh… you take over from here, alright?” We’ve reached the shed. The one with Cadence inside. The bitch creeps me right the fuck out and I want to be around her as little as possible. Lu says she and her sister have been making ‘progress’ but I blast the loudest metal I can think of in my private brain room when they’re talking to her.

The switch is instant as Lu takes over and is already opening the door. “Of course. You do not have to watch if you do not wish to Markus, however you may be pleasantly surprised. My niece has come a long way.”

Hard not to from as far away as she was. Still, I don’t tune it out this time. Luna walks right into the shed totally badass and uncaring about the disheveled psycho chained to the ground. Everything was already moved from here to the garage and the ponies outside avoid it like the plague. Cadance lifts her head as we enter and close the door.

“Aunt Luna. Here to let me go?”

Her voice doesn’t sound quite as insane as it was last time. Luna tilts our head. “I would very much like to. Do you still wish harm upon my sister?”

She snorts. “...I do.”

I feel Luna’s sadness. Me, I just feel pissed. “Cadence, you know Discord was behind the deaths of everypony in Equestria.”

I tense as Cadence leaps to her feet, the manacles around her wrists flaring with magical light as the runes keeping her power under wraps activate. “He cast the spell but she allowed it! She could have stopped him centuries ago! She should have!”

I feel Luna’s thoughts on the matter before she vocalizes them. “Yes. I agree with you Cadance. However we both know that is not who my sister is. She could no more take Discord’s life than she could any criminally insane pony. It is simply not within her nature to kill.”

“Well maybe you’re the one I should be blaming huh? Why’d YOU let him live Aunt Luna?”

I’m starting to get pissed as the lunatic goes from insulting our sister to insulting us. Luna likewise is getting angry. “Did you think I never tried destroying his statue? The spell the elements of harmony cast upon him ensured he could not be destroyed in his helpless state. Celestia did not speak to me for a month after I attempted destroying him.”

Cadance snorts. “Whatever. …if I promise to leave Celestia alone will you get these things off me?”

Luna wants to. She wants to so bad it hurts. “I… perhaps a compromise Cadance. I will remove the chains if you agree to wear the magic blocking manacles.”

Cadance growls under her breath at the request. “If it gets me out of this shed and into the sun for a little while fine.”

Is this a good idea Lu? She still looks nuts and she could hurt someone.

Luna starts removing the heavy chains holding Cadence in place. Nopony was filled with more love and care than Cadence, Markus. Hatred and rage have twisted her heart over the years but underneath I sense the loving mare she yearns to be once more. If I do not afford her the chance to prove herself, she may never regain who she once was.

If she goes after Erin again I’ll drop her, Lu. I mean it.

If she attacks our sister’s again, Markus, you will not need to, I will deal with her myself.

That goes a long way toward making me more comfortable. As the last of the chains fade away to wherever magic shit fades to, Cadence stands and stretches. Luna holds the shed door open and the smaller woman exits slowly. She winces at the bright morning sun, looking around at the tents and cheerful ponies who’re looking our way curiously. “...she’s been busy.”

Luna nods. “She has. Very busy. More and more every day arrive borne on my sister’s magic. Erin too has gone to great efforts to accommodate us and make things easier on everypony.”

Cadence's expression softens at the mention of Erin’s name. “Erin… she was… she was always nice to Elizabeth when she came into the office. Made time to chat. I’m sorry I hurt her.”

Markus, perhaps you would like to speak to her?

What?! No! Fuck no, she’s a psycho and I don’t have anything to say to her!” I blink as I realize Luna snapped me back into control in mid-sentence. Cadance is looking at me wide-eyed. “...what? Quit staring at me.”

She nods slowly. “Hello, Markus. I know it probably doesn’t mean much considering what I did to you, but I’m sorry.”

I eye her a minute. “You sorry for what you did, or that it wasn’t my sister you were torturing?”

She quirks a little smile and turns away then, walking calmly toward the beach at the end of Erin’s property. I don’t want to admit it, but I kinda like the lunatic all of a sudden.


‘Oh thank god, she’s asleep.’ Erin was sprawled on the bed dozing heavily, the sheets soaked with sweat and other fluids. I wrinkle my nose as I delicately work out from under her arm. Probably going to have to throw this bedding away. Too bad too, I like it. I pause just before I step onto the hardwood floor. My hooves would definitely wake her up, and while I never thought I’d turn down an all day sex-a-thon I can’t remember ever being in more pain in my life.

I was in the U.S. Airforce. I went through basic training, flight training, all kinds of torture. The police academy wasn’t quite as bad, but it was damn close. But nothing can really prepare a guy for his deific girlfriend wanting to have sex for six hours straight.

With a few quick flaps of my wings I make my way to the door and delicately, oh so carefully, turn the knob and slip outside. Landing gently on the carpet I wince as I try to put weight on my hind legs. With an awkward limp I make my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. It’s gotten later in the day and most folks are outside working on the gardens or practicing flying and their magic. Jules is sitting at the table following me with her eyes as I move to the fridge and get myself a beer.

“Jeez dude you look like someone’s been using your balls for a punching bag.” Her eyes widen as she looks me over. “Wait! Holy shit you have balls again! What happened?!”

“Erin happened. She’s… you know… what you had last week.”

Jules’ eyes widen in realization. “Oh. Ohhhh no shit? Wow. Uh… wow. Surprised she let you outta there.”

“She passed out. Sex coma, I think. Jesus I hope it lasts a while.”

I could tell by the look in Jules’ eyes I shouldn’t keep my hopes up. “You got like, a half hour. Hour tops man. Make the most of it. Rest up. Ice the groin.”

I groan and slump onto a cushion at the low table, sipping my beer mournfully. “You’d think being a man again all of a sudden would be the greatest moment of my life. Instead I keep thinking how much this would hurt less if I was still a mare.”

“Eh. You’d just have a different part sore and tired. Trust me it’s not a whole lot easier.”

The back door swings open and Ellie trots in, moving past us and getting a drink from the fridge. “Hey guys! Whoa you smell like sex. Erin must be in heat huh?”

I feel a faint blush coming on. “Yeah but she doesn’t want everyone to know so keep it down okay?”

“Yes sir!” The wall-eyed blonde salutes me smartly. “You can count on me!”

“Well good. How’s everything going outside? No huge crashes or anything?”

She shakes her head. “Nope! Everything’s hunky dorey! We were even pushing a few clouds around earlier. Thunderlane wants to try making it rain but I told him we should wait for you.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Thunderlane? He’s going by that?”

She nods. “Uh huh. Some of the folks like their pony names better so they wanna go by them now. Not everyone does of course. I still like Ellie, and Jules likes Jules. Becky thinks Redheart is silly, but Nikki LOVES Trixie”

I nod a little. “I guess it makes sense, sort of. Really Spitfire IS kind of a badass name, isn’t it?”

Both mares nod. I’m about to say more when a small golden glow surrounds my body. Eyes wide I look to the pair staring at me. “...help.”

Neither of course makes a move. “Sorry dude. I’m not getting between the chick who can boil someone from a mile away with a thought and her stallion. Good luck!”

Ellie waves a cheerful hoof as I vanish with a flash and find myself back in bed, Erin eyeing me hungrily.

It’s going to be a very long few days.


“Why, Sunny Skies and Loony Moony! You’re back! And the both of you here to see me together. I’m touched. What’ll it be today? The old magical swords trick? Trying to teleport parts of me away? Oh! Maybe hurl me into the sun, whaddya say, Sunny? Think you can toss me that far?”

Discords taunts seem… hollow today. In the past it got under my skin but now they just seem childish. “No, Discord. We’re not here to fight.”

Moon Dancer looks less certain than I. Discord just looks from me to my sister, then back to me. “You’re not? Does she know that?”

I nod. “She does. I’m here to ask you, as your friend… please stop this. Stop this madness and come home with me. It can be like it was before all of this.” I gesture out toward the madness that has twisted the land behind me.

The look in Discord’s eye tells me his answer even before he speaks. Still, my heart sinks. “Maybe I don’t WANT it to go back to the way it was before. Maybe I LIKE Equestria better like this hm? Maybe, just maybe you’re not quite as important to me as you think you are, Sunny Skies!”

Luna is already preparing her attack, but I remember my mother’s words. I lay a restraining hoof on my little sister’s back. “I am sorry to hear that, Discord. More sorry than I can say.” He rolls his eyes, but stops and looks confused as I smile. “I want you to know that I am still your friend. I will always be your friend, no matter what.”

His confusion grows, as does my own to be honest as a warm glow wells up within my breast. “I will always remember the fun times we had. The times you made me laugh and laugh. Remember when we first met? I was lost in the forest and crying and you appeared. You started making faces and I laughed so hard I cried good tears.”

A twinkling mote of blue magic split off from the larger glow in my chest. The small blue orb hovered over my head bobbing merrily. Moon Dancer looks at the small sphere curiously, though her eyes are alight with wonder, now the dawning fear in Discord’s. “Or the time we found those baby bunnies being swept away by the river! You and I fished every single one of them out of the water and saw them safely back to their mother.”

Now a pink sphere joined the blue, the two swaying softly over my head. “Stop whatever you’re doing, Sunny! I mean it!”

My smile never falters. “I will always treasure the gifts you gave me. The beautiful gems, the fanciful statuettes. The lovely painting of the sunset. Just as I hope you will always treasure the gifts I gave you. I am afraid I had nothing so tangible to give, merely my love, friendship, and understanding.”

A third, purple sphere joined the pink and blue. I lift my eyes to focus on the magical elements swirling over my head. Slowly I shift a demanding gaze to my little sister.

Moon Dancer’s eyes widen. “What do you expect of me, Sunny? I do not know what insanity you are in the midst of. To be perfectly frank I believe we are wasting our time. Our foe will not be struck down with heartfelt words.”

My little sister nickers in surprise as a glow of her own is forming. A small glowing orange light bobs above her. She looks from it to the three over my own head. She swallows heavily and takes a step closer to me. “...however if this is the course you choose to pursue on this latest of what are sure to be failed endeavors, I stand with you as always.”

A second light joined Moon Dancer’s first, a vivid red orb weaving about the orange. As she took her place at my side all five lights began to mingle together, weaving in and out of one another growing brighter and brighter all the while. My smile is sad as I look upon Discord. The poor creature seems to want to flee, but he is transfixed by the lights. “Your magic is powerful, Discord, certainly Moon Dancer or I cannot conjure any spells to come close to matching you. However there is one power ever greater than yours. Greater than any power that has, or ever will exist.”

The lights are whirling so quickly now the individual colors have become hard to pick out. It is more akin to a rapidly spinning rainbow than anything. “The power of our friendship, the love and care we share with each other and the love I have for you cannot be overcome by any mere spell. There are no tricks or sly methods of out thinking this power, Discord. In time I hope you will forgive me, perhaps the passage of years will soothe your anger and return the beloved friend I miss so dearly to me.”

The glow within Moon Dancer and I leaves our chests at the same moment, melding together to form a final violet light. It joins the rest as the magical power builds to a crescendo. “You won’t stop me, Sunny Skies! I’ll be back! And when I come back you’ll be sorry! All of you rotten little ponies will be sorry!”

And then the light is upon him. Neither Moon Dancer nor I willed it forward, it simply acted. The beautiful corona of oscillating color washes over the draconequus in near constant waves of power. As the light clears and my vision returns, I behold a solid stone statue of Discord where the living entity once stood.

Six gemstones of purest color and perfect cut slowly drift to the ground to rest at Moon Dancer and my hooves. Hesitantly, not believing her eyes Moon Dancer approaches Discord giving him a gentle tap with her hoof. “He is… petrified?”

I nod slowly, the pain in my eyes clear for her to see. “He is. For how long I do not know. Not for all time I hope.”

Moon Dancer snorts and rears back. Before I can stop her she delivers a powerful buck to the helpless Discord. A bright flash meets her impact and she is flung away, skidding along the ground and coming to a slow stop with a groan. “...ow.”

I turn a disapproving frown on my sister. “Moon Dancer, I am disappointed. He is helpless, striking him down now would make you worse than he ever was.”

Slowly she rises to her hooves. “Nay sister, striking him down now makes me more pragmatic than he ever was. You heard his promise, I do not doubt he intends to follow through with his threat if he is ever released.”

I look to the statue that remains of my comical, light hearted friend and sigh. “Nor do I. But I can hope, Moony. And if we lose hope, what point is there to go on living?”

Moon Dancer snorts but has no argument. “Very well, Sunny. What are we to do with him then? He cannot be moved and I do not think it wise to simply leave him out in the open.”

She is right. I gaze about the mountain side we are standing upon. A beautiful natural cliff overlooks the rolling green farmlands of Equestria. Large waterfalls tumble down from natural caves in the mountain side. “Sister, I believe this would be a fine place to live. Do you agree?”

My sister looks about as well now. “Yes. I suppose this is as good a place as any. We certainly do not fit in with ordinary ponies now do we?”

I tap Moon Dancer on the nose playfully with a hoof. “We will find our place, Moon Dancer. Never fear.”

She rolls her eyes. “Ever the optimist.”

I smile in return. “Always, dear sister. Always.”


I wake up reluctantly this morning. More and more I’ve been looking forward to seeing more of Celestia’s past. Her memories. She knows everything there is to know about me, but I know so little about her. That’s changing a little more every day. With some relief I realize the burning need that’s been driving me to ride poor Jake to exhaustion the past three days is gone.

The stallion in question is very much passed out on the bed beside me. Wrinkling my nose as I realize the room smells like sex and sweaty pony, and discover that it’s not a good combination at all. I carefully slide out of bed padding to the window and pushing it open. I grab my robe from the closet and slip out of the room, gently closing the door behind me. I don’t really want every pony in the house to know what we’ve been up to.

The house is still quiet this early in the morning. A few of the more industrious earth ponies are probably stirring, getting ready to tend the gardens. I sigh as I think of how little I get to see to them myself.

It’s always been that way for me I’m afraid. Ruling a kingdom leaves little time for hobbies and pastimes.

I don’t respond until I’m outside. “Good morning, Celestia.”

Good morning, Erin. Feeling better?

I chuckle softly as I settle on the swing. “Feeling sore.”

Well it doesn’t happen very often. Every six months or so.

“That’s a relief I suppose. Gonna need a well ventilated room or something next time.” I lean back in the swing, fixing my eyes on the horizon.

I hope we get to see Equestria together someday. I think you’d enjoy raising the sun.

I laugh. “How does that work anyway? And with you here does that mean like, the sun and moon back there haven’t moved at all in twenty five years?”

I’m sure that’s not the case. Many races besides our own have magic. The dragons are particularly powerful. There may have been some confusion and a few extra days of darkness, but once word got out about our being gone someone back there will have seen to the duty.

“Well that’s good to know I suppose.” As the sun starts to rise I just feel better. Healthier, more energetic and alert.

“All done with the sex-a-thon?”

I jerk in surprise at Nikki’s voice as she trots outside smiling teasingly. “Good morning, Nikki.”

“The Great and Powerful Nikki bids you a good morning as well, Princess!”

I roll my eyes and grin. “Have you been doing that for the last three days?”

She laughs now. “Of course not. I may be an obnoxious narcissist but I’m not THAT bad.”

“Anything exciting happen the last couple days?”

Nikki shrugs. “Not really. Tom’s been by a couple times. We had lunch together yesterday, it was nice.”

I stand and start moving inside toward the kitchen. “How are things going with you guys?”

She rubs the back of her head. “Slowly. It’s awkward of course. I’m still ME, and he still loves me. I still love him! It’s just…”

“It’s just you’re all of a sudden a different species?”

“Yes. Still when we laid together in the field outside and just watched the clouds float by over head…” She sighs. “It felt like old times, Erin. All this aside, I’m really glad I came home.”

“Me too, Nikki. Or is it Trixie now?”

She blushes. “I don’t know. I like them both y’know? A lot of ponies are going by their old names but some of us like to hang onto what we got. Ellie for obvious reasons.”

I nod. “Sure. Being called Ditzy all day would get old fast.” Thoughts of hunger vanish at the sight of who’s already sitting at the kitchen table. Cadance blinks up at me slowly, her eyes narrowing just a bit. She looks a lot like Elizabeth, only her eyes are a cool violet color and her hair is the Princess’ three tones of violet, pink, and yellow.

I smile nervously. “Uh… morning?”

Author's Note:

Sorry it took so long for this one to come out! The updates should get back to a more regular schedule soon.