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Home in Banishment - Shadow Lord Malice

Sasuke and Naruto defeat Madara and the Juubi together, but are betrayed and thrown into time and space. Ending up in Equestria, their presence brings forth unforseen consequences.

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The seeds are sewn

Two months passed since Sasuke had taken the job at the Ponyville spa, and the final vestiges of Summer had long since fled into autumn. The beginning of September had heralded the beginning of a new school year for the children of Ponyville, and new friendship had been forged between three fillies, who now reffered to their group as the Cutie Mark Crusaders. It was also in the first week of September that Sasuke's birthday had come up, much to Pinkie Pie's delight. at the end of September came The Running of the Leaves, a race that helped the trees shed their old leaves for the upcoming winter. It had been amusing for Sasuke and Naruto to watch as Applejack and Rainbow Dash made fools of themselves during the race while trying to get ahead of each other. October was slightly less interesting, having only Naruto's birthday at the beginning, and Nightmare Night at the end. November had finally rolled around, and with it came the fledgling beginnings of winter. The air held a crisp chill, frost covered the ground, and everypony in town had scarves and hoof protection to ward off the cold.

Naruto and Twilight were walking through town, when suddenly Spike came running up to them.

"Naruto, Naruto, important letter from the princess." He gasped out, holding up the rolled letter for the blonde boy.

"Well now, lets see what Sunshine has to say." he said, smirking when he saw Twilight's cross face over his nickname for Celestia.

"Naruto! Show the princess proper respect!" She hollered at the grinning ninja. Letting out a chuckle, Naruto unrolled the letter and began to read. His eyes soon widened, then a massive grin formed on his face. This got Twilight curious. "What's it say, Naruto?" The violet unicorn asked.

"It says that sunshine has an important job for me that only someone of my talents can perform." Naruto answered excitedly. "I'm supposed to meet her today to discuss it. She also wants Sasuke to come as well.

"I assume the princess has sent you a chariot as well. The train doesn't depart for Canterlot until tomorrow."

"Doesn't say. That's alright though, I'll just travel by foot."

"Naruto, it takes an entire day to reach Canterlot from Ponyville, you'd never make it." At this, Naruto simply grinned.

"Oh believe me, at my top speed I could probably get there in ten minutes easily. If I was with Sasuke it would probably take us a half hour at least." Twilight went slack jawed at the information.

"How in my mentor's name are you able to travel at such speeds?" She asked in astonishment.

"Chakra." Stated Naruto. "Not only can chakra be used for ninjutsu, it can be channeled throughout the body for a massive increase in speed and strength. Granny Tsunade had a chakra technique that gave her enough strength to crush a massive boulder into rubble with one punch. Sasuke and I can use chakra to greatly enhance our running speed." Twilight filed the information away for later.

"Well, we better find Sasuke then. We can't keep the princess waiting." With that, the two walked through Ponyville, eyes peeled for the raven haired human. They found him in his house, within the training ground he had set up in the back lot. Said Uchiha was currently cloaked in an aura of electricity, a look of absolute concentration on his face.

"Hiya Sasuke!" Hollered Naruto, destroying Sasuke's concentration and causing the lightning aura to violently discharge and vanish.

"Dammit Dobe!" Screamed Sasuke as he lay twitching on the ground. "Can't you see I was in the middle of something important."

"What was that just now?" Asked Twilight as she levitated Sasuke back onto his feet and braced against him so he wouldn't fall.

"I'm trying to replicate the fourth Raikage's lightning armour technique. With it, my speed and reflexes will be enhanced by a factor of four."

"Oi, bastard, didn't you swear on your eyes not to go stealing other people's hard work!" Shouted Naruto, his finger pointed accusingly at Sasuke, who remained nonplussed at the outburst.

"For your information moron, I swore on my eyes not to take the techniques of an ally. The fourth Raikage was one of the three who chucked us out of our world remember? He's no ally of ours, so his techniques are fair game." The Uchiha had to repress a smirk upon seeing Naruto's surly look of defeat. "Anyway, you wouldn't be here with the dobe, Twilight, unless it was something important, so what is it?"

"A letter came for Naruto from the princess requesting both of you. She said she had something only the two of you could do." She replied. Nodding, Sasuke backed off from Twilight's support, standing upright once more.

"I see. When do we leave?" He asked.

"The sooner the better Sasuke, the letter said nothing about transportation, so we're huffing it on foot. Try to keep up will you." Answered Naruto, his ribbing at the end earning a small bit of ire from the Uchiha. With that, the two headed for the edge of town, their destination in the distance on the mountainside. Twilight accompanied the two, still doubtful of Naruto's earlier claims, wanting to see if the blonde was actually truthful. Upon reaching the road leading to Canterlot, Naruto grinned at Sasuke.

"Ready to roll?" He asked.

"Hn." Replied Sasuke, and with a small explosion of air displacement, the two hurtled for Canterlot, Twilight having been blown off her hooves from the explosion.

"Twilight!" Spike exclaimed in worry. "Are you okay?"

"Incredible." Was all Twilight said before she dazedly fell unconscious.

Twenty minutes passed, and Naruto and Sasuke skidded to a stop at the gates of Canterlot. Naruto gave a whistle of appreciation.

"Wow, looks completely different when you're at level with the place, and not flying above it." He said, Sasuke nodding in agreement. The two then walked into the city and headed for the castle, deciding to use the streets and not the rooftops. As they walked, ponies would stop and give them curious stares, though the two ignored them. Ten minutes of walking later brought the two ninja to the castle. The doors of course, were guarded by two white stallions in gold armour.

Hey, Iron Hide, Shield Blade, mind letting us in? Sunshine wanted to see us pronto." Said Naruto, much to the two guards shock. Iron Hide then grinned, and nudged Blade with a hoof.

"You owe me twenty bits." He said smugly.

"Oh come on!" Shield Blade protested. "How in Celestia's name did you know it was us?" He asked Naruto, who simply grinned.

"Sorry, trade secret." He replied. Sasuke watched the proceedings with mounting curiosity, and followed Naruto as they were allowed entry into the castle.

"So how do you know those guards?" Asked Sasuke.

"Oh, it was back when we were last here. Those two attacked me while I was with Shining, thinking I was a threat. After getting the facts straight, Shining had them both spar with me for three rounds. After that, we sort of hit it off from there." Sasuke shook his head in amusement. Only the dobe could make friends by beating someone up. The two then came to the doors of the throne room, both insignias upon them aglow. Opening the doors, the two saw Celestia and Luna on their thrones discussing something together. They were alerted to the two ninjas' presence when the throne room doors shut closed.

"Sasuke, Naruto, I wasn't expecting you for quite some time." Said Celestia in surprise. "I was just about to arrange a chariot for you two. How did you get here so fast?"

"We ran here on foot. No offense to your pegasi, but we're faster on the ground than in the air." Replied Naruto.

"I can see that. Well then, as you know I have a task for the two of you if you're up for it. You're free to refuse if you wish."

"Well that depends, what's the mission?" Naruto asked, his eagerness eliciting a giggle from Celestia.

"The mission is a long term expedition. I would like you two to explore and chart the Everfree Forest." At this, Naruto grinned.

"What are the details?" He asked.

"I want to know how big it is, what kinds of animals dwell within, what plants grow within, and anything and everything else you can find out about the forest. Nopony has been able to do this, but you two are far stronger than any of my little ponies. Would you do this?" Naruto grinned excitedly, but Sasuke was suspicious.

"There's something you're not telling us Celestia." He accused, and noticed the nigh imperceptible flinch Celestia gave off. "We'd like to hear all the details, please."

"Sunshine, we've been through this already, you can trust us." Assured Naruto. Celestia sighed in defeat.

"Oh all right. Guards, bring her in." With that, the throne room doors opened and in walked a pair of guards, but it was the mare between them that got the two ninja to glower.

"Release the great and powerful Trixie at once you ruffians, How dare you shackle a pony as... Oh, your highnesses. To what does Trixie owe the pleasure?" Asked Trixie, a nervous grin upon her face.

"Trixie here has been serving community service here in Canterlot as punishment for her actions in Ponyville, though throughout her service she has been quite... disruptive. I would ask that if you're willing to accept the mission, she accompany you as a field assistant." Said Celestia, causing Trixie to notice the two humans, and snarl in anger.

"What are you two freaks doing heEEEEEEK!" She screamed as not only Sasuke's killing intent struck her, but also as a snarling Luna teleported in front of her, eyes glowing white and mane wildly billowing with her fury.

"How dare thou callest our guests freaks! We should have thou thrown into the dungeons for thine insolence!" Luna bellowed in the royal canterlot voice, her voice and temper quickly leaving Trixie cowed and quivering in terror on the floor.

"Luna!" Celestia barked at her sister, "Enough!"

"But she.." Luna defended, only to be cut off.

"I said enough Luna. I believe you've reprimanded Trixie enough. And Sasuke, desist that at once." Sasuke grumbled and cut off the killing intent, allowing Trixie to gasp for air. With a snarl of rage, Luna stormed out of the throne room, the guards tripping over themselves in their haste to get out of the furious alicorn's way. Celestia let out a sigh, and leveled a stern look at Trixie, who was still huddled on the floor.

"I'm sorry about that. Luna still has a temper I see." Said Celestia.

"In all honesty Celestia, there's nothing you need to apologize for." Replied Sasuke. "But I can't accept this mission, not with Trixie accompanying us. I don't think I could control myself if I did." Celestia once again let out a sigh.

"I understand Sasuke." She said.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go find and calm Luna down."

"That would be best, thank you Sasuke." With that, Sasuke left the throne room and began to search for Luna. When the doors to the room closed, Celestia looked to Naruto.

"So I assume you'll decline the mission as well?" She asked.

"Hmm, I'll admit, Trixie's going to be a party killer, but Naruto Uzumaki has never let things like that get in the way of missions. Count me in Sunshine." Said Naruto with a grin, causing a more tame smile to appear on Celestia's face.

"Thank you Naruto. Now then, you'll be paid a monthly stipend for supplies and such, as well as four hundred bits per piece of information of any and all discoveries you make within the Everfree. I would classify this as an... oh what would be appropriate... I suppose an S rank seeing as there are who knows how many hidden dangers within the forest. I expect you to begin some time this month at least." Upon hearing the mission parameters, Naruto gave a salute.

"Yes your highness." He said, his tone all business.

"Good, now that that's settled, you have the day to yourself Naruto. Spend it however you wish." At this, Naruto grinned.

"Well how about we let our hair down-well, mane in your case- and just talk with each other, as just two friends wanting to know more about the other." Celestia thought about it. What Naruto was asking would be wonderful, and day court was pretty much finished today.

"I haven't been able to just drop my regalia in centuries, how about we take this to my study, oh and guards, return Trixie to her room until Naruto is ready to be off."

"Ungrateful, slanderous, arrogant little brat!" Screamed Luna as her twin swords shredded another training dummy with a spell cast upon it to look like the target of her ire. She had commandeered the night guard training room twenty minutes ago, and now the place was a mess. Straw, wood and cotton stuffing were strewn about everywhere, remnants of Luna's efforts to calm down. Just as she was preparing to tear another dummy asunder, the sound of the door opening snared her attention.

"We said we were not to be disturbed!" She roared out in anger, only to cool down when she saw who it was. "Oh, Sasuke. Forgive us for shouting." Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he looked over the state of the training room.

"It's alright, but why did you get so angered at Trixie's words. Sure she called Naruto and I freaks," Sasuke paused when he saw Luna's mane had begun to flow more swiftly. Once it had slowed down he continued. "but it was just petty insults. What made you fly into such a rage?" Luna was silent for a moment, then she replied.

"You are the first friend we've had in a long time, Sasuke. For Trixie to insult you so in front of us, our blood just boiled at it." Sasuke could see that Luna was still angry at Trixie, so decided to deal with it.

"You don't have to be so defensive for me. I've been called, and deserved to be called, far worse back home. Petty insults are nothing, I just flashed my killing intent at her to put her in her place." He noticed Luna had calmed down slightly, but was still nowhere near done. "Now I can still see you're still furious over the whole thing, so how about we spar. I've always found a good friendly fight calms me down." With that, he took his place at one side of the circle. Luna smiled, and horn aglow, cleared away the debris of her earlier rampage in the room.

"We have very similar minds, Sasuke. We don't suppose you need to be told the rules?" She replied, and took up her own position. One second passed, then two, and with the flickering of a candle, the spar was on.

Three hours had passed since Naruto's mission discussion with Celestia, and the two were in the solar princess' private study, sharing a good laugh.

"You mean to say you vandalized your village's greatest monument, in broad daylight, evading your home's top soldiers, all the while wearing bright orange?" Celestia asked after stifling her giggles.

"Yup, and those guys were Anbu too. Seriously though, you of all ponies went and bombed Canterlot with itching powder to see how long they could keep their posing and strutting?" Asked Naruto, who was having trouble getting his laughter under control.

"I made sure it was washable and wasn't too strong, but yes I did. I'll admit though, I had some help from a... a friend." For one instant, Naruto caught a flash of something in Celestia's lilac eyes, but it had passed before he could identify it. Calestia then let a small smile grace her lips. "Thank you for this Naruto. I haven't been able to do something like this in a long time. Everypony sees me as the immortal princess of the sun, never as the alicorn mare who just wants to enjoy life and have fun. So thank you for allowing me to show this side of myself, and for treating me like you do everypony else." Naruto gave the alicorn a toothy grin.

"No problem, Sunshine." He said.

Luna was splayed on the ground, her breathing ragged, as she glared across the ring at Sasuke. Throughout the entire spar, Luna could not lay a blow on him no matter what she did or tried. Sasuke had also completely dominated her in the entire fight, so much so that it was an embarrassment on her part. She thought herself a capable fighter, but the Uchiha across from her had made her look like a small filly waving a table knife about. Shakily, she began getting onto her hooves, but collapsed from the strain.

"All right, that's enough, Luna." Said Sasuke, sheathing his sword.

"No." Snarled Luna, "We can still go on. We can still, Gah!" Luna's defiant statement turned into a short scream of pain as she collapsed a second time, and remained on the ground. Sasuke was by her side immediately.

"What hurts?" He asked.

"Everything, but our legs hurt the most." She ground out through the pain coursing through her body. Sasuke had not been gentle in their spar, and Luna had experienced the power of his physical strikes throughout it. Kneeling down, Sasuke used a minor medical jutsu to scan Luna's injuries.

"I told you we should have stopped an hour ago. You've put a lot of strain on your body, especially from trying to keep pace with me. Fortunately you didn't pull or tear anything. It looks like your legs are too strained right now to do much, and you're going to be in pain for a while. Fortunately for you, I can fix this." With that, Sasuke cancelled the jutsu and brought his hands to Luna's hind right leg.

"Sasuke, what are you... oooooooh." Luna cut herself off with a moan when Sasuke began to massage her leg, working at the strained knotted muscles to relax them.

"I'm giving you a massage, what's it look like. Just don't kick me and we'll be good." He answered, continuing his ministrations on Luna's leg. He then began channeling small amounts of fire chakra through his hands and into L:una's muscles, relaxing them further.

"You have a talent for this." Said Luna, letting out another moan of pleasure as Sasuke worked out a particularly stubborn knot.

"So I've been told." He answered. Soon, Sasuke had one leg done and began working on the other, making sure to avoid both flanks' cutie mark. After both hind legs were finished, he got to work on the front legs. "Luna, you're carrying a lot of tension. You need to relax more often."

"If... oooh... you're the one... aaaah... to deal with this... oh yes, right there... we'll be sure to." Luna managed out between her moans. Upon finishing Luna's forelegs and shoulders, Sasuke, began working on Luna's back, slightly increasing the output of his fire chakra. Luna could barely think straight as Sasuke's deft hands worked out every kink and knot, leaving her a quivering lump of flesh on the floor.

"Oh you are good. You are very, very good." She panted out, her wings extending as the pleasure mounted. Finishing her back, Sasuke attacked her outstretched wings, making sure to pay attention to her flight muscles. Finally, he finished, and brought his hands away.

"So, think you can stand up now?" He asked.

"You're joking. After what you've just put us through, you honestly expect us to be able to stand? We can barely move." Was Luna's incredulous reply. At the most, she was able to get on your knees. Casting a spell, a small brush winked into existence, and floated over to Sasuke.

"Dost thou think thou can straighten thy mane whilst we wait?" Asked Luna, and Sasuke noticed she was once again speaking in a more traditional fashion. Taking the proffered brush, Sasuke began to work on Luna's messed up mane. Luna's mane felt pleasantly cool to the touch, and shimmered like water when he passed the brush through it, reminding him of a pond reflecting a clear summer sky.

"Sasuke, we-" That was as far as Luna got, when she had turned her head to address Sasuke, he had also inclined his head to be level with Luna's. The result was the two's lips meeting in a light kiss. Said kiss lasted for one second, then the two violently jerked back, hand and hoof pressed against their owner's mouths. A few seconds of akward silence later, Luna decided to break it. "Sasuke, we are very sorry, we didn't mean to do that." She stammered out.

"It's alright, though I think we should keep our distance. No need for a repeat." Replied Sasuke, his heart hammering in his chest. Silence once again descended over the two, but Sasuke banished it. "So, You were saying earlier that you didn't have much in the way of friends. Care to elaborate?" He asked, hoping to shift the mood. Luna's expression became mournful.

"Our sister casts a long dark shadow over us, Sasuke. All those who tried to become our friend, did so only to get closer to Celestia. Nopony genuinely wanted my friendship, save one." At that, Sasuke paid rapt attention. "Her name was Snowdrop, a young pegasus filly who was cursed with blindness. We first met her when she created snowflakes, telling us that she had emulated the stars of our night. When she grew older, she worked at the weather factory, creating each and every snowflake by hoof for the winter. She was the only real friend we had ever had."

"What happened to her?" Sasuke asked, and Luna looked up at the ceiling, her mournful look intensifying.

"We were consumed by our darkness, and banished to the moon, leaving Snowdrop to fade within time's grasp. When we were freed from our darkness these past few months ago, we did much research into our friend's genealogy, and the bloodline ends with a pegasus mare named Frost Wing. She and her husband live in the noble pegasus cloud city Psertenesia."

"Have you tried getting into contact with her?" At this, Luna shook her head.

"We haven't had all that much time, and we doubt Frost Wing to be anything like Snowdrop. It's enough for us to know that Snowdrop had a good life, filled with love and happiness despite her disability." Luna then turned to the door. "Anyway, we believe it is time for us to return. No doubt our sister and Naruto await the two of us." At this, Sasuke realized he had absolutely no idea what time it was. Following Luna, the two left the training room and made their return to the throne room, where Celestia and Naruto waited.

"There you two are. I was wondering when you'd show up." Said Naruto in slight irritation.

"Oh shut it dobe. You could stand to learn some patience." Sasuke responded, causing Naruto to start bickering with his friend. As the two humans argued, Celestia approached her sister.

"So what kept you two? you needed to raise the moon an hour ago, and you didn't show. You usually have a perfect sense of time." She said, causing Luna to fidget.

'Oh nothing much, just the most amazing massage we ever had. Oh, and the kiss. No, bad Luna, bad. That was a complete accident, don't dwell on it.' Luna thought to herself. "Oh, just another spar and some conversation." She said aloud. "And thou raised the moon on our behalf we take it?"

"Yes I did, and another spar? Sasuke didn't hurt you did he?" Celestia asked in concern, shooting a slight glare at the aforementioned Uchiha.

"No he did not sister, so cease thy glaring." She answered. Celestia was interrupted from pressing further when Naruto came to her, much to Luna's thanks. "Alright Sunshine, we're ready to roll. All we need now is Trixie." He said.

"Ah yes, the brat. We do hope she gets eaten by something." Said Luna disdainfully, then teleported away before her sister could reprimand her.

"I'm so sorry about that Naruto, I just have no idea why Luna is acting like that." Celestia apologized, though Naruto waved her concerns off. Soon, Naruto and Sasuke were standing in a chariot, Trixie being brought over to them. Celestia was there to see the three off along with Luna as well. As the chariot was about to take of, Sasuke looked back at the two princesses, and Luna's eyes locked with his, causing her heart to flutter in her chest. Their gazes connected for three seconds, then the chariot took off, tearing them apart. Celestia turned and began to leave, but Luna lingered upon the balcony, contemplating the feeling in her chest.

'What was that? I just look into his beautiful, deep, bottomless, no, bad Luna bad, stay focused. I look into his eyes and all the sudden my heart is racing a mile a minute. Still didn't feel as powerful as when we kissed though. Oh dear mother, why can't I get that silly kiss out of my head?'

'Sage almighty, why can't I get that stupid kiss out of my head?' Sasuke thought to himself.

"Yo Sasuke, snap out of it. You've just been staring ahead into space this whole time." Said Naruto, waving a hand in front of Sasuke's face.

"Dobe, get that hand out of my face before I burn it off." Said hand was immediately retracted.

"So what's got you all out of it? Something happen back there?"

"Shut up dobe."

"Seriously though, did something happen? I think we can fix it if we turn around."

"I said shut up Dobe!" Sasuke roared.

"Okay, okay, jeez I was just trying to help."

"We toldest thou to cease speaking, Tia!" Roared a voice with impressive volume from behind the three.

"Did Luna just use the royal equivalent of shut up?" Asked Naruto in shock.

"I think she did." Said Sasuke, just as shocked.

"You do realize that this means you are now an official bad influence, right?" Said Naruto with a grin, and the argument began.

"Humans are weird." Muttered Trixie.

Author's Note:

And that wraps up this chapter. As a reward for putting up without an update for so long, have some fluff everypony. So Trixie's making a reappearance in the story, wonder what'll happen now. And it's now official, Sasuke x Luna for those that were still guessing. Who's his second going to be though I wonder. Of course, everyone's still trying to figure out Naruto's girls. Also, a lot of foreshadowing if you know what to look for. Anyways, back to the task at hand. I am currently looking for a confidant, someone whom I can bounce ideas off of. If anyone's interested, drop me a PM; you're being given the chance to experience my raw unrefined creativity here, don't waste it. On the other hoof it also means you'll be dealing with plot breaking spoilers, so choose carefully. Shadow Lord Malice signing out, oh, and happy holidays.

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