• Published 14th May 2013
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Servant of Man - Timber Wolf

Big Mac was vaguely aware of Applebloom holding his head during his seizure, of her trying to talk to him, but his head was filled with another conversation.

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Chapter 1

The elements of harmony and the princess of the sun were all currently in the Ponyville library. They were all gathered around an strange metal object in the center of the room. Twilight looked at the metal violin in front of her. It was a sleek bright metal with black runes carved into it. The strings were a pure white that almost glowed. The neck of the instrument was pitch black. The bow was metal, and the hairs weren't actually there. They were like little streams of light. If you put your hoof in front of them, it went straight through. It must work somehow on the violin strings, though. Twilight circled the instrument, trying to get a better look at the runes on it. The young unicorn looked up at her mentor. Princess Celestia was also studying the bizarre object. Celestia looked up.

"It just appeared in the middle of the library?"

The Princess looked quite worried. Twilight nodded.

"Yeah. I was just reading when suddenly it was there. It didn't even flash in like a teleportation spell. It more like solidified from the air."

Celestia sat down and sighed. Twilight had never seen her teacher like this before. The demi-goddess was. . . confused. It wasn't often that something came along that Princess Celestia hadn't already encountered.

"The runes look very familiar, but I can not quite place them."

The alicorn tilted her head as she rubbed her chin.

"I think it would be best if we-"


Everypony jumped and looked over to the two royal guards who stood by the door. Both of the guards had their spears drawn, aiming at the neck of Big Mac. Macintosh stood there unsure whether to bow the princess or not move in fear of a spear to his jugular. Celestia sighed before smiling slightly.

"Guards, please lower your weapons. You forgot, we are in a public library."

The two stallions back up and stood at attention. Big Mac looked between everypony before bowing lowly to Celestia.

"Rise my little pony. It is okay. You must be Macintosh Apple, Applejack's brother."

Big Mac stood up and nodded. He shuffled his hooves awkwardly. Twilight leaned over to Celestia and whispered in her lowered ear.

"He's really shy. Almost as bad, if not the same as Fluttershy."

The alicorn smiled at the farm stallion. The room was silent again, except for Pinkie Pie, who was munching on a cookie she pulled from her mane. Twilight coughed and then smiled.

"So. . . are you returning the book you checked out?"

Big Mac reached into his saddle bag and removed the book Advanced Differential Equations. Twilight took the large hard covered book and moved to put it away.

"I'll just put this away and grab the other book you wanted."

While Twilight moved around the library, Applejack raised an eyebrow and smiled at her brother.

"Ah see yer readin' tha' fancy mathematics's book again, eh Mac?"

Macintosh didn't move. His eyes were glued onto the metal violin on the ground. The black runes swam before his eyes. The room swayed as his vision blurred. A very soft sound played in his mind. It was a violin, the music so sad and mournful. Suddenly, a book blocked his view of the metal instrument. His vision cleared and the room righted itself. Big Mac looked at the book up to Twilight holding it out to him. The farm pony shook his head and took the book Thermodynamics.

"Uh. . . thanks."

Big Mac turned away, leaving the library behind. The violin music continued to play in his ears, the runes burning in his mind's eye.

Twilight watched Big Mac leave before turning back to the group. Celestia was watching the door where Macintosh had disappeared, a worried look on her face.


Celestia shook her head and smiled at Twilight.

"As I was saying, we shouldn't move it. I'll place a shield over it, and tomorrow I'll have the Canterlot top scientist come and study it. You shall help Twilight. Until then, I don't want anypony to touch it or do anything with it. Alright?"

The mane six nodded their heads in agreement.

Big Mac whimpered slightly into his pillow, Smart Pants clenched in his hooves. On his walk home from the library, a slow, yet constant, increase of pain went through his body. Midnight had rolled around and Mac was in agony. Pain ripped through his head and a wave of numbness washed over his legs before fading just as suddenly. His nose was runny and his ears felt wet. The violin music in his head had gone from a soft sad tone to a loud angry song. The red farm pony bit his lip as his stomach turned over, just as upset as his pounding head. He gasped quietly as tears slipped down his cheek. A light knocking was on his door before it creaked open. Applebloom stuck her head in, only able to see the outline of her brother on his bed.

"Big Mac? Are you okay? I thought I heard crying?"

Big Mac grit his teeth.


Applebloom switched on the lights, worried. The little filly's eyes widened and she rushed to her brother's side.

"Mac! Ya bleedin'! Ya got uh bloody nose and yer ears bleedin' too!"

Big Mac whimpered as he looked up at his little sister.

"G-Get Applejack."

Applebloom scurried off, screeching.

"Applejack! Applejack! Big Mac is diein'!"

Applebloom slammed her hooves on her sister's door. Applejack appeared in the doorway, mane ruffled.

"Applebloom. Please be quite. Yer gonna wake Granny Smith."

"But Applejack! Big Mac's diein'!"

"Applebloom, it was jus' uh dream. Would ya please stop makin' so much noise? Jus' go back ta sl-"

"No! It wasn't a dream! Mac told me to go get ya! He's crying and bleedin' an' I don't know what ta do!"

The orange farm pony flicked her ears back. Applebloom sounded sincere, as is she truly believed it. She might as well check on Big Mac, just to calm Applebloom down. Applejack walked over to Macintosh's room and swung the door open. Big Mac was laying on his bed, legs held stiffly in front of him. His head was bending back, exposing his neck. His nose and ears were seeping blood. His jaw was clamped shut tightly. He snorted out his nose, as if every breath was a struggle.

Applejack galloped over to her brother and held his head in her lap.

"Applebloom! Stay 'ere with him! Hold his head an' try to held keep his airway clear. I'll go get help!"

The little filly stared wide eyed at her brother, tears barely withheld.


Appplebloom startled and looked up at her sister.

"Come help!"

The youngest apple jumped up on the bed and held her eldest sibling's head in her hooves. His body was ridged and was shaking slightly. Applejack left her sister as she ran off the farm, going for help.

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