• Published 14th May 2013
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Servant of Man - Timber Wolf

Big Mac was vaguely aware of Applebloom holding his head during his seizure, of her trying to talk to him, but his head was filled with another conversation.

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Chapter 9

Celestia sat on the roof of the hospital, her head lowered and wings drooping. Luna stood at the top of the stairway to the roof. She looked at her elder sister and sighed. Luna walked up and sat down next to Celestia. Luna looked up at her moon and stars before she started to talk.

" The doctors said young Twilight Sparkle shall be alright."

Celestia looked over at the dark alicorn, tears in her eyes. Luna continued as if she did not see her sister crying.

" They said she used a large amount of her magic to open the portal. Any normal unicorn would have died using that much magic."

Celestia sniffed and rubbed her hoof across her eyes.

"Yeah. Twilight is amazing. It's just. . . she could have died and. . ."

Luna understood. Twilight was like Celesta's daughter, and she almost lost her today. Celestia would loose her eventually, it was the curse of immortality, but she wanted as much time with her as she could. That time was almost cut short. A great unicorn could have died today. Luna draped her wing over her sister's shoulders as Celestia's shock subsided.

Big Mac, River Leaf, and the three mares had been walking for several hours, their captors pulling them along. The open meadows and forests had been replaced by a dirt road and train tracks. In the distance, Mac could see a single building. He could smell on the wind other horses and just barely hear them. With each step closer to the area, a step farther from where he first showed up in this world, his felling of dread build. Mac wasn't positive, but he had a good idea why these aliens wanted them.

The creatures needed more servants. Like the horses who were carrying them. They were dragged over to the building. It was surrounded by several corals, each full of horses. Train tracks went down one side, and Mac realized it was a train station. Mac looked over at the closest wooden pen with maybe 30 other horses in it. All of the horses looked scared and confused. They must have been taken from their own herds. Another one of the aliens was standing there, waiting for them. One of the two-legs jumped off it's horse and went to the other two-leg.

Big Mac watched as the two of them traded round metal coins. Money. They were being sold. The two creatures shook claws and smiled. Mac, River Leaf, and the ares were shoved into the closest wooden pen. Big Mac stumbled and fell into one of the other horses. The stallion reared at Mac and bit him hard on the ear. Mac whinnied and turned away. He gave a slight buck to the other stallions chest before he shoved his way through the group.

River Leaf was at the very back of the pen, rubbing his bridle against the wood fence. Mac nickered at him and River Leaf walked over to him. Big Mac gently pulled off the bridle with his teeth. River Leaf shook his head and started rubbing his face against the fence again. It probably itched.

The ground was slick with mud and horse waste. Walking made the disgusting mixture of dirt and manure cake his hooves and fetlocks. Mac snorted and stood at the very back with River Leaf. Hours passed and Macintosh was hungry and thirsty. He walked around the edge of the fence, hoping to at least find a water trough.

There was a water trough and even some hay, but the trough had been dumped over and they hay was covered in what Mac prayed was only mud. He lowered his nose to the hay, but quickly drew back. Not mud. He pushed River Leaf back over to the far back of the pen and stood there with him. They were both hungry, thirst, tired, and covered in filth. Not only that, but Mac's bridle was really starting to bug him.

Hours passed as the evening came and went and the moon took the sun's place. Big Mac looked up at the unfamiliar stars and sighed. He wanted to go home. Hay, even the open meadows with the herd was better than this. The farm worker rested his head on the fence and fell into an uneasy sleep.

The sound of a train whistle startled Mac awake. He was shoved up against River Leaf, who would have fallen over if not for the fence. Mac nipped at the mare who shoved into them. She snorted in his face bit him on the shoulder. Mac tried to send the mare away, but there wasn't enough room for her to move. The sound of the train had the all the horses in every pen in a frenzy. One of the horses in the center of the group tripped, and fell on her side. Before she could get up, she was stepped on by the hooves of her companions. Mac pressed up against River Leaf, keeping him against the pen's side. He would not let the teenager end up in the center.

The train reached the station and the brakes hissed. The horses were rearing and biting and bucking, anything to get away. Mac's own instincts demanded that he flee, but his rational mind knew there was no escape. Yet.

Several men jumped out of the train and opened a wood cargo box. A plank with tall railings was placed in the small opening in the train box. The other side was lowered to the gate door of the pen. The gate opened and the herd surged. Most jumped back, but a few brave ones approached the plank. There was a thud next to Mac and he looked over. One of the two-legs had climbed and jumped into the pen. Right next to River Leaf and Big Mac.

The herd, Mac and River Leaf included, pushed away from the back of the pen. The ones in the front were pushed up onto the plank and into the train. Five horses were loaded and the gate was shut in the pen, while the crate's doors were closed and locked.

The train's engine sputtered slightly, moving forward just enough for the next cargo box to be inline with the gate.

Five horses at a time were loaded. Soon enough, Mac was being ushered up into the train. River Leaf cried out and Big Mac looked over his shoulder. The gate was closed. River Leaf was going into another crate. Mac backed up, unable to turn around in the small space the plank gave. He kicked at the gate. The two-legs barked and yowled at him and one hit him with a switch on his flank.

Mac gave a short whinny and was forced onto the train. He glanced back at River Leaf as the cargo door was shut and locked. Three stallions and a mare were in the train box with him. The train lurched forward slightly before stopping again. Big Mac could hear the compartment next to his being loaded. He could only hope that River Leaf was there and okay.

It took nearly an hour for the train to be loaded. The machine blew it's whistle, scaring ever horse it held, before it started up. Mac swayed with the motion as he hung his head low. He had a sinking feeling he may never get home.

Celestia sat by Twilight's bed side. The young mare was deep asleep, full of good dreams. Luna had made sure of that. Celestia sighed leaned back against the wall. The door to the hospital room slammed open, startling the princess before she could get comfortable.

One of her guards stood there, trying to catch his breath.

"For-give m-me your high-highness."

The stallion paused taking another deep breath.

Celestia nodded to him.

"Yes, Rapid Star? What is the problem?"

"Your Majesty! The violin is gone!"

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