• Published 14th May 2013
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Servant of Man - Timber Wolf

Big Mac was vaguely aware of Applebloom holding his head during his seizure, of her trying to talk to him, but his head was filled with another conversation.

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Chapter 2

Big Mac was vaguely aware of Applebloom holding his head during his seizure, of her trying to talk to him, but his head was filled with another conversation. The violin music had stopped, replaced by the sound of it's plucking strings.

♪ ♫ ♩

'Please stop'

♬ ♪ ♩ ♬ ♫

'Just leave me alone!'

♭ ♪# ♫

'I can't'

♪ ♫ ♩


♪ ♫ ♩ ♭ ♩ ♬

'I. . .'

♫ ♪


The seizure stopped and Big Mac's muscles relaxed. He took in deep shuttering breaths, feeling like he had galloped full speed through five Running of the Leaves. Mac lifted his head out of Applebloom's lap as he rolled out of his bed. The second his hooves touched the floor, his knees buckled. Applebloom rushed to his side.

"Big Mac! Don' get up! Applejack's gone ta get help!"

Big Mac wanted to comfort his sister, tell her he was alright, but he couldn't. There was no time. He needed to get to Her. She was calling him. Struggling to his hooves, Macintosh set off towards the Ponyville library.

A fast melody that was half classical half fiddle, and a full demand. Big Mac made his way out of his room, and down the stairs. Applebloom followed behind him.

"Big Mac! Please stop! Big Mac! Big Mac!"

Applebloom is racing around him in a panic, trying to stop him. He simple brushes past her and out the front door.


In any normal situation, Big Mac may have been surprised that his baby sister used his full first name, but he has no time to stop. He has to keep going forward. He has to get to Her. The song in his head picks up speed, and his legs react to the tempo. A quick walk turns into an unsteady canter. Weak, tired muscles scream in protest, but Mac just pushes on. Applebloom is in a full gallop, trying to keep up.

"Big Mac! Please! What's wrong?!"

Before Big Mac can even contemplate thinking of answering, he collides with a fast moving orange blur. Big Mac trips and tumbles forward, sliding in the dirt on his side. He snorts and shakily stands up. The orange blur stood up as well and turned to him.

"Watch were ya goin'- Mac?"

Applejack looks at her brother in surprise. A doctor and two stallions with a stretcher are behind her. Applebloom latches onto Applejack.

"AJ! Ah can't get 'im to stop! He wont listen ta me! Ah think somethin' is really wrong!"

The music in Big Mac's head was playing frantically, but he kept at a slow walk. His body was barely able to do so. The doctor approached the farm stallion.

"Macintosh? Can you hear me?"

Big Mac kept on walking, not even flicking an ear.

'Keep walking. Must get there. She needs me.'

The doctor walked next to Mac and shined a light in his eyes. The doctor sighed.

"He may be walking, but he is still in the middle of a seizure. We'll have to sedate him."

The doctor pulls out a syringe and trots to catch up with Big Mac. Just as the doctor was about to prick him with the needle, Mac bucks. His legs ram into the doctors chest, making him stumble back. On any other day, Big Mac would have sent him flying, but his body is weak and starting to fail him. The library is not ten feet away. With a last burst of speed, and a single loud note in his head, he gallops to the door and slams it open.

And there She is. Metallic body sleek, curves flowing yet sharp. Strings that look like they're made out of silk. A pure white light serves as the hairs on Her bow. Black indented runes twist around, fitting in with the metallic sheen. The music in Mac's head is now a soft, slow song. A lullaby that sounds so familiar, but is unknown.

She's here, and everything will be alright. He knows it.

"What's going on?"

Twilight appears at the top of the stairs, her mane a tangled mess. The purple mare looks over the group. Applejack, Applebloom, and a doctor stand in the library doorway. Big Mac, who has dried blood on his face and upper neck, is stumbling towards the violin. His hoof outstretched, as if to touch it.


Twilight's horn lights up and Big Mac is pulled back by her magic. He struggles against her hold, but he is too weak, and she is too strong. A sharp, angry flare of all four strings of the violin play. Big Mac stamps his hoof. The music sounds different. Almost as if. . . it wasn't in his head. Mac looks over at everypony else. They all looked startled. The four strings play again. Twilight's magic falters. The sound isn't in his head this time. It's real. She's real. Big Mac steps forward as the violin starts to play itself. The runes on the body of the instrument jump into the air and start to spin around the red stallion. A bright light and a flash blinds everypony in the library. When the black dots in their eyes fade, Big Mac is gone. The violin lays on the ground, completely silent.

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