• Published 14th May 2013
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Servant of Man - Timber Wolf

Big Mac was vaguely aware of Applebloom holding his head during his seizure, of her trying to talk to him, but his head was filled with another conversation.

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Chapter 10

Mac wasn't sure how long he had been on the train before it finally stopped. Light started to rise outside as the morning came before the machine slowed and halted. Big Mac stood close to the other horses in his train car. They may not be friends, but a common enemy and situation pushed them together.

The car door opened and Macintosh was momentarily blinded by the morning sun. He blinked a couple times to find another closed over ramp leading down into a pen full of horses. Only difference was that there were many more horses, and even more two-legs. Mac's rump was slapped and he stumbled down the ramp. A high whinny had him looking up, searching the crowd. River Leaf was rearing up as he called out.

Big Mac worked his way over to his friend, who had his bridle put back on him. River Leaf pulled on Mac's mane, leading him over to the side of the pen. There was a water trough and a pile of hay. The water wasn't perfectly clean, bits of hay were in it, but it was better than nothing. His thirst quenched, Big Mac stood next to River Leaf and watched.

There were many two-legs, all of them examining the horses. Almost as soon as Mac was off the train a two-leg was talking to another Duo Pedes and pointing at him. It nodded and gathered another one of its companions. Mac watched as one of the aliens stood on the fence with a lasso in hand. It threw the rope which easily wrapped around Big Mac's neck, who was unable to move away in the crowd.

Mac was pulled away by the rope. He tossed his head and dug in his hooves, but it was no use. He had to move forward or he'd lose the ability to breathe past the tightness of the lasso. River Leaf tried to follow him, and started to cry out when he couldn't Mac turned his head back as far as he could and nickered at him.


The two-legs had now pulled him to the edge of the fence, where there was a gate. The gate was opened and Mac was shoved into a single stall, barely big enough for him to turn around. The biped who had pointed him out looked at him. He circled the three sides of the stall and smiled. The two-leg reached between the bars and patted Mac on his shoulder. Mac pulled away was snorted at the man.

Man. Humans! That's why these aliens seemed so familiar. Anypony in Ponyville who knew Lyra had heard more than enough about these 'humans'. To think that Lyra had actually been correct.

The human walked away as the other humans reached into the stall. One of the 'hands' was reaching for his head. Mac snapped at the hand, purposely missing it. He really didn't want to hurt anypony. Several men reached in and before Mac could decide what to do, his bridle had been removed. Before long, a truck with a small train car on the back was parked in front of the stall.


Mac looked to his left to find River Leaf standing next to him on the other side of the fence. River Leaf was pressed up against the far side of the pen by the other horses, but he didn't seem to mind. The young wild colt, at the cusp of stallionhood, looked at him with sad eyes. Mac looked over at the human with the truck. He was handing the other men money. Big Mac had just been bought, and River Leaf had not.

Mac stomach dropped as he realized this may be the last time he'll ever see his friend again. They may have only known each other for five days, but they had become good friends. Mac nickered at the colt, who blew in his face. River Leaf nibbled on Mac's mane slightly before Big Mac's head was pulled away.

Macintosh whinnied in surprise. Two of the humans had his ears and were pulling his head up. Another stuck one of its claws into his mouth, behind his teeth. Head held high and mouth forced open, another bridle was placed on him. Only this one had a strange metal piece that was shoved in his mouth.

The metal bit was cold and held Mac's tongue down. Big Mac gave one last glance at River Leaf before the pen was opened and the farm pony was pulled onto the odd trailer. The doors slammed behind him and the truck started off. Within minuets of being there, Big Macintosh had been bought. He could hear the screeching of River Leaf starting to fade. Mac closed his eyes. He wanted to cry, but no tears came.

Celestia watched as Applejack and Applebloom cried, their grandmother holding them. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie sat together, Pinkie was crying while Rainbow Dash seemed to be in shock. Rarity hung her head as she watched the Apple family cry. Celestia was not sure where Fluttershy was, but she suspected the mare had gone home to hide. It was probably too much for her.

And Twilight. Twilight was still at the hospital, asleep. Her brother and sister-in-law were with her, Luna standing guard.

Princess Celestia looked back to the center of the library's basement. The violin was gone. There was no physical evidence that it had ever even been there. The princess turned and stormed from the room, passing by two little fillies who were headed towards Applebloom.

Celestia reached the main part of the library and motioned over her assistant.

"Ocean Wave, send letters to all the leaders of every nation"

Ocean Wave stopped.

"Every nation?"

"Yes. The griffons, zebras, caribou, dragons. Everypony. Tell them that there is a meeting in three days in Canterlot, and they must all attend. Not a request, and order."

Ocean Wave gulped, but nodded. The mare scrambled away to get her work done.

Celestia sighed. She would have every living being in Equestria looking for this violin.

Author's Note:

Wow, Celestia's pullin' some strings!

The reason Mac was bought so quickly is because he's a draft horse. The humans probably think that a draft horse got loose and bred with a wild mustang, which resulted in Mac.

Also, it's about 1920 in the human world.

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Comments ( 10 )

Who gave Celestia the right to order every single other race around?

She may be a pony, but she's the ruler of Equestria (which I see as the planet, not just a country.) She raises the sun, she's basically a demi-god(dess). I think of her as the pony version of Jesus.

Queen Faust created Equestria and is Celestia and Luna's mother. So Luna and Celestia are like gods as well. . . yeah.


*ducks and covers head*

I just now noticed that this is in the "Humans are Bastards" group.
Welp, here's to hoping this doesn't end up being one big spiel against humanity. Of course, it could be justifiable from Mac's perspective, because he's effectively become property. However, for the humans to act like straw-men who can only hate, would be taking it a bit far.

You have something good going here, just make sure to double check all the little things in each paragraph. If I were you, I would go back after finishing each chapter and double check for grammatical or punctuational errors. I saw things like "simple" when it should have been "simply" and other such errors on the same vein.

Also, what IrrelevantThings said about taking the "Humans are Bastards" trope too far.

3651887 The only ones I noticed as I was reading (and not looking for errors) were that he let them pull him along so he wouldn't "loose" the ability to "breath" (should be "lose" and "breathe").


I'd refuse just to piss her off.

And I again will bring up the case that none of the alicorns are deities of any sort.

1. They are not omnipotent.
2. They are not omnipresent.
3. Their powers are finite (otherwise Celestia would have beaten Chrysalis in a heartbeat, not to mention she would have been able to avoid or defeat the vines that captured her in the Season 4 premiere).
4. On the show they are never referred to in any sense other than royalty.
5. Unicorns moved the sun and the moon before either Celestia or Luna made the scene (as per the Hearth's Warming Eve pageant).

I'm not doing this for reasons of atheism; quite the opposite.

That's cool by me, but for my story, I'm just gonna say that she rules over all. Each species may have their own leaders, but Celestia moves the sun. . . just for this story. :twilightblush:

When will this update? I love this story and wish to see it continue.

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