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League of Legends Part 2 · 1:48pm April 13th

Initials for every character: C for Miss Cheerilee, B for Button, R for Rumble and F for Featherweight.
Warning: Upsetting sex jokes

C: Don't overthink it boys.
B: Shouldn't be a problem.
C: Mages reliant on ability power over basic attacks. Why wouldn't a mage wanna purchase one of these?
R: Cause his parents will get really mad that he charged their credit card even though it totally goes with the new Capri pants I had his size on.

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Time and Tide · 3:06am Feb 2nd, 2017

Past and future are intersecting in this blog. Firstly, AShadowOfCygnus surprised me with a reading of one of my very first stories on the site. If you ever wanted to hear what Featherweight sounded like after puberty, listen below:

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Congrats to our collab writers! · 9:17pm Aug 16th, 2015

9 months and 5 days ago we started writing. 103 Chapters later, and we've finally reached 200 upvotes.
Congrats, writers, and thank you, readers for all your participation, comments, and views.

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