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Flora Blossom
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TI Ain't Your Sacrifice
Despite the prospect of imminent death looming all around him, the black-and-red Alicorn Crystal pony faces his challenges head on.
Bad Dragon · 4k words  ·  142  44 · 3.5k views

Review: I Ain't Your Sacrifice

Tags:  Dark, Horror, Tragedy

Summary:  A quality fiction of an original character of an alicorn.

Critic: You know that the quality of a fiction is highly important. That is very true and gosh dang this is very high end quality. The most high quality fiction that I read this fall so far… I’m glad it is a horror fiction for the fall event.  You… you did so well. I love this… However, there are a few things…  maybe two to three.  

Firstly, this is a soft horror that is done so well.  I love beginning to end.  There is not much to say since this is too good to be true.  It did have those dark and horror elements but it’s not that grim dark or deep horror… So it’s a soft horror that is done really well. I’m sure it is good at it’s time from 2014 and still is to this very day. People should read this and get inspiration for those soft horror fictions. I highly recommend it.  Second it’s an alicorn but the back story is pretty good.  Well, there is the third.  It clearly had flaws as an original character which is high and mighty good.  Every character must have flaws. If it doesn’t have flaws it means it’s a Mary Sue or a Gary Sue character.  There is none of that here which did super well.

So here we are, let's talk about the lore and how this Bad Dragon did this that did so well. The quality is good, the flow of it is great, it also has dark and horror elements but not something that is too deep to the grim era.

Because of its quality and well done for begging to end… this is clearly a 10/10.  It may not have the best fiction cover that is true.  Like so true on that… but it’s the quality of the fiction that counts.  Quality over quantity.

7552413 To be honest, I wasn't even sure this fic would qualify for the horror fall event. I'm glad it didn't disappoint you.

This story was designed to be the ultimate writer's challenge. An alicorn OC with a supper cringy color scheme along with the worst cover-art in the whole worldwide web.

As a writer, I had to do my best and overcompensate to make up for the deadweights.

I also had a message to tell. It annoyed me to no end that I edit my stories 100+ times, and use all the tools on them

, but then somepony has a drunken feat and barfs up a bunch of words on the paper, sticks a sexy cover art on it, hits publish and BAM!, instant feature box. They produce plenty of quantity like that, but when you read it, it feels that it's lacking something. On a surface, it looks good. It may even have plenty of upvotes. But there is no soul woven into it.

I kept asking myself, what about the story? Does nopony care?

But you care. Your eyes managed to pierce through the superficial and glare directly at the content within. Not every reviewer has your superpower, you know?

Thank you for your review. I appreciate it.


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