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Have you ever wanted to write a romance story about Sonata and Octavia before? Instead of Octascrath or Arionta?
Oh, you haven’t! 😐...
Well what if I made it into a contest?
Still no? Well, what if I made it into a contest where you can get your story turned into a dramatic reading on YouTube?

That right! Because I seem to be the only person writing for this ship so far, as captain of the ship , I demand to have more crew members!

The rules are simple; write a story that centers around Octavia & Sonata. It dosnt even have to necessarily be romance, but is encouraged (see further below). However, all the story needs to do is have Octavia and Sonata as leads/friends/or lovers. From there, they can be human, equestrian girls, antro, pony, pony and siren, ect.

Word length... Now, I’m not going to directly set a word limit. I hate those tbh. If the story you need to tell only requires 1000 words, tell it in 1000 words. If it needs 20,000, tell it in 20,000. BUT, since the prize is a dramatic reading, it is to be a one-shot. I’ll be flexible if it’s 2-3 additional chapters, but do try to keep the story within a reasonable number of words if you can. I’ll try not to make it a deal-breaker for the grand prize, but if it comes down to deciding between a 10k or a 5K story, Im going with the 5K one.

NSFW- now sadly, my YouTube channel is, while not for kids, I still keep it somewhat SFW. At least in the porn department since I’ve been doing more hazabin stuff lately.
That said, and knowing NSFW is what helps sells, I’ll allow clop to be entered, BUT, it can only come in second place and can’t win the first place prize of a dramatic reading.

Cover Art- your story dose need to have some kind of picture. While this is in part to encourage more Sonatavia fan art, you don’t need to have drawn or commissoned it. You may feel free to use any of the art below that exists as long at the artist is credited (which will be provided).
Using new vs. exciting art WILL NOT affect the final decision.

My preferences- Now, I’ll have a friend or two help with the judging (in progress) however, since I’ll be the final vote, here are some things you should know about me: Although I’d recommend you check out this blog post on why Sonatavia is great, here are some additional things that I like/turn me off;
-I hate dumb/over giddy Sonata/Pinkie Pie. Optimism, DOSNT, equal stupidity! Sonata can be silly all she likes, but to win my favor, she has to written with at least some dignity.
-I’m demisexual, a form of asexual. What this means is; I can only get into a romance story if the characters have strong chemistry and personality’s. This is why I’ll say to anyone I’m proofing for; if your story dosnt need to have a romantic subplot, and unless you can write it good, DONT! Which, don’t feel discouraged, but, if you’re going for romance (which I’m guessing most of you will) bring you A game and convince me these two are either adorable together, madly in love, or work so perfectly off each other!
Rainbow rocks- basically don’t feel as if you have to be contained to cannon. Fan fiction is already an alternate universe.
Themes-a good story/series, I find, is one that has at least one centralized theme/or message. For example; you’ll find that most of my SonTavia stories are about Sonata and Octavia overcoming toxic family relationships and depression. This dosnt have to be yours theme, and you can have multiple ones.

Deadline-I might change it, but for the moment, contest ends after the 11th of September (so anything said that was published on the 12Th won’t be eligible)

Also, there may be a separate contest with the same prize in the Quills speedwriters group, so consider joining for more details.

Art to use

Where it all began, with Zalla

Next we have some horse/siren art by BeautifulHorseMe

And to the biggest SonTavia artist so far, The sleepless beholder. Whom, if you’re looking for some custom SonTavia art for your story and can afford it, consider commissioning him.

Good luck to you all! To submit, just add your story to The Sonatavia group, And/Or notify me on my user page. Also while you’re there, feel free to check out all my SonTavia stories published so far for inspiration

*these rules may be liable to change. Never done something like this before. However, since I’m the only person to have written a SonTavia story before, there will be no ‘start‘ date. So you can submit any time you please you’re done here, this will not change, period! However, but do look back On the forum in the Sonatavia group for the most up-to-date info.

Group Admin

7311477 Hiya, thanks for posting this here. If there are contests like this going on, it's good to know about it, and here is a pretty good place to let people know.

Thank you QwQ
Helps as some of the other comments I seen are the; will never happen/no! kind 😓
Looking forward to what you will write :)

Group Admin

7311879 Ah, sorry, I mean in the more general sense as the person who runs the group, thanks for putting a relevant contest announcement here. I'm not really much of a contest entering person, myself.

Group Admin

7311879 There's a Sonata x Octavia chapter in this one, by the way.

Oh? What’s it about

Group Admin

7317903 After agreeing to be motivational speakers at CHS, The Dazzlings are no longer living in a van down by the river. However, once they start dealing with the various problems of some of the CHS students, they may wish they'd stayed in said van down by the river.

Ah :)
Adding into the group in the friends section ^^’
While not romance, happy to add something that isn’t mine

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