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Why SonTavia is Great!

Haven’t got invested in this ship yet? 🤯
Here’s why you should;

-sonata likes tacos, but Octavia likes salads. They often compromise on taco salads ^^
-they’re both into music
-I know! Much like another, more popular, Octavia ship. One where the other person is also silly and somewhat an opposite to Octavia. So what’s the difference/Sonata be a better choice? Well, depending on your headcannon, she’s actually 100’s if not 1000’s of years older! So she kind of has the Sunset Shimmer effect; still a child, but actually rather mature despite the age she looks. An excellent compliment to Octavia more common interpreted personality because of her upbringing. Speaking of;
-both come from toxic family relationships (although in some cases, Aria/Adagio is an ex). Octavia family with its upper crust mindset and desire to mold her into perfection as seen in most interpretations. While Sonata, at the best of times, is always treated like a joke to the other dazzlings. So both have something to feel empathetic about, and that need to/can work through together
-Sonata’s a villain. Easy to forget, but she did try to take over the world. How does this fit well into Octavia? Well Octavia was one of the people she mind controlled. So, I’m them forming a relationship, it be something she’d feel guilty about. Perhaps at first just seeing Octavia as someone she can help make right. More true so, arguably, because of the showcase being turned into a battle of the bands instead, Octavia got humiliated and defeated in the first rounds.
-PinkieScrath. Honestly, the only reason this is so common cannon in SonTavia at the moment is, one, to give Vinyl someone since Octavia is taken. Although why Pinkie? Well, just prior to discovering to joys of SonTavia, I discovered the wonders of Piñata (pinkie sonata) in pinkie pie swears. So kind of was more addressing that and how that ship actually makes a little more sense, although...
-they’re both hot. THERE! I said it >.> but while this is the most opinionated, there’s just something about the duo that the most attractive to me, and a lot of people based on the Derpburioo numbers.
-sonata makes Octavia laugh, Octavia pushes sonata to be taken more seriously. Kind of already adressed that, just clarifying.
-lastly, they look cute together.

That is all :3 Now get out there, and write/draw your own SonTavia works!! :pinkiehappy:

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Art by The Sleepless Beholder,
Love those guys!

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