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Have you ever wanted to write a romance story about Sonata and Octavia before? Instead of Octascrath or Arionta?
Oh, you haven’t! 😐...
Well what if I made it into a contest?
Still no? Well, what if I made it into a contest where you can get your story turned into a dramatic reading on YouTube?

That right! Because I seem to be the only person writing for this ship so far, as captain of the ship , I demand to have more crew members!

Rules-write a story that centers around Octavia & Sonata. It dosnt even have to necessarily be romance, but is encouraged. However, all the story needs to do is have Octavia and Sonata as leads/friends/or lovers. From there, they can be human, equestrian girls, antro, pony, pony and siren, ect.

*new* Word length- now, I really hate word lengths in contest. A good story should be told in as many words as it needs to be told. That said, especially since the grand prize is a dramatic reading, I’ve decided this;
There will be no word limit. If you honestly think you can write a good SonTavia story in under five words and deal with FIMFICTION’s 1k min, go for it!
As for word limit, I’m putting it at a soft 15k. Meaning if you go a few dozen or even hundred words over, that’s fine. Make it your goal. But if the story gets too close to 20k words, then there might be issues of eligibility. Although you’ll be notified before being disqualified

NSFW- now sadly, my YouTube channel is, while not for kids, I still keep it somewhat SFW. At least in the porn department since I’ve been doing more hazabin stuff lately.
That said, and knowing NSFW is what helps sells, I’ll allow clop to be entered, BUT, it can only come in second place and can’t win the first place prize of a dramatic reading.

How many stories can I enter?- you can submit more than one story. So if you want to practice; write a super short fluff story for practice, then come back later with something you think is A game

Start date- being the only person to have written for this ship so far, there will be no start date.
*for anything else that may be updated as I learn and grow, this WILL be the one constant if you want to get stated and publish now

Deadline *updated*-contest ends after it’s midnight for me on * October 9th. So, anything said that was published on Oct 10th, won’t be eligible
*date might change, not set 100% in stone yet, but this will mostly likely will be the finale deadline

Judges *new*-myself, and to be announced. If you’re interested, DM me, but then you can’t enter the contest

Cover art- there will be a soft rule to have something, but it dosnt have to be anything new, you can freely use the art below, as long as you credit the artist

Also, there may be a separate contest with the same prize in the Quills speedwriters group, so consider joining for more details.

Art to use

Where it all began, with Zalla

Next we have some horse/siren art by BeautifulHorseMe

And to the biggest SonTavia artist so far, The sleepless beholder. Whom, if you’re looking for some custom SonTavia art for your story and can afford it, consider commissioning him.

If you’re not sure what to write, check out this writing guide I threw together

To submit- add your story to any folder in The Sonatavia group, and say in the description it was written for this contest.

Good luck to all, check back in for updates, and good luck 👍🍀

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