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Real Thread Edition

It's been a long, long 2018. So let's put an official close to "Barcast Season 3" With a nice AMA to each of the 6 Barcasters: Flutterpriest, Anonpencil, Enigmatic Otaku, Flammenwerfer, Ravvij, and Milk.

Chances are that we will run longer than usual, as we're also doing our secret santa! Will someone out shitpost last year's Gallon of Mayonnaise?

If you missed last weeks episode, don't worry! We're on youtube! Don't forget to subscribe for more Barcast silliness!

Make sure to tune in at (7pm -5 GMT) (6pm -6 GMT) (5pm -7 GMT) (4pm -8 GMT) over on our twitch page!

Firstly, congratulations to all of ya's on another successful and eventful season! Now, onward to the questions!

One - What has been your most favorite & most hated memes of 2018?

Two - Any big goals set for 2019?

Three - What has been the most memorable moment(s) of the Barcast in 2018?

1) Pencil, I have to know, how much of that mayonnaise have you managed to get through?
4) Are we any closer to (what I assume is) our end goal of interviewing Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell Lauren Faust?
3) What are you all drinking tonight?
7) What was your favourite day of 2018?
1) On a scale of one to two-thousand-and-eighteen, how would you rate 2018?

1. How has your 2018 been?

2. Fic-related plans for 2019?

3. How's our sponsored horsie doing?

This is airing the day before my birthday! :pinkiegasp: I feel special. Probably because the school says I'm special. Anyways, I'm at work and don't have time to harass any of you with my questions, so have this neat picture of a thing.

(Milk is really gay)

Congratulations on 3 seasons! 🎉 Here are my questions for anyone:

1. How big is Alex's underscore?

2. Which of last year's guests surprised you or defied your expectations the most?

3. How do you think you'll feel when G4 ends?

4. Flammenwerfer and Flutterpriest have fused into a single being, the legendary Fluttenwerfer. This leaves the Barcast one team member short. How hard do you kick Enigma to compensate?

5. Have you accepted She-Ra, Guardian of Etheria, into your heart?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how toxic is the poison you just gave enigma?

Favourite mixed drink of the year?

Do you have any gray poupon?

Finally, are you guys doing anything to mark the last ever bronycon?

Full AMA? hrmmmm

What are the odds?

How do these make you feel?:

I know I always end the year by asking you all to say something nice to enigma. However, this year, I want everyone to tell us something you like about our favorite intern.

The entire Barcast can answer these questions:
1. Congratulations on three years of the Barcast! What has been your favorite moment from all of the Barcast interviews?
2. Who was your favorite person to interview?
3. What did you all do for Christmas and New Year’s Eve?
4. What is your favorite heartwarming experience at a convention?
5. What do you believe is the future for MLP as a whole, this includes Gen4 and the upcoming Gen5.
6. What writing advice would you give to those starting out who would like to create their own stories? This is not limited to MLP.

There questions below are for individual Barcast members:
7. For Flutterpriest and Anonpencil, what was the best experience you’ve had as a couple?
8. For Ravvij, how are you doing on being a professional content creator?
9. For Enigma, has your situation improved this year? I hope you doing alright.
10. For Milk, what has been your best experience with Snu as a couple?
11. For Flammenwerfer, how are things going for you in the dating department?

The special question (Flutterpriest, please don’t let Anonpencil make you skip this question, thank you)
12. [Starts Singing] Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna turn around, and hurt you! Just as begin to sing the next line, Princess Celestia comes at you and pimp slaps you, declaring, “We do not sing that despicable song in our great nation. If you ever speak another verse of those wretched lyrics, I will personally banish you to the sun!” Will you turn around and let her down, or never give up, make her understand, and tell her how you’re feeling?

How are you today?~

A fuck, marry, kill question for anonpencil: Jumbo, Hertl, Couture.

Fuck, have I really been lurking here for 3 years? What have been doing with my life?

Priest: What is more likely to happen, Half-Life 3 being released or you finishing Office Love before October 23, 2077?
Pencil: Will you ever be able to forgive Flam for last year's Secret Santa?
Enigma: Don't you have something to finish? Or are you just going to write more dragon tits to piss everyone off?
Milk: What ever happened to that stick?
Flam: Do you like mayonnaise?
Rav: Any plans to continue My MILFS Mothers?

To all: How badly do you want Gordon Ramsay to appear in your kitchen?

How does this make you feel?

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