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Elric of Melnipony
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Background ponies never get enough love, but we can give them some here.
Show us your favorite background ponies. Please post plentiful pony pics, people!

Flitter but no Cloud Chazer? You make Flitter sad!:fluttercry: Look how found they are of each other!
Flitter love her sister!


Btw, searching for Cloudchaser and Flitter on derpibooru with all filters off can burn one's eyes...

"Are you sure we aren't lost?"

Apple Fritter eating apple fritters. Who said that ponies aren't cannibals...

Wrong neighbourhood, I suppose?

They clearly haven't read my fanfics. Maybe it's better for them...

Parasol with a parasol. Who'd think?

To the Moon? Well, a propos, don't forget the best princess:

Animatia Erroria!

Also, that awkward moment, when someone's OC called Cinnamon Swirl has more pictures than a background pegasus called Cinnamon Swirl...


Heh... Fritter and Flitter. Cute.

A couple of my personal favorites. Yeah, the second one has Dash, Shy, Twilight, and Trixie in it too, but I went out of my way to try to put as many different pegasi in this scene as possible compared to the original screen shot which just duplicated Lightning Bolt six times.

Elric of Melnipony
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Flitter is my favorite of the two, and she gets less love. If you check Derpibooru, Cloudchaser has about 50% more images than Flitter does.


Btw, searching for Cloudchaser and Flitter on derpibooru with all filters off can burn one's eyes...

That's true of just about any search. That's why I've been carefully maintaining and updating my filter list...

Always nice to see more of Beauty Brass. :twilightsmile:

Elric of Melnipony
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Following up on my previous post...

Well, who needs derpibooru, when I have deviantart, and lots of ponies in favourites:
Let's start with a daily dose of Cloudchaser:

With her mane, giving her a BFS was only a matter of time:

Meanwhile, Lyra explains something about herself:

But Cloudchaser doesn't really care:

More Flitter and Fritter, this time with 100% more socks:

Silly Chrissie, one can never have too many Derpies:

But I think you're soon gonna need more benches:

A propos Lyra, here we have an obligatory Background Pony pic:

But enough of sad stuff. Apparently, poison joke fixes her eyes:

Let's not forget our favourite drunk:

And Vinyl is sooo gonna lose this game...

Elric of Melnipony
Group Admin

Here's a reaction image I captioned a while back...

Elric of Melnipony
Group Admin

Don't forget: the membership roster for background ponies also includes cute little fillies.

Well, there's a background pony I haven't seen in this thread so far:

Colgate or Minuette? Honestly, I can't decide...

Meanwhile, Berry deals with the first world problems:

Also Bon Bon has problems, but they're out of this world:

And Cloud Kicker came up with a terrible realisation:

Lyra: "Oh crap, not this again..." Also, it's said that the pony next to her is Shoeshine, but for me she looks a bit like Bon Bon. Also Blossomforth is not amused:

And Berry and Carrot Top just have a great time together:

Elric of Melnipony
Group Admin

If you wanted Minuette, all you had to do was ask.

Thanks ;)
More Minuette:

And don't forget about Roseluck:

"What the hell am I doing here?"

Forgot about this one:

Elric of Melnipony
Group Admin

You also forgot about her friends/sisters/gardening buddies:

Mauroz is one of the better humanized pony artists on DA.

No new pics? Sparkler/Amethyst Star is not amused:

"Your gratitude is thanks enough!"


I guess I could contribute to this thread a little, the colt in the foreground is one who I really feel should have gotten some attention, not to mention he is pretty adorable too:

Likewise, have some Chirpy Hooves:

Let's not forget about Apple Flora and Sweet Tooth:

Or Hope and Glass Slipper:

Likewise for Sun Glimmer and Archer:


I love that the first two are ponies who figure prominently in one or more of my stories, and #3 almost did (I used Starlight instead).

Have some Viking Raindrops

Coco Crusoe needs more love

And what about Lightning Bolt?
She's been in every single episode.

Does the Mayor count as a Background Pony? She doesn't get a whole ton of attention...

Actually, is there a dA group? If not, there should be.

Elric of Melnipony
Group Admin

A DeviantArt group for background ponies in general? I think there are a couple, but I'm not sure...

OK, so after I watched the "Twilight Time," I did this:

Then along comes "Twilight's Kingdom" which gives this screenshot:

Which I'm in the process of expanding a teensy tiny bit, since there wasn't enough room to display all of the background ponies who should have been there... notable absences include Carrot Top, Cheerilee, Daisy, Roseluck, and Lily.

Any thoughts on who else definitely should be there? I'm restricting it to Ponyville residents only.


Sea Swirl by shepherd0821. (His Fluttershy is not going to be happy...)

And... boom goes the dynamite.

2600550 Oh well, I think I have my 2 cents ready for once.

At least the pink Unicorn Filly is in this immage.

2600550 Oh well, I think I have my 2 cents ready for once. (if only I can figure how to move my images into the link?

I had two images in mind.

Aside from that, there are a few images on the thread I just love to see as illustrations.
I love that one on the banner as well.

Elric of Melnipony
Group Admin

The answer is "Yes!"

4071674 Not really answering your question yet, but Liza Doolots is about as close to a filly version of Diamond Mint as I've ever seen. If their manes were closer in appearance...

Actually, I suppose I would've liked to see Diamond Mint in the picture, but I guess I'm too late.

In other news... more pictures of background ponies!


Derpy lying on a cloud

Vinyl Scratch

Vinyl Scratch

Dinky following a butterfly. Awwww!

The pink bow is at the other end, now...

Probably one of the more popular background Apples, but you do still kind of have to go through a lot of ponies to find her. Not complaining, though; just means more adorableness!

I don't think this picture of Noi and Bloo is in here.

I was gonna add a story 'bout them too, but it unexpectedly failed moderation...

--Sweetie Belle

Heh! Y'know, in Look Before You Sleep, Daisy apparently picked something up by magic...

I would like to see Noi all snuggled up to Golden Harvest.

Blossomforth the gymnast

Cloudchaser anthro

Still more "Background Pony"-ness



...and more Parasol!

Pinny Lane anthro


Time Turner

It's been more than 20 weeks since someone posted in this thread? I must fix this!

Here's an absolutely breathtaking picture of anthro Sea Swirl, snorkeling. With her snorkel entirely underwater.

Crackle Pop, we CANNOT forget about this cute colt.

same goes for Shutterbug!

Plus, there's Perky Prep and Peach Fuzz!

And Strawberry Parchment :3

While there are two versions of him, there's Dipsy Hooves:

And Coronet and Pina Colada.

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