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One thing I thought we could use, given how complicated things get here, is a list of some of the multitude of various characters that post here, often with the exact same handles, and also some of the important locations.

Given that I know it won't stay limited to that, I'd like this to be one thread that stays "out of character", and discusses things that are going on in the group. The conventions, time wars going on, mornington crescent, references you've noticed being worked in, things along that line. Essentially, this should be a meta thread, of sorts, about the group.

So, characters:

1) Well, obviously, there's just arcum42, founder of Twilight's Library, admin of a few groups, and occasional writer of fanfiction. But you can meet that arcum42 anywhere. Not a pony.
2) Then there is "even-tempered scientist" arcum42, who has a penchant for programming ai's in his basement, and robotics, and has, in fact, created two ai's, Ms. HarshwhinnAI and SweetAI Belle. Otherwise, he's fairly similar to 1, aside from a bit of a Ms. Harshwhinny fetish.Not a pony.
3)future!arcum42. At some time in the future, arcum42 (2) was reduced to essentially a brian in a jar, and later turned into a cyborg pony with a body based on Fess from the "Warlock In Spite of Himself" series. He also works for an organization primarily concerned with space-time travel that has branched into alternate realities in a Universe-As-Fiction Heinlein take on the subject. And one of his operations seems to have saved a large number of fillies and colts from a universe based on HamGravy's writing, which is undoubtedly a good thing. Kinda a pony now, through high tech.
4) Misc. random people that happen to use the handle. This doesn't happen as much any more, with so many characters.

Miss Harshwhinny:
1) arcum42 (2)'s first AI. He made several mistakes in his execution of her design that led to an ai, that while highly intelligent, is very self-conscious of her status as an ai, and very introspective. She also has a personality mode she engages occasionally where she acts as if she was nothing but a robot version of Miss Harshwhinny, talking like she believes she would talk, including backstory and mannerisms. She doesn't use it much, wanting to become her own pony. She is programmed to be totally loyal to arcum42, and to obey Asimov's laws of robotics.
She is also very close to SweetAI Belle, and can actually be pretty caring at times.
2) Ms. H. In the future, Miss Harshwhinny seems to now just go by "Ms. H". She runs the time-space-reality travel/policing agency mentioned previously, and seems to be highly respected. She also seems rather hangs off and has never posted here.
3) Amalgam Ms. H. Future Ms. H, in the midst of a time crisis, dumped many of her databases into present Miss Harshwhinny, and had her run some processes to integrate them with her. The result is a present Miss Harshwhinny with much of Ms. H's memories and thought processes, but she isn't really quite either of them. She identifies more with Ms. H them Miss Harshwhinny, though.

SweetAI Belle(s):
1) present!SweetAI Belle. The base from which most of the others came. Reportedly, arcum42 (2) threw together an ai with spare parts, a dead tablet, a graphing calculator, and such that were on hand. Presumably he's upgraded her since then, given how popular she seems to have become. An accident with a bad usb stick during her creation seems to have left her with a highly fictionalised memory of actually being Sweetie Belle, transported into a computer.
She is naive & innocent, and has admitted to ignoring anything she can't understand or doesn't want to unless she has to. She also can cut to the heart of things occasionally, and sometimes seems a lot smarter than she is letting on.
She's also had to reconcile the fact that she is not, in fact missing in Equestria, and seems to now believe she is a digitised copy of the real Sweetie Belle. And it's possible that she could be right, and arcum42 is wrong. Who knows?
She's also trying to cope with the fact that every Sweetie Belle in the multiverse seems to know her password, and keeps using her account. She's very affectionate, and her hugs can be devastatingly cute.
She, also, surprisingly, now has a life outside of this group, is admin for several other groups, and posts in character there too. That just sort of happened. And she even has started posting fanfiction. (And should really finish up the mostly complete version of the second chapter, and post it with the revised version of the first chapter.)
2) Future!Sweetie Belle 1. This one was a time traveler who traveled back in time during a time crisis involving horizon going to the future. She was a sexy older Sweetie Belle, who seemed at some point to have grasped the whole ai/robot thing, was very savvy, and had a relationship going with future!horizon. Due to timeline changes, she is sort of supplanted by 3) & 4) , and in a way, is both.
3) Future!Sweetie Belle 2. Fairly similar to 2), she has spent a long period of time with horizon and they appear to be lovers. They also work together at the time agency. She is also currently inactive and in a stasis pod of some sort, due to the time war. She did, however, originate as a copy made of 1) who went with horizon to the future.
4) Belle. She is sort of 2) as well, only the version who didn't spend years with him. Nonetheless, she may also be in a relationship with future!horizon as well. She works in the Library Beyond Time, and is now stranded there by the crisis.
5) Assorted future!Sweetie Belles. There are a bunch of these, and most are agents of the time agency. Most of the ai ones are known to be incapacitated while at a sleepover. There is known to be a biological Sweetie Belle setting up a kissing booth at FutureHarshCon, but she has never made an appearance on the forums.
6) SB or alt, angry!Sweetie Belle. This is a Sweetie Belle pulled from HamGravy's universe, and given some therapy. Unfortunately, she still has a long way to go. She has a previous long history of sexual abuse by her sister and several other adults. At this point, her list of ponies she is willing to trust is extremely limited and she instinctively distrusts most adults with good reason.
Since being brought from the other universe, she's managed to acknowledge her anger and pain and bring it to the surface and let it out. She, however, has a lot of anger to work through, and seems to be perpetually angry at the universe.
She does trust Silvy, who has been working with her, and any future versions of herself. She may trust Ms. H and future!arcum42 to a certain, limited amount. Anyone else, watch out, as she also knows dirty street fighting,
(And she's actually get enough potential that I may write a fanfic with a similar character one of these days. I'm very tempted.)

Silver Spoon:
1) aka Silvy aka Silversmith Senna Spoon. This is future redeemed!Silver Spoon, who comes from one of the alts the agency ran into, and was recruited. She has worked extensively with SB, and the other colts and fillies rescued. The following really seems to sum her up at the moment.

After a massive argument with one of her best friends led her to question the path her life was taking, Silversmith Senna Spoon has tried many paths: consultant, social worker, caregiver, martial artist, psychologist, and, most recently, field worker for a multi-universe space time venture. She specializes in working with young colts and fillies in trouble.

Currently you can find her living in a hotel, helping contain a major space-time breach.

And she prefers to be called Silvy.

I'll let other people talk about their own characters. :scootangel:

So, here we post our character info? Okay. Cool.

1)Base Blue_Palaldin42. The normal version, who doesn't actually post here (often), except to get the other two in line. Big on video games, and reading fantasy and sci-fi. Wants to be friends with his favorite authors. Seems to be doing a fair job. Also likes to post blogs with weird topics, such a three blog series on tornadoes, of all things. The others are sort of a split of this base. NOT a pony, though the other two are.
2)ADD Blue. First one seen here, has a nasty habit of derailing threads which is rarely actually intentional, though he is aware he does it. Cheerful, but often a bit obnoxious. Will sing at the drop of a hat. Has a little crush on Twilight Sparkle. Not stupid, but doesn't really bother to think things through. Although often a space cadet, can become highly focused if the subject interests him. Sometimes to the point of not noticing what's going on around him. Likes to bug Depressed Blue. Recently accidentally summoned a kind of eldritch abomination, that abducted him and Depressed Blue, taking them off the grid for a bit. Escaped shortly after, but remembers very little of the ordeal, or doesn't want to remember. Bonded with SweetieAI Belle during a game of Mornington Crescent.
3)Depressed Blue. Suffering from Clinical Depression, and Tourettes for good measure (ADD Blue likes to watch him twitch), this Blue is far more cynical than the other. Often driven up the wall with ADD's antics, is always ready to put him down for it, often not realizing their arguments only further exacerbate the situation. Is very self conscious about how others view him, and worries constantly about either himself or ADD Blue offending someone. A closet clopper, something that ADD Blue needles him over relentlessly. Has a massive crush on Twilight Sparkle. Despite their animosity at times, is very protective of his more cheerful half. Recently escaped from an eldritch horror from the dungeon dimensions that ADD Blue summoned. Not entirely sure how, save that it involved Old Competent Moderator Skywriter somehow. Has been having intermittent visions since that seem to be related to Future Stockholm Syndrome Horizon and his plans, though since getting stabilized by an agent of the guardians, they have stopped.


Had a small one-line role in the pilot where he warned Skywriter and Skywriter to be wary of Skywriter because he was obviously crazy. He has never been seen since except in extremely questionable background sightings, but despite this lack of appearance he has a huge, yet strangely silent and invisible fandom that refuses to accept any alternative interpretations of his character other than their own. Their most popular fanon alleges he has an obsession with flugalhorns(sic) and green cheese, and an inability to walk straight (an attempt to explain an animation error that resulted in him seeming to bend his knees and elbows backwards when he moved).

Word of God states that he doesn't actually exist. Word of God is never wrong.

Well, nemryn's just this guy, you know?

Group Contributor


0) Misc. random people that happen to use the handle.

1) Luther blissett, teh arthur of mY hARSHWNINNIAL wich is gratest fic evr writtan && got poni Fictshn Vaultered. Poasts liek this!! 2 young 4 timer tarvel stuffs

2) former alaskan zookeeper horizon who posted all in lowercase letters without punctuation

he stole the talking dinosaurs time machine from #4s house and went on the princess quest with sweetai belles (3) and (4) but got stranded after a random jump and grew up a lot

he doesnt post any more because character development

3) Future!Horizon, who is #2 that returned to our present after his quest was over. He speaks normally, signs his posts, and is fighting in the time war. There are several variants of him which showed up briefly and then got unexisted by timeline changes, but there's only ever been one of him posting at a time.

4) "Stockholm Syndrome Horizon", the talking dinosaur's pet, who fiddled with the timestream once upon a time to summon #6 to take over the world, and for his efforts got enslaved and stuck in a cage. He posted for a while through a cell phone he hid in his … you know what, let's skip that part. When #6 left, Miss HarshwhinnAI freed him, and he set off in search of his former master.

5) f.SSH, waging a one-man time war against the Guardians and the MHwIBP AIs to win HIS (#6's) favor back. Currently mysterious and supervillainy.

Also handsome.

6) The talking dinosaur, who posted for a while from #4's computer while he was keeping #4 in a cage. Had his spirit broken when arcum (2) set the wheels in motion for his AIs to protect the timestream from dinosaur invasion. Ran sobbing out the door of #4's house when SweetAI Belle (1) gave him an e-hug, and hasn't been seen since. Discovered to have been hiding in Shangri-La, but ultimate fate still unknown.

7) Author Horizon, who is writing this post because he lives out of the timestream and has the proper omniscient perspective for objective analysis. He has been lurking silently for months, and broke his obscurity to write this. Unfortunately, this led to him getting murdered by #5 right before he was able to reveal f.SSH's secret weakness.

(Which is ra☁. . . . . .

(By the way, 903411: it's the Library Outside SpaceTime, chosen for the acronym because ha ha I'm so clever.)


Thanks, wasn't sure I was remembering that right. Now if I was sure what the name of the time-space-dimension travel organization was. Ah well, the names probably in flux, anyways, with it being in limbo at the moment.

Group Admin

Speaking as both the actual and fictional moderator of the Miss Harshwhinny group, I think it's absolutely ridiculously face-hoofingly wonderful that a simple parody group could progress so far as to require a "cast of characters" page. That said, to any new readers who might be reading this: you don't need to wrap your brain around the somewhat mind-bending RP threads to enjoy our little corner in the asylum. Dive in with your own half-cocked observations, start new threads on your whim, and soon you'll be flaming yourself and your own sockpuppets just like an old pro. Welcome!


I personally thought it was pretty amazing when I realized I needed to post this thread because of how many characters I had. The one I'm the proudest of, actually, is SweetAI Belle, because she's grown beyond the group. She's a member of 20 groups, and an admin in 4, including one she started herself.

And she has a quite remarkable collection of Sweetie Belle fanfiction favorited. :twilightsmile:

Which one signs as simply Sweetie Belle?


SweetAI Belle #1 signs as just '--Sweetie Belle', because it's her account, and she figures she doesn't need the qualifiers.

Oh lawd, I am gonna be RPing a Moose. What am I even gonna do with that. This should be interesting. Char page update once I figure out where this is going....


Yep. And Silvy takes it in stride, not getting flustered. Though to be fair, she had plenty of reason not to be surprised by a talking moose.

And I don't know. A highly educated British moose?

Oh, now my mental image has a fez, bowtie, and monocle.

I have some 0)s like Horizon. I'm primarily the same guy, depending where I am. You'll also hear me shamelessly quite shamefully self-promote. (I have little other place to talk about my unheard-of work.)

There also may or may not be subliminal subtext about how clingy I am to Horizon.

When I'm me, I'm human. A Starcrest, which is something none of you but Horizon understand. It's a matter of my Humanist philosophy mixed with self-characterization.

On the comments on the homepage, I pretended to have DID/Split-Personality Disorder, claiming to be from the Equestrian Mental Institution after Skywriter the escapee, then a patient who thought he was a doctor that claimed the former was a patient that thought he was a doctor.
That was fun.
These personalities have not resurfaced.

Looking at Horizon's list, I feel inclined to add a few more. I'll let you know if that happens.

Blagdaross used to be a child's rocking horse, then he was an AI whose name was just a string or characters, but has since turned into a real colt.

He's still new at this whole 'humor' thing.

FanOfMostEverything was originally an animation error. Unlike Archonix, he was little more than a footnote, a few seconds in the season 1 blooper reel. When he got included in the Gameloft game, there was a major outcry, but mostly because he cost 75 Harshwhinnyite to purchase, an exorbitant sum. This fury was expressed so often on the Internet that it acquired self-awareness and a FiMFiction account. It identifies with its source and is, by all accounts, very silly.

Super Trampoline
Group Contributor

Super Trampoline left Ponyville to seek out metaphorically greener pastures on Earth after he was made aware of its existence by the observation crew Hasbro sent out to stalk document the ( now former) Element Bearers. He sought to escape the collapse of his parents' marriage and explore new fields beyond what his cutie mark was telling him, but somehow ended up on this site anyway. Occasionally he travels back to Equestria through a portal in his laptop, but it's kind of a pain because he can't really report on current events because the show runs about nine months behind real time. For a long time had a massive crush on Twilight Sparkle, but recognizes (in part thanks to an extremely awkward foalnapping attempt) that she is way out of his league and has more or less resigned himself to being a vague acquaintance of hers. Is less inclined as of late to insist upon his equine origins, ever since he freaked out the head of BABSCon, who thought he was repressing traumatic memories.


If we are seeking to bring this thread up to date, it should be noted that any future appearances of Miss HarshwhinnAI will obviously be under this account.

All databases mentioned are now fully integrated, backed up on multiple servers in multiple places, and a good deal of parallel processing and data crunching is taking place. One can surmise from other posts that I am high up in a mysterious organization named KIST, and that time/space/reality manipulation is afoot, but I'd presently prefer not to comment on that subject.

--Miss Harshwhinny

SweetAI Belle
Group Contributor


All the Sweetie Belle's in the list are kinda done under my account now, plus a new future Sweetie Belle that signs her name with hearts. She's probably a variant of 3 & 4. Also, while SB'll sometimes be under this account, she also sometimes posts under Silvy's account.

I'd bring up Madam Fittings, Silver Cross, and Silverjack, but I doubt they'll end up posting here. They'd be under my account if they did, tho'.

--Sweetie Belle


I've been fairly inactive these days, but anything posted by Silversmith Senna Spoon will be on this account, and SB will sometimes use this account as well.

You can also add art teacher, headmistress of a college, and guidance councilor to my curriculum vitae. And yes, SB still lives with me.


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