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A simple deal to buy a certain book ends up leading to a very long series of coincidences and cosmic accidents, all of which somehow lead to something important actually happening.

In which a certain great and powerful witch ends up at the centre of a plot that threatens to permanently change the world, for better or worse.

Full Disclosure: This is going to be a long one. I will go back and change things, I will edit as I go, and I have no idea if I'm ever actually going to get to the end. Also note that this is my first published fic.

Also the current cover art is still a placeholder

Note as of 28th September 2023: I intend to extensively rewrite this story as without any real plan or any degree of time and effort invested into writing, it has declined rapidly from what was already middling in quality. Sorry to anyone who cares lol.

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Starlight Glimmer, having recently escaped the clutches of her old enemy Queen Chrysalis, has run away from her old life. Yet, she is forced to confront some old wounds when the past catches up to her.

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