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You are a Pegasus that is going through possibly the worst day anypony could ever have, and it is punctuated by your death. Unbeknownst to you, you will find kindness and beauty in the one mare who could pull you back from the end of all things. So, without even a cutie mark on your flank, you move forward into the unknown to discover who you are and what it is to be a stallion with literally nothing from your past to help you.

SFG Rating of: [Romantic] / (With an itty bitty 4 letter instance of [Cheeky] )
Aditional tags:(To aide in searches) Nurse Redheart, You, 2nd Person, PTSD, Amnesia.

Cover Art is 'Good Morning Nurse Redheart ' by the immensely talented John Joseco (Used with permission).

All MLP;FIM Characters and settings depicted are © Hasbro, Lauren Faust, etc.
All Fanart, Fanfics, inserts, and excerpts featured in this story are © thier respective owners.

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