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Cloud Kicker might just have the wildest life of any pony in Equestria. Marvel at the insanity that is her life, and laugh at the suffering of her poor beleaguered best friend, Blossomforth. And maybe, just maybe, there's more to her than just the lovable sex maniac everypony thinks she is.

This is a semi-sequel to "The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash." Not really a proper sequel, since it's focused on Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth instead of Rainbow and Pinkie, but it's in the same continuity. So I guess that makes it a follow-up-side-quel story. Or something. You don't need to have read "The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash" to read or enjoy this, but you ought to read it anyway, just because.

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The central story of the Winningverse.

We got a tag for Cloud Kicker, but Blossomforth still deserves one too.

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Cloud Kicker might just have the wildest life of any pony in Equestria. That may just be why Princess Luna wants Twilight Sparkle to study the insanity that is Cloud Kicker's life for a sociology report. Unfortunately for Twilight Sparkle, she is going to have to survive the circle of jealous friends, paramours, enemies, crazy co-workers and disappointed family members that surround this crazy pony. Will Twilight Sparkle be able to complete this assignment before it spins out of control, or will she be reduced to a neurotic mess?

A Winningverse Story.

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This story is a sequel to A Moment in the Sun

Sunset Shimmer is on the run. It's been six months since she left her life as Princess Celestia's student behind, but she can't escape her own past. Her parents are offering a reward for her safe return home, and Celestia's agents are watching her every step. She might have gotten out of Canterlot, but the runaway student is still a long way from freedom. Especially since her education with the Princess of Equestria didn’t cover things like how to make a living wage with her magical skills.

However, there might still be one place where she can escape all of them. The infamous island nation of Freeport has long had a reputation as a haven for pirates, criminals, and exiles, but there's no better place in the world for somepony who wants to disappear. The only question is whether Sunset will live long enough to pull it off.

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Sunset Shimmer originally went to Freeport to escape Celestia's influence, and to make some progress towards becoming an alicorn princess. She's certainly done her share of good in the infamous city of rogues, but after almost two years away from Canterlot she doesn't feel any closer to achieving her big goals. At this point, any reasonable pony could wonder if they made a mistake...

Faced with the unpleasant prospect of possibly going back to Canterlot in order to advance her goals, Sunset finds herself with one last option to preserve her independence: the great dragon Argentium the Runescaled, far to the north, wants to meet with her. However, her journey becomes far more than a simple social call, and Sunset has no idea just how much danger she and her friends will face.

Or how much she'll have to sacrifice—not just for her dreams, but survival.

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It’s not every day you discover that your friend is in an adventure novel, but that’s exactly the situation Sunset Shimmer and Kukri Doo find themselves in when Puzzle Piece, Freeport’s foremost problem solver, makes an appearance in the latest Daring Do book. They only naturally ask Puzzle about it, and uncover a truth far stranger than fiction: a tale of adventure, intrigue, tyrant lizards, the mysterious dromaed people, and the fabled City of Giants.

A Freeport Venture prequel.

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Bon Bon's voice is funny, and that's about all that anypony who meets her notices, as her marefriend Lyra soon steals the spotlight with her explosive personality, strange obsessions, and curious beliefs. And why not? Bon Bon is, after all, a perfectly ordinary, boring pony in every way but two: her voice, and the carefully kept secret that she isn't really a pony.

(Edit:) Now with an annotated version, courtesy of the incomparable Shoggoth Lord!

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It has been more than one hundred years since Celestia banished Nightmare Moon. While Equestria has enjoyed a century of relative peace and prosperity, there are still lingering tensions between the three pony tribes.

Shadow Kicker, a proud warrior of Pegasopolis, must navigate the treacherous noble court of Canterlot and address the concerns and wounded pride of her own tribe in a desperate effort to prevent matters from coming to open warfare.

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This story follows the events of Dysphoria, Arc 1: Introductions serving as both a sequel and an independent story.

With the mystery of her past revealed to the Mane 6, Evening Rose adjusts to living her life in Ponyville.

Struggles arise as she makes new friends and adjusts to the town under the weight of her secret.
Will they come to accept her? Will she accept herself?

This Arc is finished but the story continues!
Check out the rest in:

Dysphoria, Arc 3: Canterlot
Dysphoria, Arc 4: Summer Breeze

Chapters (9)

Evening Rose is a survivor.

She endured a fall from Canterlot mountain after being attacked by her father. She barely survived the attack by Granite that left her hospitalized. She even faced a copy of herself in the midst of a changeling invasion she helped cause. Her life has not been easy, but each experience helped her come to terms with herself and the life she has.

She's finally happy with her life, and all she wants to do is leave the past behind and enjoy the normalcy she's earned. However, changes are happening in Equestria and she's caught in the middle, despite her wishes against getting involved.

But what can one do when destiny knocks?

This story follows the events of Dysphoria, Arc 1: Introductions, Arc 2: Ponyville, and Arc 3: Canterlot.

This Arc is finished but the story continues in Dysphoria, Arc 5: Equestria

Chapters (9)

Following the Summer Breeze trial, Rose finds herself packing and preparing.

Along with the Equestrian Equality Envoy, Rose will travel through Equestria, arguing for her cause. However, when she finds that her actions could have an even greater impact than anticipated, Rose must make a choice.

What would you sacrifice for change? Equestria itself?

This story follows the events of Dysphoria, Arc 1: Introductions, Arc 2: Ponyville, Arc 3: Canterlot, and Arc 4: Summer Breeze.

This story is now finished, but I've got something you might be interested in: Dysphoria, Arc 0: Octavia

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