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Somebody Else's Emergency bell-ringing: a picture is worth a thousand cinders · 7:38pm May 11th


Everyone got out. That's probably the most important thing to say before we move on: no deaths, no injuries. Not only are the humans okay, but there was a barn involved and all of the animals were saved.

Which doesn't mean there isn't a lot to deal with.

Here's the situation as I currently understand it.

This is sort of for one of our own: Gmoyes -- and you're not looking at the remains of their home. This residence belonged to a friend of their brother and as you can see, it's gone. There's an investigation under way as to how the fire started, and I can't really say more than that right now. But... the blaze started at the van, moved to barn and house, and you can see the results. The kiddie pool is effectively indestructible. Nothing else fared quite that well.

So the former residents had nowhere to live.

And now they're living with Gmoyes.

Who, in their own words, is "hosting three more people, 3 goats, 2 dogs, a cat, a rooster and a rabbit."

(Grandma's feather bed is not available.)

So it's trying to offer some level of help.
It's about ringing the bell for someone in need.
But as much as anything else, it is very much about getting that loudmouthed rooster out of the house.

This link goes to the associated GoFundMe.

(My contribution was to offer a blog and... rewriting the assistance request, because when you're fighting for notice in the middle of a thousand other fundraisers, first impressions can be important. Hopefully the edited version goes up soon. And please keep in mind that the original was written by someone who'd just lost their home. Stress plays a part.)

I recognize that it's a significant goal to reach, and I'm not expecting -- or asking -- everyone here to do it as a site collective. And as always, this is about what you want to -- and can -- do. Your judgment, your decision, and you have to make your own call. No one is being faulted or pressured.

But there's a lost home.
And a rooster.
I had a rooster in my area for months. He went off around 5 a.m. Every morning. Without mercy.
(For a while now, I've been entertaining a one-shot story concept, about a pony who sees cheap property available and makes a mistake: namely, trying to live next to the cottage. Title? The Neighbor Of The Beasts.)
Also, there's goats.
I've been trying not to think about the goats.

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All we can do is spread the word, and hope it gets around.

gmoyes #2 · May 11th · · ·

Thanks a lot for spreading the word! I've been a major lurker around these parts, but I'm glad that at least I can pass this up the chain so to speak.

Besides wrangling two extra noisy dogs on top of my own, I personally am fine. We've been hosting the animals for a bit while the humans have a hotel room for a couple days. Been getting a few curious looks about having a few goats in our front yard.

It isn't my place to say much more about what's going on, but thanks for any support any of you can give them.

You're amazing, Estee "hugs" Spreading now!

I’ll spread the word.

Reminds me of my own neighbor’s house catching fire (an electrical short from a faulty from porch outlet) back in late March of 2020; sadly my neighbor was still in the house at the time (she received extremely severe burns and passed away a few hours later in the hospitals from them).

Glad to know the people who lived there are not injured.

Noted on this. Will bring this to others, and I will pray for the survivors under Jesus' name.

gmoyes #6 · May 12th · · ·

So just giving an update. All the animals besides the dogs have found other homes, though of course the dogs are the loudest and take the most work to look after. Things are a bit complicated, but none the less, thanks for any support that has been given.

Also because the question is obvious, the goats names are Buttercup, Westly... and Goatenhiemer.

Oh, dear. Well, I've gotten to this a bit late, but thank you for the good work you do, Estee.

I just tried to donate $12 and it got stuck infinitely loading, then I tried it on a different browser and the same thing happened. Leaving the window open to see if it goes through eventually and checking if my bank account is charged. Welp I tried.

I'm doing an Audiobook of 4:37 AM and I will provide a link to the Go Fund me when I put that on Youtube.

That's how I found out about it.

I wish the best for them.

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