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  • Monday

    That is all. :pinkiehappy:

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  • 1 week
    YouTube reading! Woo!

    Have you ever said to yourself, "Self, I sure do like that No Nose Knows story, but I wish I could listen to it, like while I'm driving, or doing household chores and such. But I cannot stand that automated reader! Alas, poor me!"

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    Some Not-Pony words for you

    So as the overtime continues to flow forth like the Plauges of Egypt (I think we just passed boils and we're now moving into fire and brimstone), I thought I'd share some early Irrespective writing that isn't pony related with you, my erstwhile readers.

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  • 2 weeks
    Happy Father's Day

    "What happened in here?" Celestia asked as she looked over the half inch of water that evenly coated the floor of her personal chambers.

    "Daddy's fixing the leak in the bathroom sink," Apollo replied from atop his perch on the bed. "But it doesn't like him, so it's spitting at him. A lot."

    "I see. Is he still in there?"

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    Here's the deal

    So if you happen to live in the United States, you've probably heard that employers are struggling to fill open positions.

    This is true at my chosen place of employment as well, so it has been decreed that the overtime shall be unlimited until further notice.

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Another Bean chapter? · 9:21pm March 23rd

Well, not for a bit. It's gonna take me a little bit to properly proofread and edit my 9k word monstrosity.

But sometime soon. I'll keep y'all posted.

Comments ( 4 )

You tease…

Looking forward to reading it 😄

If you need an(other) editor, I'd be glad to assist. And yes, I do have experience.

Oh you tease lol

Lookin' forward to them BEANS!

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