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Last call for Lulu's Cyber Monday deal · 12:14am Nov 30th, 2021

On a whim, I added every title PFP has published to my cart with their coupon; you could get the entire PFP library in paperback -- 16 titles, 18 volumes, over 2.1 million words -- for $115 plus shipping and tax.

Just sayin'...

Lulu has held true to form and put out a coupon good for double their usual discounts: use code SAVE30 to, you guessed it, save 30% on print orders through 11:59pm UTC Tuesday night.

There are several resources if you're looking for Lulu pony prints. Of course, check out Ponyfeather Publishing's homepage for the 16 titles I've personally published through Lulu, but also take a look at the Friends of PFP page for other print-on-demand pony books, the vast majority of which are available through Lulu. There's also the Equestrian Vault and the Printed Fiction Hardcopies group here on FIMFiction, which also include books from non-print-on-demand publishers.

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Yes. What he said.

Wow, that's like ten Austraeohs worth of pony words!

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