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You knew it was coming. ;) · 7:13am October 19th

Have a little snippet from the upcoming Ruins chapter below the break. :raritywink:

MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE FOLLOWING: Chapter title, Fluttershy meeting Hitch

"And I'm Hitch." Hitch tapped his badge. "Sheriff Hit--whoa!" He tumbled to the ground as Timby once again tackled him.

"A timberwolf pup!" Fluttershy gasped, rushing over to Hitch. "I didn't know that you were friends with one!"

"Not... so much... friend--" Hitch pushed the yipping bundle of sticks off his flank. "Spike found 'em at the edge of the forest. We put him back, but apparently he followed me all the way here!"

A songbird landed on the stallion's head. "Hey, shoo! Play with Timby or whatever his name is." Hitch waved his hooves over his head. The bird hopped off, perching instead on the timberwolf's own head. Both, however, continued to stare at Hitch.

Fluttershy's eyes sparkled as she grinned the widest she had in years. "You can talk to animals too?"

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