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  • Saturday
    Halloween Request Time!

    The weather is getting colder, and long does the darkness now last. You can feel it in the air, in the movement of the shadows.

    Spooky Season is upon us- and that means themed sexiness is on demand!

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  • Thursday
    Hurricane Time!

    Man, weird to think it's been three years since my last one. Ian might not be quite as strong as it when it hit Tampa, but it'll be a direct landfall.

    Don't worry, I'll be fine. I'm on a second floor, have high ground, and the area I'm in generally doesn't flood. I'll be more pissed about losing power than anything; I just went grocery shopping.

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  • 6 days
    How Are We?

    I just realized it's been quite a while since I've really talked to any of y'all. I know I've been posting a little more consistently -finally- but I haven't spent much time speaking with anyone for a bit. Sorry about that!

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  • 9 weeks
    In need of some help- from y'all!

    So I've not done this sort of thing before, but I'm a bit flummoxed on a one-shot I've got before me. I like it, I like writing it, but I'm a bit unsure of whether or not to extend its length. It could work as a fairly short story, or it could take more length and still be fine by my judgment.

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  • 24 weeks
    Cheers to 300 Followers!

    A big thank you to all who has stuck with me for this far. It's a joy to work hard and share my efforts with every one of you- and even more so when you let me know you like it, too!

    Expect a celebratory story to arrive soon. 300 people means something, and I say one more return of some favorites of mine is in order. Stay tuned, and thanks for all the love!

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Any requests for Halloween? · 1:20am Oct 17th, 2021

Title sums it up well enough, I think. Is there anything special y'all would like to see for the 31st? Any special characters, unique ships, something super saucy or sweet?

Sorry for being absent for long as I've been. It's been...
Well, rough. Have a lot of real-world things on my plate that have me scared. But I'd appreciate if someone gave me an idea that would get the juices flowing again.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the fall so far.

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Vampire Sunset and Fluttershy

Mad scientist Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash

Midnight Sparkle and enslaved adagio aria and sonata...oh and pet applejack.

I swear I've seen this somewhere.
Uh, as in like hypnosis? Mind control?

Werelight shine x sugarcoat

Honestly I just came up with that request in the spot since I bookmarked The Albinocorn’s Sunlight and completed Krickis’ Thicker Than Water

Sunset and Nightmare Moon, complaining about Celestia.

A Halloween party between all the EQG where the punch gets Spiked maybe a little too much. Leading to many a sexy shenanigans

Equestria Girls: Celestia hires Trixie to come to the house she and Luna shares for Luna's birthday as her sex toy.

Sweetie Belle and Rarity go to a bar to celebrate Sweetie's 21st birthday, run into Applejack and Apple Bloom there and the four decide to go to a hotel room for sexy fun-time.

Something with Midnight Sparkle and/or Sunset Satan. Always need more of them :D

A cute Startrix Halloween special add sex but make it adorable and sweet. Just a thought...

I tend not to do major ships very often. They've already been explored enough.

You are a good writer and I would just like to read some quality, to be honest. There are a few good Startrix stories on here but most of them are done by amateurs.

I would just like to read your spin on the characters. :twilightsmile:

If not I tried.:twilightsheepish:

I'd feel better if I could live up to the compliment. It's been a while since I put pen to paper and actually proved it.

I have requests, but sadly none of them really match the theme.

OH! I just thought of one! Have you seen the picture Racoonkun made of their dancer Adagio and Sunset double penetrating dancer Fluttershy with strap-ons?

That's sort of...

For another time.

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