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It is time for a new day in Equestria.

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    Since Wednesday afternoon, I have lived without a fully functioning phone.

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Derpy want 马粪 · 2:27am October 16th

On Thursday, Derpy arrived in China for the first time, along with the rest of the delegation from Equestria. Her exclamation "Derpy want 马粪!" was met with some confusion by locals, and resulted in a messy situation that culminated in Derpy being jailed for 3 days for "gross indecency and semi-cannibalism". When asked for comment at the Beijing police station, she said, :derpytongue2: "That was the most rotten chocolate I've ever tasted! I just don't know what went wrong~!"

Report Mica · 87 views · Story: My Little Dashi · #dadjoke #derpy
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SPOILER/context: My dad (who is Taiwanese) likes to jokingly call muffins "马粪" because they sound so phonetically similar in Mandarin. Muffin is a delicious cakey breakfast treat, 马粪 means this.

m a y o n n a i s e

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