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  • Sunday
    plz halp

    I can't stop playing Tears of the Kingdom. It's so much fun.

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  • 4 weeks
    Changeling Theory went up in ratings

    Okay, wow, so you guys really liked the last chapter. The story went up ten likes. That's pretty good.

    I'll try to get the next chapter out soon. I'm still breaking from my writer's block string, but I'm doing what I can. I want to finish this fic before the end of the year.

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  • 4 weeks
    New Changeling Theory Chapter is Out!

    Go read it!

    [Adult story embed hidden]

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  • 5 weeks

    I'd like to start by saying that I'm terribly sorry how slow I've been to get the new chapter for Changeling Theory out. I know there are lots of people still interested in reading it, and I'm very interested in finishing it, but life keeps getting in the way. On top of that, I've been going through serious episodes of writer's block that kill all of my motivation to write.

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  • 10 weeks
    Changeling Theory - Straw Poll

    I've been working on my mental health a lot lately, and have gotten to where I feel a little more comfortable writing again. There's one small issue, though: Changeling Theory hasn't been updated in months!

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Update Blog: The G5 Movie May or May Not Have Messed Up "The Bubble's" Canon · 11:46pm Oct 15th, 2021

Sorta, I guess? Like, it's still plausible that The Bubble could exist in the MLP universe considering that G5 takes place far into the future, but it still ruins the possibility of writing a sequel using G5 characters. Perhaps I could rework it a bit to make an advanced version of the Bubble, but the problem is...

The reason why The Bubble was written is that it's a concept that was specifically constructed to exist within the MLP universe. The whole thought process behind it was, "What would virtual reality look like in Equestria, and how would they utilize social media?" That was immediately followed up with the thought, "Oh, wouldn't they use magic instead of standard headsets?" And then the concept of a magic orb that could zap you into a magically-generated reality was born.

Of course, since the movie establishes that magic has been long gone for some time, there is still the possibility that The Bubble could exist somewhere before the G5 timeline. If anything, this gives me a little more to work with because of the restrictions. At least, lore-wise.

Well, if you enjoyed The Bubble, you will be happy to hear that I have a few sequels in mind. Granted, I'm not sure when any of those will be written considering each story would be a massive derivation from the original. Not just that, but it would take a lot of time and effort to add on more to the world-building of the Bubble's Hub Network.

There was a sequel already written titled Bubble After Dark (which will get its own separate blog), but it was so bad that I couldn't bare to hit the publish button. It was actually very stressful to write and really killed my mood to write anything in particular. That's an entire 20,000 word story that will sit in GDocs forever, and a story I'd very much prefer to suppress from memory.

I guess that the main point of this blog is that even though the chances of writing a sequel that takes place in G5 are pretty slim, I am still working to expand the Bubble Cinematic Universe.

So, uh, there's that.


I'm not good at update blogs...


How's your day going?


Did you catch the big game last night?


I don't really watch sports.


Um, this is the end of the blog. Go do something else


Oh, you're still here? I was just making a quiche pie. Idk what quiche pie is, but I really like the word "quiche." Although, it's kinda spelled weird. When you hear it, you'd think it's spelled K E E S H. Keesh. No, it's spelled Q U I C H E. Quiche. The French are weird that way. Anyways, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, I'm making a quiche pie. You know, like the food? You know food, the stuff's that edible? You know edible, the adjective used to describe nouns that you put in your mouth and chew until it's pastey enough to swallow? You know, nouns? A person, place, or thing? Did you know those aren't the only nouns? Yeah, there are actually five subcategories! Concrete nouns, common nouns, proper nouns, abstract nouns, common nouns. Boy, there sure is a lot of nouns! What if I told you there's way more noun subcategories where that came from. Haha, boy, the English language sure is weird.


Like I said, don't know how to write update blogs.

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The question is how they made electronics... I think back in g1 known as the king penguin made a snow machine it was the first technology... G3 had electric lights which they had electricity to make the christmas tree light up. So, the question how much technology do they have on g4. Buttons plays video games in g4 Dj - pon 3 had wubs... So, sometime in g4 we must of missed something. The cut of season 10.

G4 was pretty inconsistent with how it portrayed electricity in Equestria, although there was never anything like phones or virtual headsets. You could also easily make the assumption that some items like the arcade machine Button Mash was playing on was powered by magic.

that might be true. however, they also had Christmas lights during hearts warming eve.

Again, could be magic. But it really doesn't matter since it can be up to interpretation.

So, you mean magic as in enchantment that is also a possibility. Using magic means a unicorn has to use their glowing magic from their horn. Unless it's already enchanted.

Yee, that or they have a charging source.

solar powered by science?

I was thinking more like enchanted gemstones, but that's also a possibility since Equestria runs on clean energy and would be more infinite.

Well, let's put it this way... Pegasus are the science genius that research stuff. I mean Unicorns do the same but they all want to learn magic. If a cloud can conduct eclectic charge i'm sure a pegasus and unicorn would be smart to make a first battery. But not sure if were going back to how electric works in the real world. Now in g5 earth ponies had some electric but not as future like the pegasus. Unicorns was stuck in brightle wood. So, some how both unicorns, pegasus, and earth ponies must of know how to make electric in g5.

The imagination is endless... The only question I want to know is no magic in equestria when the sun and moon is raised and sets. if it was a gem that could do something like that I would say that's impossible. The gem would have to be massive to rotate the world in Equestria.

Several possibilities. Alicorns still had power to raise the sun and moon during the crysis. Celestia, Luna, Or twilight sparkle with the machine that use magic... Or it is in the hoofs of Flurry Heart.

To be fair, "The Bubble" is old enough now that it could be considered grandfathered, so to speak, so you could always just ignore the G5 tech problem altogether and continue running with it as already established, retroactively making it an AU.

But that said, I would be kinda curious to see what, if anything, you eventually come up with to meld the two generations together on this matter. :twilightsmile:

Personally, I've been wondering if that magic wasn't so much "gone" entirely as implied in the G5 movie, but more either only selectively gone in certain areas or, perhaps better still, just left inaccessible to ponies but otherwise still hanging around, waiting to be utilized again. It would explain why things like the crystals still worked at all (since that would imply they were still inherently magic to some degree), and would still leave open the possibility of magic still working on automatic to keep things in the background moving without the notice of the ponies, like perhaps the movements of the sun and moon or even possibly the ponies use of an apparent electricity if we want to go there.

Of course, on the subject of the sun and moon, I've also toyed with the alternate idea that the movements of the sun and moon never actually had to be maintained artificially by magic and could resume natural movements on their own if allowed to, it would just take time and be too much of a disruption to Equestrian life that the ponies maintained moving it themselves once started so to avoid that inconvenience. After all, that was really the only reason they were self-maintaining their weather too, and that clearly didn't NEED to be done (the Everfree alone proved the weather was perfectly capable of maintaining itself if needed, and besides, what about the non-ponies who couldn't maintain the weather and so on themselves?), they just did it anyway because they could and then they could maintain it to their tastes rather than the seemingly random whims of nature--I could see some arrogant pony thinking the same for the sun and moon and got the ball for that moving as well, and it just never stopped until the loss of magic forced them to.

All speculation on my part, of course, but in reviewing the lore G5 has presented thus far, I have been wondering if we the fans are expected to think a bit more outside the box for some of these things, and rely on a stricter following of canon details, e.g. if canon doesn't explictly lay down the line for what's what on something, it's game for revision to taste in G5--no relying on G4 fanon for filling in the gaps here.

But I suppose only time will tell--I have gotten the impression G5 might have a long term plan for some of these blanks still, they're just playing the long game with them and will reveal them at a trickle when and as needed (probably so newcomers not otherwise familiar with G4 can pick up G5 without feeling obligated to be well-versed on G4 first).

that is a good theory about the everfree. I haven't even come close to consider that. However, didn't they say that the everfree was more wild weather or at least the most strange weather. There once was a theory on the everfree forest when the pony who couldn't get cured by the tree curse there soul still lives on until they absolutely die? chaos? perhaps???? making the everfree forest make strange weather???

Depends on how you want to define "strange." Remember, just the idea of weather existing without pegasi management was "strange" to G4 ponies, so it's entirely possible Everfree's weather was "strange" only in the sense that the ponies couldn't use their magic to bend it to their will, and instead continued to operate naturally as nature had intended.

Not that Everfree itself is really relevant to G5 at all, as it doesn't seem to be around anymore, for whatever reason, but it does show the MLP world could manage itself without pony magic directing and guiding it along every step of the way.

strange as if pinkie pie who did it (chaos powers?) then we would have to look at time and space.

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