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Call me Gryph for short, if you like. In-case the avatar, the name, and the themes of my stories didn't make it apparent; big Gryphon fan here.

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    What Comes Next?

    Whew! A half-million word novel is no joke folks... Especially when it isn't even your first extremely-long-form-got-away-from-me-Gryphons-rarely-do-anything-small escapade.

    They say no plan ever fully survives first contact with the real world, but to fail to plan is to plan to fail. Plans are clay to work with as the situation evolves.

    So here is mine, currently:

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    Advocate: Cutting Room Floor Achievements

    Here, in no particularly organized fashion, are all the achievements (the vast majority by Generic Friendship) which sadly didn't make it into The Advocate for story/brevity/etc reasons.

    • Out of the Cold, Around the Fire - Go camping with a party of individuals. - “All right, all set. I’ll go set up the bear traps…”

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    The Advocate: Progress Update

    Just to relieve anyone who still is keeping an eye out; I am working hard on The Advocate!

    I have been trying to get away from the practice of tossing out a few chapters, vanishing for a month, then repeat. So I am presently building up a backlog.

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    Just a Quick Update

    For the interested: I'm still focused on getting The Advocate completed.

    I had planned to make some progress this week, and still might depending how the weekend falls out, but it is becoming clear it won't be as much progress as I'd hoped, if any.

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    State of Stories

    Yes - I am still writing daily on RO, and hoping to finish this year.

    With that out of the way; It's been a busy few months. Lots of good projects at work, and lots of family issues, medical and more positive ( a couple killer DnD sessions, among other things).

    As a result, It's been radio silence for a bit.

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Open Season on Cameos · 11:55pm Oct 12th, 2021

It is no spoiler to say Book 3 is going to be a wild, wild ride. War is in the cards, on several fronts, and how could it not be? No surprise there.

This is going to be a big one. Swing for the fences. The grand finale.

Because of the nature of quite a few scenes in this book, I'll need a robust pool of cameo background characters, some to appear for as little as a few appearances and lines in a few scenes, some to appear as tertiary support characters with a little more substance. Armies feel more real when you get to meet the people in them, same for various populations and different cultures.

I can write plenty from my own mind, but I love interweaving intertextual references into my work.

If you would like to see your character appear in the story (whether because you want to see an alternate universe take on a character you have already, or to see a character given life who has never been in a story at all, or just want to self-insert - no shame in that, we don't do shaming for that here), please PM me, or drop below, some info.

As much or little as you want within reason, but more info means more room to show the character off.

Max limit four chunky paragraphs though please because vice-versa I will only have room for so much time to show off the tertiary cast - also keep in mind the structure, limitations, and building blocks of the Hegira books. I know we all love Dr. Whooves, but no Timelords. Or Klingons. Gryphons are better than Klingons anyhow.

At minimum a name, physical gender (for species where it is applicable, Changelings can go any number of ways including 'none'), age, species, one sentence visual description, and one sentence background will ensure I can do them some justice.

Any species is welcome at this point, Native Equestrian, Convert, or Humans, Heroes, Villains, and all else in-between.

It's Open Season. Fire away!

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Comments ( 10 )

I do have a Changeling Hive you could use.

That would be very cool! Changelings (like all the species) are going to get a big day in the sun in this story, both the reformed kind, and the kind still under Chrysalis' sway.

I do have a diamond dog pack of converts I was going to write about but could never get it right

Here's the information for my Hive. It's called the Shadow Hive Kingdom, it broke off from the main changelings long before the Windigos and Discord.

Ah, it certainly has been a few years, but seeing as I never managed to write that spin off as I am terrible at writing, I can probably figure out something to chip in.

Like if you are willing to work with something spicy, I do have a character sitting around that started as thought experiment on how to make a Chaotic Evil absolute monster of a character who is simultaneously a generally functional member of an arbitrary D&D party who was heavily inspired by the Sirens and would work best as one. At least from what I remember of your gryphons the character could have some good interaction with them as either ally or enemy, as they are the 'nothing personal' type mercenary who follows the letter of the law for purely personal benefit while flagrantly violating the spirit of it while being more than happy to invoke duty and responsibility in bad faith.

If you are willing to accept the exotic option of a Siren, I can convert the notes I have sitting around into an actually useful dossier, otherwise I can likely dig up some of my older characters that are less out there.

This is going to fit like a *glove* with things I've been setting up for three books and pre-planning story-wise. Perfect fit, absolutely perfect. No spoiler for book three (but it is for book 2) to say that because of what's happened with IJ and her Hive as of book 2, this will dovetail really really really well with their development.

We should definitely exchange some PMs on this when the time comes for their appearance. I'll let you know, and I'll get you document access so you can read as I go, advise on characterization, and make sure I do everything proper justice.

I'm not hugely up to snuff on recent MLP canon, but browsing quickly, I think sirens make sense in the Hegira world. We've already seen one energy-based race by way of Wisps, and their very close cousins Wendigos, and something related to that - whether or not exactly how it is related ever gets covered explicitly - makes sense. We can talk about specifics around the time that comes up as well (not there in the story yet) and definitely work something out.

I do dearly love forcing good guys and bad guys and/or morally dark gray guys to work together to face existential problems. Big theme of the whole book actually, so this fits right in as well.

Very excited to collaborate with both of ya'll on this when the time comes. Sooner than later at my current pace, I hope.

On that note, I'm working on getting existing chapters out of my GDocs and into Fimfic, and thinking of going ahead and publishing soon with Prologue and Ch's 1 - 3, then releasing the remaining existing chapters once every couple days even as I finish the new ones. A way to further incentive myself to not let off the throttle this time until I can get to 'done,' but with a buffer that allows short breaks as needed.

What would folks say to that idea?

Ok! Sounds like the Hive Kingdom be very interesting addition to the story. Can't wait for when we start PMing each other.

Definitely something that would fit, especially given how rocky the Diamond Dog program went in my world. I actually just finished a segment about a fighter pilot Lupine convert - Plenty of interesting themes in the idea of a Convert pack!

Cool, do you want the info via DM or here?

DM is probably easiest so we can keep the conversation thread in one place, organized, and I can ask questions to be sure I have everything I need to do them justice!

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